Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

Amazing Weekend

I cannot remember having a more full or exciting weekend in my life! Meg and I headed out to San Francisco and stayed in a beautiful European style Bed and Breakfast in The Marina District. We explored a few things that we have never seen before and we walked for miles. For those of you that know San Francisco, we walked from The Marina District all the way to China Town to eat at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and then into Union Square to shop. It may not seem all that far but taking all the hills into consideration...it was quite a journey!

We got back Sunday evening and decided mutually that we would sit around in our Pajamas all day Monday. Monday morning we got out of bed and hopped in the car because you can't relax in Pajamas without a visit to your favorite Mexican bakery first! About two o'clock we had all but polished off the pastries and were half way into Hotel Rwanda (a beautiful film) when the phone rang.

On the phone was my best friend Matora that we have not seen in forever. He had just landed in Sacramento to visit for two weeks after fighting the war in Iraq. He has to go back to Iraq in two weeks but for now he is finally home where he belongs. It won't be long until he is in the states again forever.

So, Meg and I scrapped the pajamas, hopped in the shower and then headed to Sacramento for his welcome home party. The party was fun and even featured a girl named Jamie that we are sure could pass for Paris Hilton in a pinch. We also took Hector to the party and he had fun playing with the little kids there but seemed to more interested in Paris Hilton and her friends. Our little puppy is a babe magnet!

So that is a brief breakdown of our crazy weekend. To see more of our photos click here. If you have a few minutes click here for a slideshow with hundreds of our images. Our most recent images appear first. Take care this week and have some fun. Smile today! If you need me I will be relaxing and resting my feet!!!! :-)

Friday, May 27, 2005 

Self Portrait

This is what happens when Meg lets me play with her camera! Some of you may not realize it but I am a big dork! This is proof!

I hope that everyone out there has a happy and safe Memorial weekend! In regard to Memorial Day, I just found out that my favorite soldier, my best friend, Matora will be home for about 2 weeks soon! I cannot wait to see him!

Meg and I have no plans but I am hungry for an adventure! Any suggestions?Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005 

My ass is wet

I am sitting here on my porch with this crazy looking rusted figurine looking out onto my lawn that is full of brown patches and my ass is all wet. You see, I have been trying to adjust my sprinklers again. This is a summer ritual for me that I dearly hate. If you read my post about doing yard work with my chihuahua you know by now that yard work is a source of entertainment for me in a way. Dealing with the sprinklers however is just plain frustrating.

The main problem is that according to comedians like George Lopez, I am supposed to have been born with the ability to do certain things simply because I am Mexican. Many of these things however I must lack due to the fact that my mother is quite white. For instance:

>I have no clue how to steal a car.
>I have no idea how to remove dents from a car.
>I would not function well as a Wal-mart or McDonald's employee.
>I am sure that I would get caught trying to get across the border.
>I can only do a few things with a tortilla.
>I cannot fashion any sort of usable device out of duct tape.
>I am virtually useless when it comes to yard work.
>I once tried to make a pinata but it became rock hard and had to be sawed open.

Now I do not mean to bash my Mexican counterparts out there but I am trying to make a point. There are just things that I cannot do and lanscaping is driving me crazy.

If someone out there can tell me how much yard fertilizer to use let me know. I need the right amount. Maybe I can figure out the amount based on the amount of fertilizer that people use to conceive children.

For instance, I don't want a jungle out there so I may not need as much as those crazy people in People Magazine that have six or seven babies at once. Maybe the amount used for twins would be alright. Can someone...anyone offer me a suggestion? My porn star neighbor has amazing grass and I want amazing grass too! Megan says that green spray paint simply won't do the trick. Any tips will be appreciated!

Smile today!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 

Lifesaving Spuds

The above photo is of a squirt gun that I saw just laying in the park the other day. I know that I take some odd ball photos but some people really like them. If you want to see more of my strange pics click here to go to my Flickr page.

Read this to feel better about humans :-)

I realized last night that there are still some good people in the world. About the time I had given up on humanity I got a phone call last night from The Spud King at instantmash.net that really made me think. What you have to know is that I have never met The Spud King but that I read his blog often. He called me last night out of the blue just to tell me that he would actually give me a part of his liver if it would help me to survive. Thinking about this now over again almost brings me to tears. What an amazing and generous offer!

The problem is however that my liver is beyond the point in regard to damage where a partial donor transplant would help me. But if that option was available, this man, that I have never met offered to save my life. He offered to give me many more years with Megan. He offered to give me many more years to take pictures and laugh and walk on the beach.

Spud...from the bottom of my heart: Thank you! You are an amazing man.

With that I will close this post and go back to thinking about what to write next. How could I possibly follow this up? I will try soon. Thank you for reading. Smile today.

Friday, May 20, 2005 

Blood gone bad

If you have never read my blog before thank you for stopping by. Click here to read a little bit more about me. I write this blog because there are times in my life when I am so damn lost that it helps just to get my feelings out. I am writing this tonight because I am very scared.

Six vials of blood were taken from me today and by now 14 blood tests probably have been done on that blood. I have been bruising more than ever lately and the bruises are coming easier than ever. There is some concern that I may have a blood disorder. It gets to point anymore where Megan sees a bruise on me and asks where it came from but I have no idea. Also, the area of my abdomen under my right ribs has become sensitive to the touch and is starting to hurt almost constantly. I don't have a clue what is happening but I have been advised that a full battery of tests may have to be ran...again. My oncologist will be put into the mix this time along with my gastro doctor, primary doctor and a hematologist. I have never worked with a hematologist before. There is a first time for everything I suppose.

It is damn near midnight here and Meg is asleep next to me as I type this. I am listening to Ben Folds on my ipod shuffle and I feel like crying. I want to wake her and hold her and tell her that it really hurts now but she has had such a long week and she looks so pretty sleeping. I don't deserve her. I never have. I know this. Thank God for Megan. There is a reason he sent me my very own angel.

Anyway, I feel cleansed after posting here. I can let my thoughts run free and I can escape my liver disease for just a bit...just enough time to feel alive again. Just enough time to fill healthy and whole and not so broken.

I know that these words may be depressing but I appreciate your time and effort here very much. You have taken a few minutes from your life to help me with mine and for that I am truly grateful. If you like country music or just appreciate amazing lyrics click here. Listen closely to the words. They are very well written. It will help if you have a high-speed connection but patience works also.

If you have time leave a comment and your site address and email. I would love to read your words. Smile today. Hold someone close. Sing. Dance. Do something to feel alive and write me to tell me all about it. I'd really like to hear about it.

Come back when you can. If you want to read some less depressing words of mine, click here. This will direct you to a funny post about dog crap and my porn star neighbor. Really...it is worth a read. :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 

Another New Addiction For Me

Hello blog readers. I hope this finds you all healthy and happy. I have been totally slacking on this whole blog project again but today I found something to write about.

About a week ago I read an article about using meta tags to help me organize my photos and today I plopped down 25 bucks to do just that. For all the non-computer nerds out there, meta tagging is essentially adding any number of descriptive phrases to a particular photo to make it easier to find. The same process can also be used for music or any other digital file.

For instance, I may have a million pics of Meg on my hard drive (I have at least that many) and if I did a search for "Meg" I would have to go through a million photos individually to see the one I want.

If I use meta tags, finding a picture of Meg making enchiladas in the kitchen while wearing a black and red string bikini would be quite simple. I would simply log onto Flickr and type in bikini, enchilada, fantasy, black, string, sexy, goddess, passion flower, angel faces, love of my life, hot babe, or whatever other word or phrase that I may have assigned to the photo. It all sounds tedious but it is really quite easy.

The other groovy thing about Flickr is that I get a little program right here on my blog (over there on the right) that shows you all my photos. Click on a photo and it will shoot you on over to Flickr so you can see more of my wild and crazy imagery and even leave comments. The only bummer is the intial chore of taging all my photos. But being creative is actually fun.

For those of you with high-speed access that got all the way to the bottom of this post without falling asleep, click here for an amazing song by singer/sonwriter, Steve Earle. Listen to the words...words are beautiful little things.

Have a great evening and a happy week. If you need me, I will be begging Meg to hit the kitchen to make some enchiladas! Smile today!

One more thing...the photo above is of a plant that I just bought a pot for on my front porch. I found this fantastic place called Lopez Imports that sells all sorts of Mexican-style pots and things for a bargain. I sure love plants...almost as much as words but nowhere near as much as Meg!

Sunday, May 08, 2005 

Dog Crap, Leaves and The Porn Star (Not for Kiddos)

Hello again. I am sorry about the title of this post but I needed something catchy and controversial to grab attention. The old blog here is going through some sort of funk lately.

Anyway, yesterday Hector (my faithful pooch) and I headed out to the back yard to be real men. Well, I was the man and Hector was the well...the little hairy sidekick. This is the story of our battle with crap, weeds and the other strange things that exist in our yard.

First of all, Hector's reaction to the whole project was the most hilarious part of all. He looked at me and said (if Taco Bell can have a talking Chihuahua so can I!) "Hey Papi (he calls me that because he is Mexican) how would you like it if I pushed machines through your toilet?" The pooch actually had a rather valid point. Maybe he is a genius like his Papi!

As I pushed the mower (now lovingly referred to as The Shit Detector 2000) Hector grew more and more concerned and agitated. He ran around in circles nervously biting his ass with a really stupid look on his little face. I think he was really angry with me!

As the project progressed I was forced to break out the leaf blower (I believe this thing is the same model employed by NASA to make wind tunnels and Hollywood to make tornadoes in movies like Twister) and tackle some leaves. Leaves are a major issue for me because Meg and I don't have a single tree that drops leaves. But, our porn star neighbor who has a shower built into a tree in his yard and hosts really loud swinger parties does.

When we first moved in we assumed that he was a mass murderer based on all the screaming coming from his place but we did some research and have come to the conclusion that murder victims never scream the words, "Do it again big Daddy!" So essentially, I am picking up leaves that are not mine at all. His saggy old porn star butt should be over here raking! I say raking because I would never let him get near my leaf blower!

Back to the story at hand...by now I am covered in grass and dirt and Hector is now begging, "Papi, get me out of here man! I am so nervous I am about to chew off a limb!" Chihuahuas do really strange things when they are nervous and the machines were driving him nuts. He got really agitated when I strapped him to The Shit Detector 2000 with duct tape and took him for a ride. Hey, I am only kidding! I bet at least one of you is an animal rights activist.

At the end of the whole fiasco, my body, which hates me, tried to totally shut down on me. I got all light headed and shaky (much like Hector but I cannot chew on my own ass) and I almost passed out. You see, I try to over do things when I am supposed to take breaks and rest and I end up regretting it.

So, I call Meg (my savior in times of mass funkiness) and she explains to me that I should rest and eat something. The thing is, I already know this myself but I seem to get all retarded when things go awry and only her advice makes any sense at all to me. It is almost like my ability to have common sense just shuts down.

Seriously, if I was to lets say...set myself on fire (a real possibility with my BBQ skills) I would end up on the phone listening to her say something like, "Put down the phone stupid! Stop, drop and roll!"

By the Grace of God (and Meg) I am still alive today to tell my tale of lawn care fun and excitement. The yard actually looks pretty good and you will all be glad to know that Hector is still on all fours. Come over for a BBQ anytime. The gate is always open. Just be sure to get the right house. You would hate to accidentally walk on to the set of, "Old Dude Gets Buck Wild!" That film will be in production next door for the remainder of the summer!

Smile today and make it count! If you have a mother (and you certainly should) wish her a happy day.

Sunday, May 01, 2005 

Talking Pretty

Meg and I were lucky to have had the opportunity to see David Sedaris read this past Thursday and I am still thinking about it. I mean, I love Sedaris' work because it is passionate, hilarious and emotional when it needs to be but at the same time, the man himself was a bit odd.

Meg spoiled me and bought me two of his books for me to have signed and I was pretty excited about meeting Sedaris but now that I have met him I have mixed feelings about him. I mean, I still very much respect him as a writer but he said a couple of things to me that struck me as strange.

First, he asked me who else that I was reading and I mentioned Augusten Burroughs. If you ever meet Sedaris, DO NOT mention Augusten Burroughs! Sedaris seems to have some sort of built up hostility in regard to Burroughs. I thought the funny little writer was going to explode. He looked at me and said dead seriously, "I am better than Burroughs." Sure he was calm about it but at the same time he was dead serious.

The second thing that Sedaris did that was strange was the way that he signed a book for Meg and I. He asked us the status of our relationship and when we told him that we were engaged he wrote in the book, "Best wishes on your first marriage." I still don't understand why he just assumed that this was going to be our first marriage. Maybe I am looking for some meaning in his words that wasn't there. Maybe I am just too analytical. Who knows.

Either way, listening to Sedaris make a sold-out crowd roar with laughter was really a great experience. We learned all about the sex life of a NYC taxi driver and that even the most well dressed people can be complete idiots in social situations. We also learned that baboons have a rightful place in a beauty shop and that Hometown Buffet is really a very scary place.

I would see Sedaris live again in a heartbeat. I will just be a little more open minded if I have the chance to talk with him again. I guess I should not have put him on such a high pedestal in my mind. He is after all just a regular guy that just happens to be a great artist.

So if you get the chance read something by Sedaris if you never have before. The photo above is of the cover of his book, "Me Talk Pretty One Day." This will probably always be my favorite book. I had the chance to look at my favorite author and tell him thank you for making all the bad things that I deal with a little easier to handle. That is one moment that I will never forget. Seeing Sedaris live on April, 28 2005 with Meg was the best way that I could think of to make that day count. It was a great learning experience.

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