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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

Amazing Weekend

I cannot remember having a more full or exciting weekend in my life! Meg and I headed out to San Francisco and stayed in a beautiful European style Bed and Breakfast in The Marina District. We explored a few things that we have never seen before and we walked for miles. For those of you that know San Francisco, we walked from The Marina District all the way to China Town to eat at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and then into Union Square to shop. It may not seem all that far but taking all the hills into consideration...it was quite a journey!

We got back Sunday evening and decided mutually that we would sit around in our Pajamas all day Monday. Monday morning we got out of bed and hopped in the car because you can't relax in Pajamas without a visit to your favorite Mexican bakery first! About two o'clock we had all but polished off the pastries and were half way into Hotel Rwanda (a beautiful film) when the phone rang.

On the phone was my best friend Matora that we have not seen in forever. He had just landed in Sacramento to visit for two weeks after fighting the war in Iraq. He has to go back to Iraq in two weeks but for now he is finally home where he belongs. It won't be long until he is in the states again forever.

So, Meg and I scrapped the pajamas, hopped in the shower and then headed to Sacramento for his welcome home party. The party was fun and even featured a girl named Jamie that we are sure could pass for Paris Hilton in a pinch. We also took Hector to the party and he had fun playing with the little kids there but seemed to more interested in Paris Hilton and her friends. Our little puppy is a babe magnet!

So that is a brief breakdown of our crazy weekend. To see more of our photos click here. If you have a few minutes click here for a slideshow with hundreds of our images. Our most recent images appear first. Take care this week and have some fun. Smile today! If you need me I will be relaxing and resting my feet!!!! :-)

I had a great time too baby! Thanks for the company! It was so nice to see you REALLY happy all weekend!

Thanks for coming by Ruben. I love your blog, and I will try to get
some time to send you some traffic. I think that more of your blogs
should be started. Here is hoping you get a liver soon, and all is
better for you. God Bless.


Whats up Ruuuuben!!

Ruben, I confess I've been lurking on your site for awhile. Sounds like a great trip. Writing you now from Sacramento where I am on business in the capitol. Can you imagine how cynical my posts will be for the next few days?

Jim sent me. Glad he did, great job! All the best.

Sounds like you had a great time...loved the pictures, like a mini-trip to SF!

Wow! Sounds like y'all had a great time! That girl does resemble Paris! I'd love to visit San Francisco - or California for that matter!

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