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Thursday, March 17, 2005 


This is a photo of me undergoing radiation therapy for Cancer in 2003. It may seem crazy that I had Megan take this photo or even crazier that I have posted it here for the world to see but I am very proud of it. I promised to let readers of this blog see my whole life...here it is.

Megan and I attended my six-month Cancer follow-up yesterday and everything went well. I am still Cancer free and very happy about that. I am still fighting the liver disease but I can do this! I'm not going to die of this! I still have way too much to do in my life. I need quite a few years to make all my dreams come true.

In regard to my dreams...Meg and I looked at a place last night in a little town called Ione and it looks like the perfect place to have our wedding. There is even a staircase that she can walk down with her father that walks into a gorgeous courtyard with a pond and other beautiful features. I cannot wait to call her my wife. Our life together is my dream. I won't let my liver or Cancer take that dream away. I deserve to be happy and I will fight to be happy.

Anyway, the news is good here. Life is good here. I hope that everyone out there is happy. Smile today. Posted by Hello

I just wanted to clear up a little thing, you mentioned that this was your 6-month follow up. We have to attend a follow up every six months, but this May will infact be two years since you have been cancer free! Only three more to go for your transplant! That's so exciting! Three years will hopefully fly by, especially with our wedding next year! And I too can't wait to call you my husband!

Also, buddy...you better put that picture back into our family photo album where you stole it from!

I surfed in through a blog clicker thing and am at the airport heading home from spring break. Book marking you to read when I get home. Good thoughts always coming your way. Life is precisous. I like the pphots will have to investigate further whn I arrive home.

Ruben, I got here from Alli's blog...you are wonderful and strong to keep writing this when you have so many other concerns to deal with. You will clearly win these battles, because I can tell you are a fighter. Megan is lucky to be with someone so talented and able to express his emotions. Good luck to you both!

Hi there, i'm sorry about ur diseases, i've been having an horrible cough for the past two weeks, and have phlegm running from my throat since 6 months ago, i stopped smoking a week ago, i just hope i dunn have a serious disease, today i woke up at 1pm, waking up every 30 minutes with an horrible headache, coughing a lot, and when i breath i feel a fine pain in my stomach, i'm trying to be optimist about this, but i aint go diagnosed nothing yet, like i said i hope its not a serious disease due to smoking. Best wishes.

Hi, Ruben

Say, I'm glad that you appreciated my blog *and* that the thoughts were an encouragement to you.

Just got through reading one of your articles and appeciated these lines:

"Your life may get difficult on occasion but always continue to fight. Live like every day is your last even though at times that may seem impossible. Smile as much as you can and laugh through the tears when you can. Fight for love and hold children as much as possible. I have found more joy in the hearts of my two daughters than anywhere else in the world."

Interestingly enough, I shared this morning with my class some comments I journaled following a murder/suicide that took place in the home of someone we knew. Serious events, I have found, do stimulate serious thoughts about the value of just being alive, family, etc.

May your strength and joy continue during these days, Ruben.



I'm not sure if you get a ton of these emails from people reading your blog, or not. You visited my wife's blog (Day@thebeach) and I saw your page in the comments section.

First of all, a huge congrats on your recent engagement, and upcoming marriage. She sounds like a lovely young lady, judging from her blog. I'm sure that means alot coming from a complete stranger like myself lol.. It is an honest statement and wish though.

Ok, gonna get right to this now, since I have been staring at this page for a good 5 minutes.

Thanks for writing your blog. Thanks for reminding me...of alot of things I needed to be reminded of. Thanks for sharing is what I am tryin to say, I suppose.

Good luck to you and your fiance. Married life can and will be a painful bitch, but there is nothing in the world that compare to it when you get it right.

Thanks again

Making the wedding personal to you makes it so much easier a task to go through. And believe me, some people make the wedding so much more of a task than a special event!


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