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Monday, August 30, 2004 

The Ghost of Me

Do you ever get blown away by something that you read? I was blog surfing the other day and I found a great blog that featured this killer poem and it really made me think. I would say that it describes how I feel most of the time. I mean on the outside I may say that I feel fine because I may not want to talk about my true feelings but I think that this is pretty accurate. Also, check out the blog where I found this at: http://www.ghostofme.blogspot.com. I have talked back and forth with Nicole, the writer of that blog and she has some great things to say!

The Ghost of Me
I am the ghost of me.
Always standing two steps behind.
Just a shadow really of the real me.
Sensing everything but locked in my mind.
Utterly unable to alter, to alter reality.
I am bound, dumb, but not blind.
People are made of glass and I see into their hearts,
fearing what I will find.
I am weary, weary of being tongue tied.
The shackles made of love and fear,
a thousand trial conversations.
Made of thoughts and words I can't share.
I am trying myself, guilty of being alive.
Every person, judge and jury, made unaware.
The juries out, but I condemn myself each day,
as into every pair of eyes I stare.
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That is a beautiful poem. It really is. I always read such beautiful poems and each and every one strike me and I can so relate with them. Thanks for sharing that and the nglo for us.
P.S. Do you mind if I add you to my links?

This poem is overly sentimental and melodramatic, although the general concept that one is removed from oneself, by just a couple of feet, is interesting.

Also, "juries" is a plural form; the writer of this poem is seeking the contraction of "jury is", which is written "jury's".

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