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Thursday, February 10, 2005 

The Stage Lights

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Megan woke up this morning with a beautiful new diamond engagement ring on and I woke up with a renewed sense of dedication and faith in our love. It feels like we are new in love again; almost like we are falling in love all over again. I have this craving for ice cream shops, picnics, movies and long walks through downtown at night. I have the desire to do everything we did at the beginning of our relationship all over again. But we will do those things knowing that we will be married soon. We have sealed our commitment. We have decided to take a chance and fight the odds and put everything second to the most beautiful love that either one of us has ever known.

As I looked at her from the stage of the poetry event that I proposed at, her pretty face was filtered through the misty glow of stage lights. She was really enjoying my words and I could see that in her face. She has always enjoyed my words and I love her for that. We were surrounded by family and friends and probably at least 80 strangers and even though the house was packed I felt like we were the only people in the world. It is hard to explain how I feel today. I am happy and I feel passionate about everything.

I want pancakes. But I don’t want regular pancakes. I want gigantic fluffy buttermilk pancakes covered in thick syrup. That is how I feel about love I suppose. I don’t want simple love and easy love. I want love that I can consume and love that is heavy and hard to get through because I know that the harder that I work for this love the sweeter it will be. That may be an odd way to explain these feelings that are rushing through me but it is not easy to find the words. She is so pretty and so at peace with us. I am so lucky to be here and know that she has agreed to love me forever and ever.

Have a great today. Try to do what you can to experience love but remember that true love comes in all different shapes and sizes. My Grandfather loved his gardens. Our puppy loves his little green squeaky frog. I once knew a man that loved to sing in the park. Smile today. Smile everyday.

One more thing...Megan and I would like to thank Sam Pierstorff and Greg Edwards for making our engagement incredibly special. Sam and Greg share the mic as the hosts of Slam on Rye, a monthly poetry competition here in Modesto, CA. For more information on slam poetry click here.Posted by Hello

AWWWWWW!!!!! How sweet and so wonderful! Congratulations Ruben and Megan! What a beautiful metaphor for the love you feel. I can totally relate. Best Wishes to both of you.

Ruben and Megan- I can't tell you how many times I have read and re- read this and feel so sorry that we couldn't have been there. Want some unsolicited advice? Love, Love, Love but never be afraid not to co-sign each others crap. I love you both,

that is beautiful, congratulations! love like there's no tomorrow and don't be afraid to get hurt. espite my recent heartaches i try to live by those words everyday. congratulations again to the both of you.

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