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Monday, June 13, 2005 

Read this one :-)

Click on the photo see it in more detail.

I am really proud of myself today! As you all know, I love to write and take pictures and my ultimate goal is to get a liver transplant, survive this health battle and do something in journalism, photography or public relations. In order to get to that point I have to be really focused and try to get my work out to the public as much as possible.

The crazy photo above (army ants in mexico) and 19 others were just selected to appear online in a new modern art/self-expression publication called The Noyse. This is a small step in the grand scheme of things and I understand that but it sure makes me feel better about my goals! I may be heading in the right direction! Finally! This is a big step for me!

Please take some time to check out The Noyse by clicking here. They even put one of my photos, "The End" on their homepage! To see my collection on their site browse over to the self expression part of their site or just click here.

Thank you for taking this crazy ride with me. Maybe we can take it together all the way to a book deal at some point. Just by reading this and by responding once in a while you all make my life much easier and that means the world to me. It really does!

Smile today! I sure am! :-)

One of my friends from College writes a column on The Noyse. She's the one who was/is a, ahem, dominatrix....

Congrats on getting your pitures published though!!

I just wante to say that this is the first time I've visited your blog and you've done a great job. I love your photos. You should really consider getting published. They're beautiful! I'm bookmarking your site so I can visit more often. Thanks!

That is awesome news! Congratulations and keep up the great work! Your photos are beautiful!

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