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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 

The Posterior Hole

On the ipod today:
El Cerrito Place/Charlie Robison

There has to be something said about great songwriters. They may not always have the silky smooth voices of the big time pro singers but when they sing they always have more passion and dedication. The artist that I am mentioning today is Charlie Robison. Robison is most famous for marrying the brunette Dixie Chick but he was writing and singing long before she came along. The song that I mentioned, “El Cerrito Place” is his current single and you can to see the video here.

About life...Megan and I had a crazy day yesterday. We had one of those days that just seemed to go all wrong. Right from the get go we seemed to irritate one another and that continued all day. There was a door slammed, a few words yelled and I think that I was referred to as a particular hole that resides on my posterior. At the end of the day however we both lay in bed and talked and played with Hector and all the bad moments seemed to go away just as fast as they occurred.

As I ponder marriage I wonder how people have a lifetime of these days. I think about one of the wisest things that my parents ever told me about marriage. They explained to me that no matter what happens during the day that my partner and I should never go to bed angry. That is a very valuable piece of advice. I fell asleep last night feeling safe and at peace as I held Megan in my arms and all the crap that went wrong over the course of the day just went away as I looked at her beautiful face.

I will close this entry for now and leave you with that great piece of wisdom to ponder. It seems simple but I can imagine that there are times when it gets really difficult. I want a lifetime with Megan and if anyone out there has any advice to offer I will gladly take it. Have a great day today and try to be positive through the ups and downs and through the pains. Smile. I love that word. Five simple letters just say so much.
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Hmm..not that I would know anything about marriage...*cough* but my parents always seem to practice the one u mentioned, I also noticed they pick their "battles". Some things just are not worth fighting over. And i must say my mom practices that more than my dad...but hey it works. 25 years now :)

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Oh fine now it shows...*grumbles*

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