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Thursday, September 16, 2004 

The Old Days

I just found this picture on the web as I was just digging around for pictures taken in the year that I was born. It was strange and very, very depressing to me that alot of pictures taken in 1975 were black and white! How freakin' old am I? :-)

Anyway when I saw this picture I thought about my Mom. It is hard to believe that just 30 years ago she was a free spirited hippie chick. I wish that I could have known her then. Luckily for me though she still remains very free in her spirit. Approaching 50 she just got her nose pierced and I like that about her.

I guess that I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. Yesterday I walked to the college and I noticed a melted popsicle on the ground and shoes hanging from an electric line. It is funny the things that take you back!

My cancer appt. is in just a few hours and I am scared. I know that my cancer is in remission but I still worry about it coming back. I pray that there is no cancer in my back. Cancer is the reason that I cannot have the liver transplant that could save my life. I just feel too damn young to deal with all of this.

If you have some time try to find something to take you back to the time when you chased ice cream trucks and scraped knees climbing trees. What the heck...go chase an ice cream truck and climb a tree! I don't have any idea who the women in this photo are but I hope that they still look at it once in a while and smile. I hope their children have seen it! Smile today and be free. We are all lucky to have every day that we have to live and breathe! Posted by Hello

God is with you every minute, Ruben. And I am praying daily for your comfort and peace. Nice blog entry, by the way, I love it. May I write about it at my blog, www.TheCrazyWoman, blogspot.com? (I am your mother's age, and have children your age.) Thank you, ruben, flr your blog. :)

Dear Ruben- I had an appt. with the dr. today as well and he told me pretty much the same thing you are saying...chase an ice cream truck, eat a popsicle... Well, what he really said was about some Rabbi that had left Germany and then returned only to be taken to the torture camp where he lived out the rest of his life and wrote down his thoughts. What he said then was that before he had left his family and gone back to Germany he was a journalist, writer, and made daily entries in a diary. One day he was looking in his 8 year old son's room for something and found a diary that he did not know his son kept. He read a particular day Oct. 8 I think it was, and found the most heartwarming entry- "Went fishing with my Dad today- the best day of my life!" He thought that he didn't even remember that particular day, but was obviously touched by the entry.
He then went to his own journal and read:
"Oct.8th: a completely wasted day." This made him sad, but helped him to remember that what is important to you and me is probably not at all important to someone else, and vice versa. I love you Ruben, as always, Aunt Debby

Hi Ruben... I haven't finished reading this post; I got to "hanging from an electric line" and I had to comment.

That is a universal phenomenon, isn't it? Whenever I see shoes hanging from power lines, I have to giggle - sometimes out loud, most often quietly, to myself.

Why do people throw their shoes at power lines???

Now, back to reading. :o)

Well, I'm still pretty young so those old days, really are old days to me as I wasn't even born then...lol. You're not too old-no one is really ever old. They can always be young at heart or feel young.
This blog has been very inspiring and really made me think....which is a very rare thing...^_^'

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