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Thursday, September 02, 2004 

The High Wind

I am feeling really sad today reading all this information about Hurricane Frances. For the second time in only 3 weeks residents of Florida are boarding up and heading out and just praying that when they return they will have a home and that their loved ones survive.

Hurricane Frances is supposed to be as fast as Charley but wider in distance. This will be a devestating beast that will consume Florida. Ed Rapaport of The National Hurricane center was quoted as saying, "This is a much bigger storm than Charley was, maybe two to three times the size. There'll be a large area of damage when this comes ashore."

I live in California and others that read my rantings are all over the world but today we should all direct our prayers to Florida. The loss of life and property could be massive there. This is a very sad day when we should all be lucky to be ok no matter what our unique situations may be. Posted by Hello

i agree, ruben. i'm sitting here in virginia, so there are a lot of people here that have parents and grandparents that have moved down to florida... there are a lot of nerves being racked... i really hope everything turns out for the better... sometimes prayer is the best kind of help.

Oh, I don't live anywhere near countries that have hurricanes so I can't even imagine how bad and sad to those suffering them.
They'll definately be in my prayers.

That's very strange you should post that, I was just thinking about that this afternoon. And I'm quite thankful that I live where pretty much nothing ever happens.

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