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Sunday, April 10, 2005 


Today is a very, very special day for me. This is the second anniversary of the day that Megan woke up with me when we found out that I was terminally ill. Today I woke up next to her again and I plan to everyday for the rest of my life.

Thank you Megan for loving me on the hardest days of your life! Thank you Megan for loving me for my heart and mind and for not being scared away by my illness. I am alive today because of you and I will always love you for saving my life, teaching me how to love and showing me that I really do have a soul inside my hard shell.

The photo above is of Tony Brusca, the lead singer of my favorite band, The Brody's. I met Tony and the band about five years ago in Chico, CA and their music has gotten me through all sorts of craziness. It was by my side through my divorce and most of all it has been with me via ipod when I have gotten really sick.

Read the lyrics to their song, "Next Life" and you will understand why it means so much to me:

Next Life


When I was 13
I snuck into the movies
I saw animal house
With dominic and rudy
Sometimes I feel like
My life comes to a standstill
Like walking in the deep snow
Up a very steep hill
I was standing in the river
Singing a new wave song
I pass around the polaroids
But I can't remember anyone
Open up the bottle
Pass the rush around the table
The morning crew is just arriving
On the 6 o'clock horizon
Told me once told me twice
Walking home alone broke
Joker's wild in the next life
I got lucky in the next life
I got the money in the next life
I got the girl in the next life
Don't think twice
Joker's wild in the next life
I listened to what the coach said
Fourth place is up ahead
Eighth grade track star
Gotta wonder where you are
Johnny got a lollipop
He took it to the bus stop
The catholic school girls
Never worried about their cruelty

A message to Tony and the band:
The next life is going alright for me guys. I got the girl. Money is alright and I am lucky to be around to enjoy it. The joker is definitely wild this time around! I believe that is what makes the whole damn ride so much fun! Thanks for taking me back in time every single time that I listen to your songs. Thank you for allowing me to feel young. I will see you all very soon. Megan and I would be honored if you were guests at our wedding.

I hope that everyone out there has a beautiful day. Smile and have some fun. Today is the first day of my new year and I am excited about that. Live like Each Day Counts.

Thank you so much for reading my words.

One more thing...Get information on The Brody's at www.brodys.com where you can find music downloads and videos. Also, you can buy their music via amazon .com and itunes. The album, Unexamined Life is an honest to goodness kick ass rock record that will make you feel young again if you have the urge to do so. Relive your youth or experience it for the first time with The Brodys! No matter your age or musical preference these guys will have something that will make you feel great!

I got to your blog originally through BlogExplosion and have since added you to my Bloglines list. The tone of you writing is infectious. I check everyday for updates. Keep writing!

Hey you!
Happy, happy two years to you and Megan on this bitter-sweet day. I hope you are always as in love as you are on this day.
Has Megan painted her toenails for spring yet?

hey ruben!
you don't really know me(lol) but i found your blog through a friends today and thought it was totally inspirational! i just thought i would let you know. also, i live in the area as well and was concidering taking journalism classes, also! so i was wondering which journalism classes you're currently taking and if you could tell me something about them, (if they're good or not, what kinds of things you guys learn, etc)
anyway, sorry if i'm bothering you! i'd love to talk to you!
a friend (kelli)

happy 2nd!!!!! i am so happy for you guys! tell megan i said hello [as usual =P].. also, have you heard the "Garden State" soundtrack? it's one of my many addictions.. you might like it =)

Happy 2nd Anniversary... Has it been 2 years since you came to Kaiser for assistance...I remember how confused you were.. You have come a long way...I am hooked on your blog... I check it everyday, and miss it when you don't post for a long time...I also read Megans...I feel like I know her...Keep fighting and enjoying life... Call me about your application...Take Care!! pam

I wish you all the best. My brother-in-law is going through pure torture with acute myelogenous leukemia. This month is his transplant. It will make or break him. I know what you are going through. Take good care. I'll write you again in 2 years.

It's good to see that someone deemed "terminally ill" has so much hope in life. I sincerely hope you prove them wrong.

Happy 2nd Ruben! Thanks for the music recommendation!

Happy Anniversary! life is too short not to spend everyday with someone you love, you are so very lucky to have found that person to wake up next to every morning.

Thanks for the kind words. You are an inspirational guy and a true brody fan. You have given your own meaning to words we wrote and that is the dream of all musicians....thank you! Congratulations on finding your other half....I can't wait to meet her at an upcoming show. You pointed me to your bolg (I didn't even know what a Blog was) and I ended up reading it and having a great day...from the looks of it, you are touching a lot of people....right on!
Keep in touch and e-mail me an address so I can get you our new cd.
Thanks again and we'll be saving Next Life for your Next Show.

Tony Brody
and the boys

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