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Thursday, June 16, 2005 

Checking in....

I just sort of feel like posting tonight and letting out some feelings. I am sort of scared right now because the last week or so I have been getting tired very easily and I am napping a lot. I get scared when I feel this way because I am not sure what my body is trying to tell me.

Maybe I am trying to do too much again. I am taking a demanding fast-paced Biology class and the mental strain from that is taxing but I should be able to get through it. Along with that I am trying to help Meg plan her parent's big 25th anniversary party but I must admit I am not much of a help. She is just so on the ball! I can't keep up with her.

But I will keep my head up and keep on writing and taking pictures. What I really need to do is read more. That would be really good for me I bet. I just need to get my mind to relax a bit.

So...there it is. Possibly the most most boring blog post ever! But hey, it made me feel better and think so that is good right?

Also, I need new design ideas. I want to go clean and white and more readable. Let me know what you think.

Help someone today. Hold someone today. Smile today.

Your Brave.

Classes are very stressful! Biology especially. You are doing the right thing... writing, taking pictures, sharing your thoughts and photos with the world.

Hm.. design ideas. Maybe plain/pure white with one dominant image?

I hope you are feeling better and found some time to relax.
Writing and taking pictures is a great way to take your mind off things...and they make for a great blog, yours is always fun to read.
If you ever need any books, let me know, I have tons and don't mind sharing.

When I first stumbled across your blog, I was totally touched by the poem and the slideshow you had up, and the timing of the words about there being something beautiful to see and then Meg's pic popping up.

I think a little more simple would be great, but then I'm on dial up and it takes forever for anything to load! LOL

But you don't seem like a plain black and white kind of guy. So it'll be interesting to see what you choose.

You have your own personal bio assistant over here if you need any help :o)

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