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Friday, August 27, 2004 

The Burning Bush

Just two days ago in Hollywood, Florida a man saw two Marines walking towards his front door. Immediately the man knew that they were at his home to tell them that his son, a 20 year old Marine had been killed in Iraq.

The man snapped and went to his garage to get a blow torch, a can of gas and a propane tank. He walked out to the van that the Marines arrived in, climbed in and set it on fire. The Marines pulled the man from the fire and he is now recovering with over 50% of his body burned.

His wife says that her husband burned the van in protest of the Iraq war. It seems that many people feel this way. This is a very personal issue for me. My best friend Matora (pictured above with his wife) is serving in the Army in Iraq. This is the second time that he has been to Iraq during this war. Luckily he holds a position that keeps him clear of the front lines but there is no way to tell what could happen there.

I don't agree with this war at all. To me this war was put in place by a man who stole an election and now is trying to avenge the legacy of his father. The events of 9/11 were tragic but what part did Iraq really play in that? Why is Bush still playing on our emotions in regard to those events to win this upcoming election?

As for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq...where are they? Oh thats right...they were never found! My point is that I would be devestated if anything was to happen to Matora. I know that he likes what he does but for him to die in a web of lies would be a terrible thing.

Many of you reading this may not agree with me and I understand that. Please just think about Bush this November and think about Florida in 2000, Iraq, 911, unemployment, the economy and the safety and well being of our Country. Other countries mock us and call us stupid for what Bush does (Canada did this just today) and we should not have to settle for mediocre leadership. We should not have to deal with anyone playing on our emotions either. Posted by Hello

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with you on this. Bush is riding a wave, pumped up by lies and deception, and our friends & families are paying the ultimate price in Iraq.

It seems counter-productive to set yourself on fire in the "messenger's" van, but who's to say what each of us would do if we were in his shoes? What a horrible price to pay for a war you don't agree with, and what HELL must his wife be going through right now!

I hope your friend makes it home soon, safely alive!

I was too young to remember much about Vietnam firsthand, but I can't help but feel that this war is similair in it's lies and trickery of the American People. I hope that this November, more people are moved to vote by the actions of our "lucky" president. He seems to feel he was entitled to this job and has forgotten who HE'S supposed to be serving.

And may his "wave" come crashing down on him!

I have questions... I'm not a Dubya fan either, in any way, shape, or form. (I do feel sorry for the putz sometimes, but that's just my bleeding heart reminding me that "Everybody Hurts...")

I would like to know how you feel about John Kerry, though. It seems to me that he is the one who will take over from Bush if he loses the election, and I have read scary things about Mr. Kerry being ultra conservative and war-mongery, etc... I just wonder if you feel that your only option is to switch seats on the Titanic.

I'm Canadian, and I know that every election is a bit of a challenge for me... this time, mainly because so many people who are anti Conservative insisted that any vote other than Liberal was a wasted vote. MY thinking, albeit idealistic, is that any vote other than that which one truly believes in is a wasted vote and is a strike against democracy... so I went with my heart and voted NDP.

Do you intend to vote strategically, truthfully, or both?

I'm not very good with deep and logical opinions but I agree with you. Wars are supposedly only used if peace is acheived in the end and no civilians get hurt. But, as you said, many people are dying over and killing themselves. And though Bush is trying to prevent future wars with Iraq by making sure they don't have secret weapons, then why "declare" war if to prevent it?
Um...yeah, that's just my opinion. Also, wishing your friend all the best.

Rube! my brother, i finally got a chance to check out your site, and see myself in it. i'm always waiting in line to get on the internet, sometimes its impossible. especially when you you work 12 hours or more. but anyways you shouldn't be worrying about me. i worry about you even more. my job this time is less dangerous then when i came with the first wave. but hey my couragouse friend i got to go, my time is up. so take care bro. (does this count as a comment)

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