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Monday, March 21, 2005 

The Drinking Problem

Well it has finally happened to me! The one thing that my mother told me could happen to me that I never really thought could happen is now upon me like flies on... well, you know.

Anyway, I have developed a drinking problem and I think it is pretty serious. I woke up this morning craving a drink and I am about to head out of the house and get my fix. I can taste it now and I want it so bad! I need therapy! Maybe there is a good 12 twelve step program that I can look into. What will I do? How will I explain this to my fiance? Will she leave me? Will she realize that there are other men out there that can fight their urges better than me?

I can see myself now sleeping in dark alleys and collecting change. All I need is $2.10. How long could it take for nickels and dimes to add up to that? People will take pity on me right? I will need a marker and some cardboard. I will need an empty cup to keep my money in.

All I can say is....DAMN YOU STARBUCKS! DAMN YOUR DELICIOUS ICED COFFEE! I'm going to end up behind my local store begging the baristas for just one sip! I am doomed! What will I do now?

Very cute honey. It's nice to see your light side on this blog occasionally!

I promise, I won't leave you for this addiction....

Oh, yeah!

Just got back from the local coffee shop that roasts there own coffee and indulged.

In fact, I do roast my own at least part of the year.

Love it!

You can get home roasters, you know. For real. LOL!

So, get a bigger cup to hold more and "go for the gold." Don't stop at the cup, LOL!

I'm done with my cup.
I can go home now.


i totally understand what you mean! it's baaaaaad! and now that they have wireless internet hot spots, it's just the end of Dylann!

Was reading your blog and was thinking oh my God he is not drinking.......!!!! Then when it came to the bottom I thought oh that stinker!!! He was talking about being addicted to Starbucks.. lol too funny! Ruben,this part of the blog needs to be added to your book for sure. Start turning your pages from your blog into a book. Hope you have a great day. I love you so much, Grams

My hubs SWEARS Starbucks laces their coffee with heroin! I think he may be onto something....

I swear, they put something addictive in their coffee. Kinda like Mickey D's fries...


Now that everyone else has mentioned the addictivness of that damn place, I forgot to earlier mention that my friends and I call it Crackbucks....

You got me ... very funny :) What's even funnier is that just before I started reading your post, I thought, I'm going to check out one more blog, and then I'm going to shower, get dressed, and take my laptop to Starbuck's.

Let me know when you find that 12 step program ... Thursday nights are good for me.

shannon @ wind scraps

ok...got me too. got to the last line & coffee almost came out of my nose. Bad office coffee, yet.

(full disclosure - actually posting this about a day after the aforementioned bad office coffee almost came out the aforementioned nose).

Ah, yes, the java jonsing. I know it, and I know it well. I've finally broken with my Starbucks "problem". But I've found a dealer with a cheaper product, er...location with lower prices. It's the caffeine equivalent to a methadone clinic, I suppose.

Don't feel bad, Ruben. It's not your fault. When someone gets a taste of what is quite possibly the world's perfect beverage, it's only natural to go back for more and more.

The Starbucks here all have drive-thrus now, so I don't even have the excuse that it's a hassle to drag my daughter out of the car and go inside. My name is Shylah, and I'm addicted to Starbucks.

Hahaha! I thought you were going to say "@ Buck Chuck" from Trader Joe's!
(thats my addiction)

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