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Thursday, March 31, 2005 

The 'Hood Photos

I was inspired by a blog that I read yesterday (for the life of me I can't recall the address) so I headed out today to "shoot up" my neighborhood.

In the blog that I read the photographer shoots only images within a 2 mile radius of his home. I didn't quite feel as ambitious as that guy but I went ahead with the idea anyway. I restricted my lazy ass to within 2 blocks of my house. Maybe one day soon I will venture farther.

I grabbed the ever-faithful ipod, my digital camera and my sense of adventure and headed out the door. Shooting the photos was fun but the best part of the adventure was seeing the crazy crap that really happens around here!

Here are the top 5 strange things about my 'hood that I learned. They were all equally insane so there is no order to the list.

1.) There is a real honest to goodness one armed, eye patch wearing, wine out of the bottle drinking, bearded pirate just two houses down. I think he was just visiting because I have never seen him before. I gave up trying to take a picture of him when he growled, "You better watch what you're shootin' there boy!" Needless to say, I crossed the street and moved on like a bat out of hell.

2.) Someone finally took the old washer and dryer I put in the alley a couple months back. I hope the police don't read this. I am sure that I committed some sort of felony by leaving them there.

3.) I think that a cowboy or construction worker actually exploded behind my house. You will have to view all the pictures to understand what the heck I am talking about.

4.) That nice old lady at the end of the street really isn't a nice old lady at all. I was taking a photo of a sign on the street in front of her house and she said to me, "I'm fixin' to call the po-lice (that is how she said the word, police) if you aint be movin' along soon." Not only is she mean as hell, but I think that she may have missed at least one grammar class at some point in her life.

5.) There are at least 6 places that I noticed in the neighborhood where I could hide bodies. Not that I have any bodies to hide or anything...ok maybe I should change the subject now.

So now that I have got your attention...
Click here for 24 super thrilling photos of my 'hood. Also...Beware of pirates and run like hell if any senior citizens in your 'hood try to talk like John Wayne! Smile today! Posted by Hello

On a different note, I surfed in by way of Blog Explosion, and was intrigued by your story. I just celebrated my 20 year anniversary from leukemia. I, too, was given a very slim chance of surviving...so, it is good to hear someone else surviving.

Megan left a comment on my blog recommending yours: she said my site reminded her of yours.

I love the pictures of your neighborhood! I've been blogging pix from my 'hood for a year or so: it's incredible how much you notice when you start looking.

(That sounds like something Yogi Berra would say, doesn't it?) :-)

Keep on surviving! Same to Sally.... also... your photos from your neighborhood stroll are just wonderful! I especially enjoyed the one with the boots and skid marks. What the heck happened there? Nicely done. Very enjoyable too. Repeat business.


Love the pics of your hood. Part of those are not far from my hood either.

Have a great day!

Loved the pictures, and the smile :o)

I think "Pricks" and "Cowboy Explosion" are my favorites. You have an eye for the weird! Nice pictures.

you should really think about taking up photography as a side profession.. you've got some wonderful shots! all i kept thinking was, "that would look soooo good on my wall!"

Nice eye with the photography! You have inspired me to do the same sometime soon.

Consider this a manual trackback.

I did the same today on my way to pick up the Spud Princess from school.

Thanks for the jump start!

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