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Monday, December 20, 2004 

The Heaven Song

Happy Holidays everyone! Can you believe that 2004 is almost gone? It is amazing just how fast this year flew bye. I will write my year-end recap soon so stay tuned. I am posting today to mention a song that you all must hear. I know...I know....all I ever seem to write about lately is music but this one is just incredible. The last time I felt this passionate about a song was when I watched as Megan listened to Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying." She looked at me as that song played and as tears rolled down her beautiful face I knew that song would forever have a special meaning to me.

Anyway, the song is called, "If Heaven" and it is sung by Andy Griggs. If you have Real Player you can hear the song for free at: www.andygriggs.com. Click here to read the lyrics.

In other happenings...My oldest daughter is following in her crazy Daddy's footsteps and she has started her very own blog. It will be nice to see where her little heart and mind take her. She has a very descriptive little voice and I love to read her words. Maybe she can be the famous writer her Daddy never was. But who knows...I still have some words left in me...maybe I will get them published one day. She is very proud of her blog and would love if anyone would post a comment for her. The address of her site is: www.littlehopes.blogspot.com.

Well, it has been a long day and my body is screaming for rest so I better get some. I am going with Meg and her family tonight to some place called Christmas Tree Lane to see wht kind of crazy things that people can do with christams lights. It will be nice to get out. I sure miss Meg lately because she is working quite a bit but she will slow down soon.

So go have fun. Maybe head to a local mall and watch a child's face while they are on Santa's lap. Maybe take some time and watch a Holiday movie or listen to a Christmas song. I am not the most festive guy in the world but I am thankful to be healthy this year and I look forward to seeing the joy on the face of my babies when they open their gifts.

One more thing....please pray for my best friend Matora as he continues to fight the war in Iraq. I am not a supporter of the war but I sure support him. He called me the other day from 10 miles west of Fallujah and I could hear something in his voice that I have never heard before. I know he will come home safe soon and that he will finally be able to enjoy his new marriage and his new nephew. He is a good man and a great friend.

Please take care today and smile...always smile.

I visited your daughter's blog and even left her a little note. How cool that she is taking an interest in something so awesome, and even greater that she is using it as a project to do with her "DADDY"!!!! Very sweet! Well take care and Have a Very Merry Christmas with you girls!


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