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Sunday, April 24, 2005 

Sunday Clouds

I hope that this post finds you all doing great out there. I am doing well here I suppose. It is a gloomy day outside and the clouds have snuck into the house making everyone tired. Meg is resting in the bedroom, I am typing away slowy and Hector is alseep on the sofa.

I am about to get into my car and go somewhere...anywhere where I can be surrounded by the buzz of life. Maybe I will go the mall but it is more likely that I will end up at a coffee house with an ipod reading and relaxing. I just need to get some energy going before I fall asleep!

I will sign off now and leave you with a link to some photos that I took while I was in San Francisco a while back. I really should live there. I love the water and the people and the views are amazing. I bet Union Square and the wharf are bustling right now! One day I will live a stones throw from an ocean. That is a promise that I have decided to make to myself.

Click here for the photos. Smile today.Posted by Hello

Ruben, the pictures are interesting and beautiful. You have such a great way of looking at things. I like the idea that I can see something that you saw, the way you saw it. That probably makes no sense, but whatever. It's Monday.

I'd like to live by the ocean also. I've never even seen the Pacific, but still the ocean touches something deep within me, humbles me, and I feel like God has let me in on "the big secret", when I watch the ocean at night.

Great post, have a great week!

Hey ur blog looks cool :D I recommend treasure island, if you wanna move to SF. My sis lives there right on the edge it's really pretty and a nice area for the cost. Plus you'd be like an hr away from me :p

Hi hon. Hope this finds you well.I really enjoyed the beautiful photos!


Thanks for always having a positive message on your blog, it cheers me up when I come here.

Those photos are beautiufull, I love pictures of scenery and landscape. Uff...i really have to see California someday. Must head west! =).
take care

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