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Thursday, January 13, 2005 

The Queen Bean

On the ipod today:
Collide/Howie Day
Deepest lyric from the song:
The dawn is breaking
A lights shines through
You’re barely waking and
I’m tangled up in you

Here I am again. I think that the readers of this crazy blog may just get tired of me pretty soon! I am writing for our college paper here starting this semester and it feels great! I know that it’s not Time, Newsweek or anything major but it keeps my mind busy and it makes me feel alive. So until the rush of creativity fades please bear with me because I will probably be posting more than usual.

Anyway, I am sitting and waiting for Meg to join me for lunch and I am at the coolest new place in our funny little town. It is called The Queen Bean Coffee House. Modesto is famous for being the home of Scott and Laci Peterson, Gary Condit and most recently the soldier who shot up a couple of cops in an effort to commit suicide and not return to Iraq.

But beyond the gruesome, Modesto is also the home of some great antique shops and boutiques and this coffee house that I am sitting in now. For months Meg and I have been cruising by here waiting for it to open and it was worth the wait. It is an old Victorian home complete with massive porch and courtyard and the coffee is great! The only negative so far is that it does not have internet access but I just spoke to the owner and I may be able to help him get that going. I don’t really want cash for doing the work but I will gladly accept a few sandwiches and fattening coffees!

I will sign off for now but I will keep on posting. I received a call from my liver specialist yesterday and it scared me but I will try to keep positive about it. I will write about the call tomorrow when I have some more time and I have thought it through a bit more. I am so scared of getting depressed again and isolating myself. Damn....this life is a hard row to hoe.

Please smile today and try to keep your heads up.

lol, I wish we had awesome places like that...and coffee here is just rubbish compared to coffee I've tasted abroad. =D
Try to kep smiling yourself. =)

Oooh oohh i wanna gooo *calculates distance* Only about 136 miles...thats like 2 1/2 hrs driving..closer than home..lol. I love coffee! It'll be great to "see" you around more. Ü

Hey, I work at the Queen Bean- The girl with pink and black hair.. Please introduce yourself to me if you come in on Friday, I would love to meet you.

i'm from modesto. born and raised.

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