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Monday, June 06, 2005 

Hands up!

Here I am getting arrested in Wyoming. What a crazy experience that was. The police were nice (and very tall) and the only thing that scared me is that they kept saying that I had a pretty mouth! Ok...maybe that was just a bad reference to the movie Deliverance.

Anyway, the road trip was great. It was fast and many states were a blur but I got to see enough of America to realize that it is not so bad after all. There are some really nice folks out there and it was nice to meet them.

The highlight of the trip was seeing the memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing victims. Tears welled up in my eyes and I was struck dumb by what I saw. I mean...those evil bastards killed children. What a waste of life! Not many things really get me really, really angry anymore but this did.

So, I am back here in California where homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and people are often uncaring towards others. In Kansas I saw homes advertised for $19,000! Sure, they might just blow away but what an adventure that would be! I mean if your house blows away all you have to do is follow a yellow brick road and hook up with a wizard right? That is what I was told and I firmly believe that!

Speaking of wizards, Michael jackson, the wizard of entertainment, may go to jail today or soon. I am not sure if he did what he is on trial for but I find it sad that his childhood was taken away from him. Personally, I don't think he is a dangerous man. I see him as eccentric and lonely. What good is a billion dollars if you are so lost that you have no clue what to do with it? Well, he did buy some cool stuff...I would love a monkey!

I am rambling now so I will close this and go on with my day. Oh...one more thing! If you get a chance go see "Cinderella Man" starring Russell (I throw telephones at people) Crowe and Rene (I just married a hot cowboy) Zellwegger! This is an amazing film that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Don't even worry about buying popcorn for this one. It will just taste like crap soaked in tears. There are not many movies that make me cry but this one sure did. It is well worth the $9.00 in California or $5.00 in Kansas that it costs to see it.

Smile today and if you want to see more photos of my adventures click here. There are sure some great photo opportunities out there! Talk at ya soon!

He says, "there really are some nice folks..."

Ever since he got back it's been nothing but, "folks" and "ya'll". I think it's cute! Ruben absorbs things like a sponge. I like this much beter than when he gets in the mood to listen to rap music for a day, then it's "mother ----- this and damn that...." I'd take "ya'll" over that anytime!

Hey- What's all the travel about? Sounds like a great time? Was it? I sure miss hearing from you.

What a great picture! :) Too cute.

Hi there...nice pics.....u got there.....and congratulations on the marriage......even though I mite be late....have fun.....

dd just passing thru

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