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Sunday, March 27, 2005 

The Dog Juice

What a weekend! We covered almost 700 miles in our funny little Toyota Matrix, went to 2 Easter parties and got stuck in a massive traffic jam. The funny thing is that through good and bad we made some amazing memories.

Things I said to Meg that she never thought I would say:
"Megan, I think your dog sprung a leak!"
---I said this after Hector lost control of his bladder all over my shirt and pants. We felt so sorry for him because he was crying because he had to pee but we were stuck in traffic. When he finally got relief I think he broke some sort of Chihuahua peeing record!

"Damn babe! I look like I pissed myself!"
---I said that after I walked out of the bathroom of a crappy gas station. I was attacked by an evil soap dispenser that sprayed all over my leg! What a freakin' mess!

Phrase that will catch on and be huge and super popular:
Chihuahua Juice
---Mega-star Nelly rapper coined the term pimp juice (whatever the hell that is) so my phrase might be the new craze! I can hear it now...every time a kid gets a stain on his clothes his friends will say..."Dude! What's that crap on your clothes? It looks like Chihuahua Juice!"
---Maybe it will even be the next big drink craze! Snoop Dogg will release a new version of his hit song called "Gin and Chihuahua Juice!"
-Okay...so it may not be big for a while but it will be big...major...huge! :-)

Anyway, the weekend was great! My Grandma was in great shape, all billion of our relatives were excited about our marriage and my health was perfect. I love when life is good. I hope all is well with everyone out there. Smile today!

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is incredible. I will visit again soon. x x x

Ruben, I came across your blog while surfing Blog Explosion. You are very open and honest about the battle you are facing. Keep up the good fight, which it sounds like you are. My wife had breast cancer surgery in 2003 and survived.

I'll be sure to include you in my prayers. The Lord is full of mercy and grace, and offers strength and peace in the midst of the storm. If you ever have questions regarding Jesus (I prefer to call Him by His Hebrew name, Yeshua, which means salvation) and what He says in His Word about life, death and the afterlife, feel free to contact me. And, should you ever consider a more natural approach to healing, a good site to check out is Dr. Richard Schulze, who sells herbal products. He seems to have had good success with his patients. I know that chemo and radiation are very invasive.

Best regards,

Jeff King

I found you on Blog Explosion as well, and I have spent some time on and off today reading your archives. It wasn't until just a moment ago that I realized you live in Modesto - so do I. =) Small world, eh?

I have pretty rotten health myself, but nothing terminal; your optimism and positive attitude is inspiring. Each day DOES count. I've got you blogrolled, and will be back.

Chihuahua juice -- yum! i drool at the thought.. as for "pimp juice", i'm not too sure what that means, either, but DOG JUICE -- or maybe DAWG JUICE -- is much more appealing =) good idea. PATENT IT! QUICKLY!

You have a wonderful blog and wonderful outlook on life! I'll be back.

As for Chihuahuas, a couple years ago, my little Pace apparently could not hold it in either on a long car trip. I awoke in the passenger seat to a foul smell, only to see a little turd and shaking dog next to my face on the pillow. I wonder how many people driving by were laughing at me?

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