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Thursday, March 24, 2005 

The Life I am Living Today

What a strange day. I am sitting here at almost 4:00 and I am sucking down another iced coffee from the crack house. I had a terrible bout of pain last night and was up until the wee hours again and today I woke up 11:00. I feel all hazy and a little light headed and achy but i will survive.

Anyway, I feel obligated in a way to put my two cents in here about Terry Schiavo. She seems to be the hot topic lately in the blog world. All I can say is this...I am not a healthy person. But, I feel confident in my heart and my mind that Megan and my family would not keep me alive on machines. My mother would have the hardest time letting go and I understand that but I think that she would rather see me able to function. I believe that she would understand that I do not want to live for a long while in a hospital room. I want my family to be able to move on and blossom in my abscence. I don't wish for them to spend their lives tending to me. It is time to let Terry go home now. It is time to let her rest in peace. That is all I will say about this issue.

In other news about my life...I finished "Tuesdays with Morrie" last night and as Megan slept next to me I quietly sobbed. What a beautiful book! Morrie left the world with his family at his side and a peaceful song is his heart. That is the way to move on. The photo above shows Morrie towards the end of his life. I love this photo because he does not look a man that is dying. He looks likes a happy and wise old man that is living. What a brave man he was!

Have a great day today and a nice weekend. Meg and I may hit the road to visit my family in Northern california and that would be nice. It all depends though on how I feel tonight. The nights are the hardest for me anymore. Smile today and have fun. Also...try to stay away from Starbucks! They are turning us all into addicts! Their people should not be called "baristas" they should be called enablers or dealers! :-)
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hey! that's MORRIE!! =) *big smile*.. and no, i'm not talking about the picture [that's a given], i'm talking about YOU -- you're my present-day "Morrie".. did i ever tell you that? i wish i could visit you every Tuesday and take you to Starbucks and chit chat over coffee.. man, what fun!!

someday, Ruben..

Hi there
I just discovered your blog today via Blog Explosion. I haven't had time to read all of your information here, but I wanted to mention, just in case you needed the information:

Have you ever looked into naturopathic care for your illness? There is so much that can be done to help strengthen the body.... A good naturopath or herbologist could probably start you going in a positive direction.

Bless you!

Hey I just finished that book this past Thursday. I was reading it on the bus during my commute trying not to cry in public. Isn't it funny/ironic that it takes dying to really live?

Yes starbucks is deadly and not only that but that coffee really stains your teeth.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding a comment. You're welcome back any time!

"Tuesdays with Morrie" is an excellent book, indeed. If you're looking for something new to read, you might try "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," also by Mitch Album. Another great read, though this one is fiction. Also, Morrie wrote a small book. I think it was called "Morrie: In His Own Words" or something like that. Might be worth picking up, too!

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