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Thursday, June 02, 2005 


Hello. I am writing from Kansas tonight as my buddy and I make our way back to California. The photo above is of the memorial that was built to honor the 168 people that were killed in Oklahoma City when the Murrah Federal Building was bombed. There are 168 empty chairs at the site now and it really makes a visual impact that will never leave my mind. I will post more photos of the memorial soon.

I have to get some rest tonight but I wanted to just check in and let you folks know that I am doing well and that I am happy. I also wanted to thank Jim from genuineblog.com for sending people my way. If you have never had the chance to read his words you should. He writes some very entertaining posts. I am working on making a new list of my very favorite blogs and Jim will certainly be on it.

I hope that eveyone out there is safe and at peace. I sure miss Megan and on nights like this when I cannot sleep I miss watching her sleep. Have you ever watched a baby sleep? She is so quiet and so peaceful and beautiful when she sleeps. Megan honey, if you are reading this, I miss you and love you. Please give Hector a kiss for me!

Check back soon for more pictures of the memorial and a few others that I have taken as we race home. We live in a beautiful country.

Smile today!

That photo is absolutely stunning.

That is an amazing photo. I'm glad that the memorial is so well done. I hope that you get back safe and have a good trip. Thanks for the picture and a great blog.

Waive as you go through Colorado!

Hello! I'm Tam, Matora's younger brother, Pranee's girlfriend. We met at Matora's welcome home party. Okay I have to say, I have spent the last two hours reading about your life (it's 2am right now). It's a roller coaster of emotions. I saved your page to look at the pictures you've taken on memorial day at our house, when Matora was looking at it the other day. I couldn't get in to look at the pictures because the page is taking a 'massage'?

Anywho...I was amazed at your writing skills. I try my best to write well, but as your reading this e-mail, you can tell, my writing skills are not at its best. Bare with me. I read your profile and from June 2 down to about end of March 2005. Amazing.....I only met you once, but your outlook on life is so amazing. I want to be in love as much as you are with Megan, I want to make the best out of any situation like you, and I want to make every day count.

I'm so used to bundling up all my feelings inside and not able share it with anyone. My family never showed any emotions and the lack of showing love was not there as well. The way you express every aspect of your life is something I admire. That is a problem I have is communicating with people about, well, anything. expecially feelings.

This is out of the ordinary for me to write anyone about how much I admire them. I just had to tell you. I felt sad about your situation that I want to just give you a big giant hug. To show you some love and respect. At the same time, I'm laughing my head off with all the funny jokes you have about situations. Like how the nice old lady down your street isn't really nice.
Your sarcasim is super funny and I wish I was that intelligent to speak the way you do.

I'm almost a graduating college student and wish I sound half as intellectual as you are. Man....Also to add your photography skills are amazing. I love taking pictures. I use to work for kodak, printing one hour photos. I can't take good pictures like you. My pictures are Aviona's (our
daughter) every move.

Anyways...I felt like I wrote you a whole essay. Sorry so long. I hope you and Matora are having fun and safely making your way back. By the time you read this, you will be here at our house or so. I wish you the best of whatever you do with your life. Send my hellos to Megan and Hector.

--Tam Hoang

PS. You are the 1st person ever to have such an impact on me. I should take a step back and look at my life, and re-think my priorities. I'm so lost in life...

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say hello. I found your blog through Jim at Genuine blog. Very inspiring blog you have, thank you.
I haven't had time to read a lot yet. But you are now in my everyday reads list lol. Oh and thank you for the link to the Brodys. I had never heard of them before but, of course seeing how my sons name is Brody, I just had to go check them out! I think I will be buying some of there CD's. Now I think I need to go download another of there songs into real player for the time being lol. Take care.

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