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Thursday, January 20, 2005 

The Baby

I would like to introduce the world to our newest addition. This is Hector and he has come to live with Megan and I. We realize that a baby is a big step in our relationship especially without even being married or even engaged but we are confident that acquiring Hector was the right move!

Ok...maybe I have gone a little crazy! We have wanted a puppy for some time and it will be great for me to have a little companion. I really am enjoying his company so far even though as I type this he is trying to eat my shoe laces! He has funny little razor sharp piranha-like teeth and he can really bite. We have purchased countless chew toys but I think that he might just be a chewer! Last night he got behind the couch and we saw Meg's expensive sheer drapes moving back and forth. I though that she might kill him!

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to our new addition and show you his adorable little face. He is a pure Chihuahua but for some reason the fat little guy looks a Rotweiler or Doberman. He has a great demeanor and fun personality and I will keep you all updated about him as he grows.

Hector sure gives me a reason to smile. Lately, lots of things have made me smile more and more. I am falling deeper in love with Megan lately and it is starting to become very evident to me that she will always be with me. The readers of this blog probably knew that and I know that she feels that way in her heart but it has taken a while for me to really see that she is truly dedicated to spending the rest of her life with me. I am older than her and ill and I don't make a fortune but what we lack in funds we make up for in love. What shall my next step be? How can I really show her that I love her? Maybe something will come to me soon.

Until my next posting...smile and know that people care for you whether you feel it or not! One more thing...thanks Mom and Dad for bringing Hector into my crazy life! I know that you fell in love with him but he will be ok here. We love him very much!
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Hector sure is a cutie, and the name seems to fit 'cuz he looks like a "Hector"...LOL!

Gotta love the "chewers", especially when they finally learn what can and can NOT be chewed! My chewer is almost 3 years old, and still loves to chew and shred, but rarely anything bad. Thank goodness.

Well, Welcome hector! Bet the girls will love playing with you LOTS!

Awwwwwwwwwwww! Chihuahuas! I lOve em! I'll have to show you a puppy pic of mine. He's full chihuahua too. In fact go see my baby too! =D -Nicole


nice Chihuahua ^_^

ohmygoodnes! I just want to grab that little puppy off the screen and gobble him up cuz he's just so damn CUTE!!!

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