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Thursday, November 04, 2004 

The Drama Patient

I have got to be the slowest blog updater in the world! These are my girls at Halloween. Their mother was decent enough to allow Megan and I to have them for a couple of hours and we enjoyed it very much. They were so cute! Grace was Cinderella and Lauren was a trauma patient. The best part of the whole night was when Grace was trying to explain to Megan that Lauren was a "drama patient!" She is so cute!

As for other issues, I am not feeling well at all right now. I hardly slept last night and I feel really strange. I probably should see a doctor soon but I am sure tired of doing that. I guess I need to do what is best for me though.

In regard to medical care, today is a scary day for me. I have to pick up the results of my last liver biopsy today. Remember, based on current laws my broken down liver has to last at least four more years in order for me to get on a transplant list. Over a year ago I was told that it may last only two or three years. So I am worried and like I said, I am scared.

I have my girls, all three of them to think about here and they need me here. The little girls need a man that they can call Daddy and Megan needs a good friend and partner. I know the role that I am supposed to play in their lives but for some reason it feels like God has other plans for me. I will do what I can to get through this. I'm sure that I will be ok.

Also, my Aunt Kathy was diagnosed with cancer and that breaks my heart. I have never been very close to her but I really hurt for her now. Nobody should have to deal with that evil disease. Nobody should have to live everyday in fear. My case of cancer luckily was treatable and I pray that it won't come back. Please say a prayer for my aunt.

One more thing, an old friend called me yesterday to let me know that he has become a father. So Ben Tillery, good luck and congrats! There is nothing in the world more beautiful and exciting than a little face depending on you for love and care. I swear that my little girls provide more help to me than any medicine and doctor can. Ben, you will be a great father. I would love to meet your son.

I will try to update soon and maybe I will have good news about my liver. Please take care for the time being and smile and love as much as possible. Posted by Hello

Ruben-What you forgot to mention here is that it is not up to the doctors if you are on a transplamt list or not. It is up to the transplant team. Remember, we learned this when you were in the hospital? Have you seen that doctor that said he will refer you to the transplant team? That whole conversation gave us all the hope noone else had. It is up to you to follow through. Please do.
You are forever in my heart,

No, I'VE got the slow blog updater ni the world...=P, lol. Aww, your girls are well cute-they're so sweet! Must take after their daddy. =)
I hope everything goes well on your liver biopsy...just letting you know we're all praying for you. So, it's normal to be scared. =)
And Megan and your girls...they lvoe you so much so of course you'll be ok.
Oh and I'm so sorry to hear about your auntie. She, too, is in my prayers tonight.
To cut a lnog story short, I hope everything turns out fine...no, correct that-I'm postivei everything will turn out fine.
And if we smile, then you must smile as well, ok? Deal! lol

Hey Ruben, Just wanted to say hi. I haven't been around much to update my own journal, but I've been checking up on yours. Does that make me a stalker? lol. Your kids are adorable! I hope you feel better and everything goes well. You're still in my prayers and a few of my friends as well. :)

Hiya Ruben....just checking up on you and hoping you're doing well. Please post soon and let us know. Miss your writing. Lots of Hugs 'til then!

Hey Ruben

Been thinking about you and check your web site everyday to see how you are......I hope you are okay..I miss your updates... My prayers are with you.. Your girls are darling.....Hope to see a post soon
Pam Goulden from Kaiser... Dale Road

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