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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

I am furious!

I hardly ever post twice in one night but this is crucial so bear with me.

This may very well be the worst photo that I have taken but I took it to prove a point! The sign says "special offers exclusively for you" so naturally being the bargain hound that I am I went quickly to the restroom to check out the deal. I found no special deals there!

I did however find the following not so special things:

  • A homeless man washing his ass in the sink.
  • An old man with his pink boxers at his ankles showing the world his "parts" in front of a urinal.
  • The not so glorious scent of festering crap.
  • A ton of grafitti (I guess if I go back tonight I might get lucky!)
  • A turd stained wall.
  • A man talking to a mirror.

American advertising is going to hell rapidly. I should have complained to a manager! I want my special offer!

Smile today! :-)

You're not looking at it the right way. You saw a man washing his ASS in the SINK!!! How exciting is that?!?!? And, I confess, I'm curious: What did the guy say to the mirror? "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..."? I admit, the smell of festering crap is a deterrent, but these are LIFE EXPERIENCES, Ruben! That's an exclusive deal if ever I saw one....

What a restroom! Remember that "special" doesn't necessarily mean "good," so just because this wasn't a dandy experience doesn't mean it wasnt...um...special. But by the way, eeeewww. Don't go there again, and if you do, go with fewer expectations :-)

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