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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 

The Findings - HEALTH UPDATE

Well, it's not Ruben this time...and this writing won't been nearly as informative, captivating or eloquent as his. I'll leave that to him when he's up to it.

Ruben asked me to post to everyone about what has gone on in the past week. As you know from the previous post, Ruben was taken by ambulance Thursday to the hospital after waking me in severe pain. Friday morning he was released from the emergency room after blood work came back normal and was told that he just may start experiencing intense episodes of pain due to the state of his liver. Friday I ran him around for more blood work and testing and we then spent the entire weekend at home allowing him to rest. He was still sore and shaky and in pain, but not nearly as bad.

Monday afternoon my Grandmother again rushed Ruben to the emergency room this time for pain much worse than before in his right side (liver area) , back, fever, and a feeling he described as, "Someone sitting on my chest." After long hours of waiting, he was admitted into the hospital overnight for pain control and further testing. I contacted his parents and they came down that night and have been staying in our home since.

After going through many circles the diagnosis is that Ruben has a very inflamed and infected Gallbaldder. He is going in for surgery tomorrow at 8AM to have it removed. We have spoken extensively with both his Gastrointeroligists and the doctor's at the hospital and they all feel that although he has higher risks going into surgery because of his other diseases, the risks of not taking his gallbladder out could be much higher. So, tomorrow we fight this battle and climb over this hill. If all goes well, he will come home Friday sometime and Saturday we will cuddle together for the first time in a week on the couch and watch movies in celebration of out two-year anniversary...and there is nothing more I want in the hole world than that for our special day. His parents will be staying with us through Sunday, and then back again next weekend if needed. It's so nice to have them close right now! They have been life savers this week!

As soon as he is up to it I'm sure Ruben will tell you all about his experience. Most of you have only been following him so closely for the last few months with this site and watching his fight, but we have been fighting things since we got together. We have battled many obstacles with life and short comings and both of our health issues. Just six months into our rocky relationship I had to tell Ruben that he had this terrible disease. It's funny how life works and what God lays out for you. Most new couples would have given up if their first six months were as rough as ours, but something told us to keep working at it and I know now that if we wouldn't have gone through so much prior to his diagnosis then we would not have made it through that. But, everything happens for a reason and everything before and since has made us as a couple and as individuals so much stronger. I know we will get through this just fine too, and hopefully surgery tomorrow will help him to feel a little healthier than he has the last few weeks.

Many Prayers, warm wishes, and good vibes will be much appreciated tonight and tomorrow...and daily. I know God will get him through this and bring him home to me, to all of us. Still sick, or healthy, I just want to walk through our door and see him in our home soon! There is nothing that warms my heart more than to see his smile when I get in each evening, even when I know he's hurting behind it. There is something about us being together that just takes everything away. Anyway, I didn't mean for this to be so long when I started out. Some of you have never met Ruben, but follow this blog almost daily. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind hearts and encouraging words. There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't say, "Honey you have to read what so-and-so wrote on my blog today." You all give him hope and whether I ever meet you or not, I am forever in debt to you. Thank you.

god bless. he'll be in my prayers.

I think it's great that your relationship with each other is as strong as it is, and seems to get stronger through adversity. That is definatly deserving of respect. In my oppinion, the joy to be found within a relationship, is one of the greatest healers that can be found. So many of realities unavoidable burdens are lessoned considerably when the burden is shared with one whom you trust. My best to you both in everything you do. It sounds as if things will happen as they should, only gracefully, due to the compassion within you both.

I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that everything will turn out well which I'm sure it will. It's great that you've both got so much love for each other and are there for support.
Thanks for sharing with us how Ruben is doing. Just rmeember to SMILE! ^_^

Thank you SOOOO much for sharing the update on Ruben's health. I wish he wasn't in so much pain and could enjoy more of your cuddle time on the couch. But I'm sure he'll be home really soon, and grateful to have you to cuddle with. My thoughts are with Ruben and you! Please let us know, again, how he's doing as soon as is possible. (Surely your time priorities are less with us, than with him!) I'm glad to know his parents are there with and for you all. Take care!

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