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Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

The 20 Things...

I was surfing through blogs this morning and I came across a great blog that had a very interesting post. In the enrty the author wrote a list of 20 things that she often wondered about. It got me thinking...I wonder about a great many things...but what are the 20 main things that I wonder about? Let me give this a try...

  1. Will I see Willie Nelson perform before one of us passes? He has always been one of my favorite songwriters.
  2. Will I ever have a son? I share the name Ruben and with my father and I would love to carry that tradition on.
  3. What would it be like to live on a beach?
  4. Could I ever leave The United States behind forever?
  5. Would I be happier if I left California behind forever?
  6. Why is Wisconsin so famous for its cheese when cheese from Oregon is so much tastier?
  7. Is there life after death?
  8. How does Ivory soap float?
  9. Will Joe Pesci ever play another mafia character? He was amazing in The Goodfellas and Casino.
  10. Will I ever own a home?
  11. Why do I crave carnitas tacos almost daily when pork is so bad for me?
  12. Will I ever live in San Francisco?
  13. Will someone ever pay me for my words?
  14. What would it be like to be a photo journalist?
  15. Why do poor people in Mexico seem more content than the poor here?
  16. What would it be like to be a private investigator?
  17. Will people really miss me when I'm gone?
  18. What will my children look like when they are my age?
  19. Will there ever be a cure for my illness? I don't expect a cure to be discovered in my time but I hope doctors and scientists never stop looking.
  20. What would it be like to run with the bulls in Barcelona?
Thank you ARTCHIK 23 for making me think today :-)

I can tell you what it's like to be a PI. I was one once upon a time. It certainly is not, Rockford, Magnum or the likes.

It is more a giant paper chase with many hours spent sitting in your car looking at a house. Of course while in the car you can't leave, even to pee. So remember to bring a mason jar with working lid.

One of the things I wonder about is what it would be like to live in a small town, where you know everyone, can take walks in the evening on the sidewalk, and speak to your neighbors as you pass by. Where you have picnics in the town square, and making the rounds of christmas parties with several friends. I wanna go where everybody knows my name....

"Will there ever be a cure for my illness? I don't expect a cure to be discovered in my time but I hope doctors and scientists never stop looking."

I pray there is.

melodyann...i live in that small town. it was a wonderful place to grow up, and will be a wonderful place to raise my children.
ruben...i actually happened upon your blog the other night, i loved the template. thanks for the comment and reference on your site (it's my first :) be well...

I'm glad to see somebody else appreciates the genius of Willie Nelson.

"You were always on my mind" is one of the best songs ever written.

21. will Dylann and I become the founding members of CA-CAa: Coffee And Caffeine Addicts Anonymous?

as a matter of fact, YES =)

I can relate to #10 & #12. I always thought when I was younger that owning a home was the final threshold of becoming an adult. Sometimes I think I'd like to have permanence and security, but then I'm kind of a commitment-phobe so it scares me. I wouldn't be able to pack my bags and say 'Good-bye job!!' and start all over somewhere else. Like I did 2yrs ago. If I could live in San Fran though....I'd buy the home just so I could have my own little piece of that city.

I can answer your soap question! Ivory floats because they pump a ton of air in to it. I believe it was by accident at first (about 80 years ago I think), but people liked that it floated so it became the signature feature of Ivory. You can probably find a better explanation on the internet, but that's what I read somewhere.

It's interesting to see the kind of questions you find yourself pondering. I can't anwser the afterlife question, but I've always wondered about clouds -- they seem at times too magnificent, too beautiful, or too diabolic to be merely atmospheric phenomena. Perhaps that's merely myself expressing the same romanticism that led to the whole 'wings and harps' mentality, but I often find myself amazed by the effect clouds can have on my day.

It seems like Kyle is wondering exactly what we'll be doing at the conference tommorow. I find myself wondering the same thing :) I'm excited enough that I find it a little hard to sleep -- although that could be the half-liter of coke I drank earlier. Caffiene is the (college) journalist's friend.

I'll see you tommorow - Oh, and about the "Will people really miss me when I'm gone?" question... Don't ever doubt it. The effect one person can have on the lives of others is immeasurable. Every person you talk to, smile at, or even pass by is changed by your actions. Those changes not only effect that person, but every person onwards -- Forget miracle drugs, anti-aging creams, etc; it is through our relationships with others - how they percieved us, and how we have shaped their lives - that we accheive true immortality. Those whose lives we have directly touched will always remember us.


PS: It's 1:09 in the morning, so I hope you can pardon the pop-philosophy.

I hope #19 comes true for you, so you can do everything on this list and many more to follow.

Thanks for your comment on my blog Ruben! I've never had someone tell me I
look like Kid Rock before :-)

I did go and check out your blog. I was saddened to hear that you are facing
a terminal disease. I almost lost my mom last year to cancer, so I'm
familiar with how tough that can make life. But it sounds like you have a
great life and a good support network around you. I'm happy to hear that you
are not letting it get you down.

Fight on!

Larry the Lovelemming

Wisconsin cheese is famous because 125 years ago Sheboygan county alone produced more cheese than any of the cheese producing countries in Europe. Every tiny village had half a dozen family owned cheese factories. Now there are only 5 cheese factories left in Sheboygan county and probably less than 50 in the entire state. Milk can be preserved now so the cheese can be made in California. The factory no longer needs to be right next door to the dairy.

Willie is the man he puts on a great show. Living in a small tows sucks everybody knows your business and is getting in your business but they do look after each other more so than in a large one.

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