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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

The Golden Gate

I believe that The Golden Gate Bridge in san Francisco, CA is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. There is something special about its grace. It just sort of hovers on top of the waves like a giant sailboat.

I took this photo right about sunset last night from quite a distance and I think that it turned out well. I am staying at a hostel here because room rates are amazing and there are many people from all different parts of the world. I came to San Francisco to meet a couple people about possibly doing some public speaking in regard to my life and health but I am not sure what to do. I will figure it out soon though. The peace and quiet here really allows me to think and that is nice.

I wish I could travel and stay in strange places constantly but Meg hates when I am gone. I understand her position however. I would feel the same way if she was gone. I also miss her very, very much and that makes the distance that much harder to endure.

Well, I think I will sign off now. This has not been the most exciting post. I need to come up with new ideas and more fun things to do with this blog. I want to figure out a way to share music better and maybe I will also post some stories, poetry or more photo albums.

Does anyone have any requests or ideas? If so, email me at: ruben.porras@gmail.com or leave me a voice message at: (206) 338-live. If you don't want to leave a voice message...call me on my cell phone at (209) 204-1411. I would love to hear from some people that have been reading this thing for a while. I will try anything! I want to keep this thing fun to read! Hey...did I just post my cell # on my blog? I have lost my damn mind! Oh...why not? We only live once right? :-)

Have a good day and smile!
RubenPosted by Hello

The Fort Mason youth Hostel is awesome, just don't eat the chilli in the cafe!! It's poo not so cleverly disguised as food...

Go on a boat trip, see Alcatraz they are both good fun.

As for posting your cell #, yes you truely are insane....

hee hee

i wrote out this LONG comment and it didn't publish! grrr... basically what i said was that i love those picturesque moments when you have complete solemnity. i went to Venice Beach last November on a whim. one night, i just decided to drive over. i sat there on the sand and just watched the sun go down.. it was truly amazing..just wish i had a camera.

It is a beautiful view. I'm so lucky to have that view as I come and go on Treasure Island.

WE NEED YOU.........................................................................

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