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Thursday, April 14, 2005 

many stamps

I was "tagged" by The Spud King a few days back and asked what song on my computer best describes me. It took me a while because I have about 3,000 songs on this crazy thing but I think I finally figured it out! The song is more about what I want to do more than anything but it works. Click here to hear the tune.

Also...I have sent this question to three of my favorite fellow bloggers. If you have some time, check out Megan's blog, Dylann's blog and Melody Ann's blog. They are all great!

One more thing...the photo above is of a mailbox in Mexico. I hope that I can fit in the slot!

Ruben, right now, the song that best describes me is "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan. I have no idea how to link to it, however, or whatever you have to do to let people listent to it on my blog. I will, however, post the question, my answer, and the words to the song, later on today. Thanks for linking to me. I'm a big fan!

Well Son...I still think you are best described in the song, "Desperato". As many times as I have suggested this to you, you refuse to see my point.

sorry i've been so invisible lately. the job's killing me.. thank God i love it. i think the song that i'd choose from my list would be "Here's to the Night" by EVE6.. there's something optimistic about it, about cherishing those random moments in life that mean so much.

with that said, how have you been??

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