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Wednesday, August 11, 2004 


I promised to keep everyone updated on my health with this site so here it goes...My first official health update.

I received test results from my last blood test today and the levels were elevated as usual but they are not a whole lot different than the past. The main concern that I have however is that the test that measures the size of my liver is really, really high. My last test showed this level at 54 and this time it is at 80. A normal measurement for liver inflamation would be less than 36. I will leave a message with my doctor (gastro) to see if I should be seen for this.

Also, I talked to my primary doctor and he said that my problem with fatigue is not realated to my blood. He gave me the same news as always; All the illnesses that I have and all the medicine that I take have fatigue as a side effect. It is so strange to me because this problem just gets worse and worse. I guess that I should just deal with everything the best I can. I can't change it.

Thanks again for visting my site. I will keep the updates coming. Also, please remember that you can post comments to any of my entries at the bottom of every entry. Have a great day!

Ruben - If you are tired, it is your body speaking to you to rest. If you see an image that is beautiful to you, your mind and heart are telling you to photograph that moment. If you are sad or feeling scared, God will listen to you cry or scream. "Your body might weaken, while your mind and heart grow strong, remember each day does count and that God will never steer you wrong." Thanks for the update, take care.

Ruben it's me your cousin Geraldyn. Well Ruben just remember that God can change everything. I have lots of faith that your health can change. You should have that faith to. Well i better let you go but e-mail me

Hi, Chandira again. Did you also know about taking fasts, to cleanse the liver and prolong your healtha nd energy? I'm sure if you Google 'liver cleanse' or somesuch, a good recipe will come up. Lemon juice, cayanne pepper, etc.

One thing, much as I respect allopathic (conventional) medicine, I have seen many prognoses be totally turned around, and the doctors astounded.. no miracles, just plain old will power, love, and courage, along with a will to try anything, and a will to change your beliefs in the 'normal' world. Consensus reality is just what the most people all happen to 'believe' in. Remember that.
I have an uncle who recovered from Leukemia, and said the worst thing was the doctors, who scared the crap out of him. They don't really know. You are probably a 'test case' for them, bless them. Dis-ease is a learning place, and no matter what the body does, you can be happy. Sounds trite, I'm sorry. Email is such a pain sometimes, in expressing what you really mean to say.
Anyway, don't buy anything ANYBODY says about your condition, unless you really really truly feel it. OK? It's YOUR body. YOU know.

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