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Sunday, October 10, 2004 

The Babies

Hello bloggers. It is Sunday here and I have been alone all day. My sister and her family left yesterday after a nice visit and Meg is sitting for her nephews at their home. After being sick and tired for so long I finally crashed today and rested like my body needed to. I crawled out of bed at 2:00 and spent the rest of the day/evening watching baseball on TV and surfing the web. I am in desperate need of a new great book but I am so broke that I will have to wait for a bit.

Anyway, I had my babies Friday night and part of yesterday and it was very nice to see them. I was able to take them to the park and it was beautiful to watch them play and smile. It has been around six months since my last visit with them and hope to have them more frequently now. I really feel like the gallbladder surgery will help put me on the road to a more postitive recovery. I love to think that after the staples are removed and the healing gets more comfortable that I will have a much better quality of life. I want to really get to work on school and other important things without health issues crashing down on me. The liver disease is still very much an issue but hopefully I will not have to really deal with it for at least a few years. Meanwhile I can push on knowing that I have a new chance at being a better and healthy person.

So, it is after midnight here and because of my long rest last night and today I am still wide awake. I took some medicine to put me to sleep but it has not worked yet. It would be easier if Meg was her because holding her makes me more comfy than ever before lately and seems to push me closer to sleep.

Have a great week and don't forget to smile. I will see my girls again on Friday for dinner and I look forward to that. Maybe they will even call this week to say hello. That would sure be nice. Grace called last week on Thursday and her little voice was soothing and compassionate...just what I needed at the time when the pain was raging through me. I'll tell you what...little voices sure can sure be therapeutic! If you have kiddos spend a little extra time with them this week. I am learning that mine sure need me even though I am not around much. I want to be able for them to get to know me as much as possible now just in case this liver disease get worse. I also want to get to know them more and see how they grow and blossom.

I am going to try to make myself sleep now. Thanks again for reading and take care!

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