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Sunday, May 01, 2005 

Talking Pretty

Meg and I were lucky to have had the opportunity to see David Sedaris read this past Thursday and I am still thinking about it. I mean, I love Sedaris' work because it is passionate, hilarious and emotional when it needs to be but at the same time, the man himself was a bit odd.

Meg spoiled me and bought me two of his books for me to have signed and I was pretty excited about meeting Sedaris but now that I have met him I have mixed feelings about him. I mean, I still very much respect him as a writer but he said a couple of things to me that struck me as strange.

First, he asked me who else that I was reading and I mentioned Augusten Burroughs. If you ever meet Sedaris, DO NOT mention Augusten Burroughs! Sedaris seems to have some sort of built up hostility in regard to Burroughs. I thought the funny little writer was going to explode. He looked at me and said dead seriously, "I am better than Burroughs." Sure he was calm about it but at the same time he was dead serious.

The second thing that Sedaris did that was strange was the way that he signed a book for Meg and I. He asked us the status of our relationship and when we told him that we were engaged he wrote in the book, "Best wishes on your first marriage." I still don't understand why he just assumed that this was going to be our first marriage. Maybe I am looking for some meaning in his words that wasn't there. Maybe I am just too analytical. Who knows.

Either way, listening to Sedaris make a sold-out crowd roar with laughter was really a great experience. We learned all about the sex life of a NYC taxi driver and that even the most well dressed people can be complete idiots in social situations. We also learned that baboons have a rightful place in a beauty shop and that Hometown Buffet is really a very scary place.

I would see Sedaris live again in a heartbeat. I will just be a little more open minded if I have the chance to talk with him again. I guess I should not have put him on such a high pedestal in my mind. He is after all just a regular guy that just happens to be a great artist.

So if you get the chance read something by Sedaris if you never have before. The photo above is of the cover of his book, "Me Talk Pretty One Day." This will probably always be my favorite book. I had the chance to look at my favorite author and tell him thank you for making all the bad things that I deal with a little easier to handle. That is one moment that I will never forget. Seeing Sedaris live on April, 28 2005 with Meg was the best way that I could think of to make that day count. It was a great learning experience.

Anyone who voluntarily tries to learn French has to be at least a little odd. ;0)

But, his writing is fabulous so his French speaking attempts can be forgiven.

I think it may have been his attempt at humor. Along the lines of you only get married twice!

Still no words, what am I doing wrong?? I can only gues what you wrote, but that book is really funny and the French lessons cracked me up. But the first few chapters/stories in the book weren't so great. OK, done guessing for now :o)

You are so lucky that you got to meet your favorite author. If I had a chance to meet Sandra Cisneros or even Augusten Burroughs, I doubt I be as contained as you were. Sedaris sounds awesome.. even the way he acted that day is funny =P.. I need to start reading again.

I bought the book, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and couldn't get past the first chapter. I loved the way he wrote, but just coudln't get into it. I stuck it in my ever-growing pile of "To Be Read" books. I'll pull it back out and give it another whirl.

The words... they're back! Maybe my computer at home is acting funky, it would be the first time.

I recently met Kazuo Ishiguro at a book signing in NY and found him to be a little aloof. I guess semi-famous people just get bored of the same old same olds coming to their book signings and either try to be smart or just brush you off.

Btw, David Sedaris is also hilariously funny on the radio. WNYC has "This American Life" on Sundays (I think) and you can listen over the interweb. He did this one story about a rookie cop and a flaming squirrel...

Ruben, hope all is well with you. I am shamelessly trying to drum up readers for my new post, which I have entered into a sort of "writing contest." Take a look-see, will you?

I need to read this! My parents keep telling me how awesome he is, and I recognize his name from This American Life on NPR. I used to listed to that program as a pizza delivery driver.

Me Talk Pretty is my favourite Sedaris book too! I chuckled when reading about what he wrote in your book ("first marriage") - methinks he was just trying to be funny/cynical.

great blog, and all the best :)


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