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Wednesday, September 08, 2004 


I went to visit my primary doctor yesterday and I think that the visit was helpful in a way. He wants to do some more research on my lower back tenderness and pain and he hopes that the research will lead to a better understanding of the pain that I constantly feel there. I have an appointment with my oncologist on 09/16 and my primary doctor believes that my oncologist will reorder many of the same tests that were done to diagnose my cancer initially just to verify that I am still doing fine in that regard. Those tests may also help to determine the back pain and if they don't more tests will be done. When he was examining my back the doctor did feel a small lump but he said that it could be a million different things and that I should just wait to get test results before I get worried about the chance that more cancer could be present.

For pain relief in the meanwhile the doctor has prescribed Oxycodone because it is essentially like the Percocet that I was taking except that it is a bit more powerful and does not contain acetaminophen which can be be very dangerous to my liver in high dosages.

Thanks again for reading my updates and stay tuned for more. Posted by Hello

Hi Ruben...

It was good seeing you at Kaiser yesterday...As I was telling you ,I really enjoy your site.... Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.... Stop and see me when you visit your doctor or if I can help you in any way...I hope the new pills help...

Pam G

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Ruben...I read your blog once in a while. Your courage inspires me. Thank you. Do you go to a church? I don't live in your area, and don't have one to recommend, but the right place might be helpful to you. God loves you and forgives any imperfectness in your life. . (My personal blog is at www.TheCrazyWoman.blogspot.com)You can reach me through that. Thank you again for writing about your struggles with your health.

Poor Ass-

I did laugh at your nickname story.

You need to hang tough with the cancer gig. I firmly believe that if you stay positive, be it through religion or just happy thoughts, you can make a difference. My wife had a rare type of cancer resulting in a tumor that ended up crushing some vertebrae in her back. When she was going through it and I guess even to this day, we all remained positive regardless of how bleak things looked. And while her quality of life isn't what it used to be, she's still around to be a giant pain in the ass and I love the fact.

Until they are loading you into a wooden box, don't give up the fight.

Carrot Dick

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