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Friday, April 01, 2005 

The Secret Site

This is something that really hit me like a truck when I read it. It is in small print but the photo will get bigger if you click it. It says, "I still haven't told my father that I have the disease that killed my mother." Imagine holding that secret inside of you. It would just kill me.

I found it on a site called Post Secret. Random people send postcards with their deepest, darkest secrets and they are scanned and posted on this site. This is something that you have to see. It is really amazing the secrets that some people keep. Maybe I will send something there soon. Have a great night!Posted by Hello

Ruben, I came across you via Blog Explosion. Thank you for this link, it's a beautiful website.

I admire your abolity to stay positive. I'll be back here soon, until then take care and only the best.

I was feeling really down and thought no one was reading my blog. A friend of mine sent me an email that somehow showed me that 3 people have linked to me. One of them was him. One was you. I came to your website ready to be grateful to you for reading my meanderings and ramblings, and instead I am struck dumb by how silly and inconsequential my blog is, with it's blah, blah, blah, about this and that. You are a hero, young man. I am amazed by your courage and character. I haven't read all of you yet, but I will. I'm sure I will be back many, many times. I linked to you too.

Hi Ruben...it's me again. Hope you are feeling ok this morning...... your post here and that website. thank you. This one really got to me:

"Everyone who knew me before 9/11 believes I'm dead"

My goodness.

I really like your blog. Whether it's different in IE, I dunno, but black text on a brown background is very hard to see.

Hi! Back again! In IE it displays fine with the blue and brown background. In Firefox there is no blue and very little text that is displaying. I know how you feel with all this! It's a nightmare. Uusally someone is good enuff to notify you so I'm surprised that noone has, unless it's my computer :(

Hi, Ruben.

I found you on Audrey's site. I will follow your adventures with Onfolio, a RSS reader.

This is inspiring.

I have this blog linked on my lists. I LOVE reading these postcards. It's just a shame that I don't have any secrets......

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

You asked for me to tell you what sucks the most about your blog....

(1) You're dying (but then again, aren't we all)

(2) The color scheme drives me insane.

I love the content though, so keep on keeping on. I will link you and I hope you visit me often as well.

i visited the page and felt so bad for those people =\.. others, i kind of felt sick to my stomach..

you should visit Confessions.. it's little more hard core so brace yourself =)

Wow. That is incredible.

oh my god...the one about "everyone who knew me before 9/11 thinks I'm dead" is really and truly creepy. I have, from time to time, imagined just that scenario - a person walking away & deciding to start over (my life is too good for that but someone who hasn't been as lucky as me).

Of course the truly horrifying flip side of that is that for any "9/11 survivor" (in the media sense of the word, as in relation of deceased, not as in those of us who scrambled out of it all that day - "9/11 escapees"?) for whom there hasn't been a positive I.D. who stumbles across that is going to be thinking "Maybe it's" -

that's frickin' awful. Wonder if that person thought that through before they sent it?

Fascinating site though. The sheer range of stuff...

I think that site is really interesting!

I love that site. They post new cards every Sunday. A few have struck me, that one as well. They are such small pieces of paper, but they are amazingly profound. I've often thought of sending one in, but if I do, I will never tell.
Found you through your comment at Ilsa's, and read Megan's blog. You are both quite extrodinary, nice to meet you. I'll be back.

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