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Friday, April 08, 2005 

The Conference

Hello out there! I am writing from a Journalism conference in Sacramento, CA today. I am here to study writing and to further contemplate my crazy life. I am feeling that Journalism is where I want to go with my career. I just need to decide a field to really focus on. This is all like life 2.0 for me. I really can't screw this version up!

The photo above is of me with Darla Givens. She is a meteorologist here and we watched her as part of a live newscast today. The energy of a live newscast is amazing and I could do that daily. It looks like a jumbled up mess but it all comes together in the end. Just like my life I suppose!

Anyway, many of you look here to read about crazy stuff and interesting stuff so here you go...About 11:00 last night a group of us headed out for a walk and we were actually attacked by a group of guys shooting at us with a paintball gun. The police helped us out and even had helicopters looking for the evil doers!

Two of us were hit but those that were are still alive to tell about it today. Well, they are alive but...a little green!

Take care today and keep checking in when you can. I will have some more juicy, thought provoking and inspiring stories soon. Maybe....

Smile today!Posted by Hello

Ruben, you amaze me. I wanna get shot with a paint ball gun! heehee man you are really living it up! The most exciting thing to happen to me in the last few days is I got a pedicure today and now am sporting "Happy Feet!" Go read this blog, she posted a really powerful post today:

"Guys- I think I just got shot in the leg..."

It was fun taking a bullet for you Ruben.


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Ruben. It really was a glorious autumn morning (and I did end up gardening).

Keep fighting the nasties and don't forget to enjoy the simple things.

Ruben, I enjoyed visiting your blog. It really shows what a strong spirit you have without sentimentalizing.
Thanks for stopping by to visit The Pansi Files. All the things in it are disturbing to me too. I'm disturbed; therefore I blog.

You have such a beautiful layout!

Paintball's fun!! -- until you get shot.. *ouch*..

sorry i've been MIA. i've been working SO MUCH lately. i'll be a better friend from now on, k? promise.

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