Thursday, July 28, 2005 

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

You will never guess who is feeling better! I'll give you a hint... He's chubby, Mexican and full of crap most of the time! Ok...ok you guessed it! My Uncle Joe is doing much better!

Seriously...I feel like I am getting back on my feet here and I want to sincerely thank you all for the wonderful words, kind thoughts and heartfelt prayers. Someone up there must be listening! Thanks guys!

So now what do we do? Shall we Flickr again? It is here! The best day of the week! The day where your creative juices should be trying to escape your bodies!

It is Flickr Friday!

The success of last week blew me away and it was quite the challenge. This time I'll make it really simple.

Please send 1-3 photos of things that you love to do! Ok let me clarify something right off the bat!

Farmers sending photos of their livestock will be sent away. Sorry guys...I have to draw the line somewhere! :-) Pictures of your significant others however are totally allowed. :-) If you want us to know that you get your freak us your freak!

My examples are posted above. Click on any of them to see them larger. I love eating Tacos! I love taking interesting photos and I love reading. Simple. No big deal.

So break out the cams folks. Dig some batteries out of the old junk drawer. Clear a memory card. Have some fun with this one. I can't wait to see what you shoot! Be as creative as possible.

Email photos (the bigger, the better) to:

I will post results on Tuesday. You can slack off until late Monday evening!

One more thing...
Meg and I just got back from Target and I bought three new CD's that I will write about soon. Has anyone heard The Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack, The Cookbook by Missy Elliott or Getting Away with Murder by Papa Roach? If so, let me know what you thought. I think the new Missy will be my favorite. I have always had a crush on her! you know way too much about me! Maybe I should also confess my crush on Queen Latifah. Now its all out there folks!

Smile today! Have a great weekend! Flickr away!


The Great Konfabulator

It is after midnight here and I am awake but I did get a couple of hours of sleep today (finally) and that was needed. Thank you all for so many wonderful messages of hope and encouragement! I feel like a prize fighter with the best corner crew in the sport! You guys need to understand how much your words mean to me. Thank you so much! Also, Megan...Homemade chicken soup!!!! You are a goddess!

The image above is a screenshot of Megan's PC (click image to see much bigger) that I have been playing with. I discovered an amazing FREE application today called Konfabulator and I love it! It allows your PC or Mac to run small programs called widgets that do all sorts of cool things.

Meg's PC is running the following widgets right now:

  • iTunes Remote
  • Flickr viewer - It actually works with your Flickr account and can change the image every minute if you want it to. If you don't have a Flickr account it will find and display images on your PC.
  • Analog Clock
  • Weather Checker
  • Calendar
  • Elegant Sticky Notes
  • Google Searcher and a few others that save her favorites and allow browsing and searching right off the desktop.

There are almost 700 widgets available for download. For laptop users there are even battery widgets that help you manage your energy usage and wifi access monitors to help you see your signal strength. I am running those on my laptop and they work great!

You guys have to check this out! I know that Ginger will! :-) Join her fellow computer nerds!

Download Konfabulator here.
View available widgets here.

If you need help email me at and I will be your wise and humble sherpa as you search for desktop enlightenment!

Thank you again everyone. Smile today!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

The Gymnast

I have been up for over 24 hours and sick as a dog or as sick as a guy with a bunch of damn diseases. This is one of those moments where I feel sick. I feel lost and no matter how positive I want to be I just can't. This may not be the usual inspirational post that you are used to seeing here but I can't be that way today. I'm sorry.

But to be honest this is the kind of day that I designed this blog for. I need to break it all down and spill all my emotions out and I hope that you still read my words even if they are uglier than usual.

I am sitting here on the couch with my wireless laptop listening to Eminem and Ludacris and I really don't know how to feel. I have been throwing up everything and I should get on the phone and call the doctor but I just don't want to.

I am sick and tired of hearing the words, "Mr. Porras, all I can do is give you this prescription. You are a very sick man and we just have to wait to see what happens."

I don't want to wait to see what happens. I just want to grab the doctors by the shirt sometimes and look them in the eye and say, "Listen doctor, I am 30 years old. I have a life. I want a future. There has to be a fucking cure for me! Stop telling me to wait! Fix me damnit!"

But there is no cure and people die from liver diseases like this.

I am crying now. I am sitting here all alone with tears running down my face and all this shit is running through my head. I am shaking and it is hard to even type.

Last night I had the first real conversation with my mom that I have had in months.

She is sick. She is having random siezures and the damn doctors can't help her either. She can't die before me. I could not deal with that. That would kill me faster than any disease.

I have not seen my kids in almost eight months. I miss them but I just can't see them. Their mother is cruel and I can't watch them walk away after our visits anymore.

In nine months I will marry Megan because she understands all my shit better than anyone else and she holds me when I hurt. Nobody else holds me when I hurt. Nobody ever has loved me like her. Has anyone ever loved me at all? She is so pure and soft but at the same time she wears a shield around her and she rarely breaks down when things get really bad.

Anyway, this is probably getting really depressing. I need to focus. I need to listen to my own advice.

I need to smile today.
I need to make today count.

How can I do that? Everything in my body hurts. I am so tired but sleep feels just out of reach and I can't catch it. I need to pass out. I need to eat but I am scared to. I am starving.

The picture above is one that I took over the weekend. Meg took me to a lake because I told her that I wanted to see nature and just play like I did when I was a kid. She is like that. If I told her that I wanted a million dollars she would rob a bank. She is my heart.

I hope that everyone out there is ok today. I hope that I will be ok today. Thank you for reading my rambling confused words. Take care.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

The envelope please...

-Click a photo above to see a larger image-
As you can tell from the photos above Flickr Friday was a total success! I couldn't believe that so many people flooded my email account with so many awesome photos. I believe that the best part of the whole project was that I am sitting here in California looking at photos from all over the world! I received pictures from Spain, Canada, Britain and other amazing places and I think that is really cool! The world is getting smaller everyday!

As promised, I have provided hosting for all the photos that have been submitted and they can be seen together by clicking here. There were over three dozen photos submitted altogther! Make sure that you see them all. They are great!

You can even view a slideshow of the images by clicking here.

I have no idea what I will do for next week or even if you guys will want another mission of mercy but I will come up with something.

Also, special thanks to Donna for not giving up the project after almost getting killed in an alley by a pack of snarling ravenous dogs while she was looking for "that perfect shot." And thanks to Megan, my dear fiance for letting me enjoy a near death experience when she made me stop the car and turn it off on a dark road in the middle of absolutely freaking nowhere so she could get the perfect shot of a California night sky and one lone star. Too bad she only got a picture of her elbow in the rear view mirror!!!! Honey, we could have died out there! But hey, we were together at least!

So that's it folks! We did it and the pictures were beautiful!

Thanks Tina, Gerard, CeCe, Mat, Megan, Donna, Ginger, Lily, Becky, Rachael, Jane and Mitzee for the great shots and for working with me on this. It was nice to see the world through your eyes! Feel free to direct people to the links to see the photos. They will be there forever!

I will write more about my weekend later when I have a bit more time. I'll leave you with a brief description for now...

It was a wild weekend of swimming, exploring, near death experience, dog ass, lovers and a gymnast that was just adorable!

Have a great day folks! If you have any suggestions or comments let me know. Smile.

Friday, July 22, 2005 

Shall we photo now?

It's Friday and I have a new idea! I often see blogs that have a sort of routine to them and I wanted to try that now that I have a few dedicated and oh so loyal readers.

So my partners in shall be forever known as the very first...


If you have no idea what Flickr is or just don't have an account, have no fear! This will be simple. I just want as many people as possible to take six pictures over the weekend and send them to me via email or send me a link to them if they are saved in a service like Flickr or on the web somewhere else.

On Tuesday or Wednesday I will post a collage of some of the photos and provide a link where they can all be seen. This will help us all get to know one another!

So try to take as many of the following six photos as possible and have fun! Be creative! There are no rules here! Naked images get extra points but photos taken by R Kelly and Michael Jackson will not be tolerated and will be sent back :-)

1.) A picture of something old. Maybe from an antique store or car show or just make Grandma say cheese! Naked pictures of Grandma will also be sent back! Well, unless you have one of those really hot Grandmas like the lady on the Bowflex commercials :-)
2.) A picture of furniture. It can be yours or taken at a store or stolen even. I don't care.
3.) Something moving fast. Maybe at a car race or on a busy street. Grandma won't work for this one folks. She is way too slow!
4.) A statue. This one could be a challenge. Garden gnomes are perfect for this and will be accepted. I love those damn Travelocity commercials!
5.) The sky. Above you is a great place to start looking for this shot! :-)
6.) A picture of you in something. Coffins won't be accepted because they are just scary but a mirror reflection would be an idea.

I really hope to get some comments on this. Send photos (any size because Meg bought me super mega turbo race car speed pro DSL) to:
or just leave the link to the photo in a comment.

Have fun! Don't bother Grandma too much! Smile! Keep working on those goals! Indy Girl, put down the freakin' matches already!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Let's Get It On!

Before I write anything else I want to thank Cece for providing the word "Moobs." Is there a better name for man boobs? I don't think so!

I also wanted to thank Jenny for writing this great tip: "When you´re hungry, think of a colour, and then pick a vegetable or fruit with that colour." This is a great idea. Thanks!

One more thing before we get started please click here and show another blogger some love. She is down in the dumps today.

Over 20 Comments yesterday! Many people needing encouragement! We are really moving now!

First, we need to break some more international copyright laws so we can have a soundtrack for this post. We need music that is going to make us focus. We need music that will motivate us to run a marathon!

» Click here for Jump Around by House of Pain!

Now we can get hoppin' folks! I hope everyone out there is working on their goals today. I plan on walking today and eating healthy. I may even try to use Meg's ab roller machine if I get brave. One step at a time right? We can do this!

Now, please check out the blogs of the following people and offer some encouragement if you have some time. This will get the ball rolling.

Chantel is working on a diet and excercise program with her daughter. You can do it ladies!
Bec wants to rip into her gym membership and come out 25 pounds lighter.
Em's husband is also working on man boob reduction. You can do it man! Down with the moobs!
Lindsay wants to give up her morning bagel with tons of cream cheese.
Lillie is working on a diet.
Becky's dad is trying to break his habit of drinking a six pack of beer every night.
JC is working on the 'body for life' diet.
Kiki is working on a hot summer bod. This one confuses me. The photo on her site is hot already!
Amanda is working on having a fun life full of new adventures!
Big Hev is working on becoming the nicest guy in the whole freakin' world by donating blood and offering wise advice!

And our biggest challenge is Indy Girl who wrote, "I personally would like to stop setting fire to stolen babies after I smoke the crack I bought with my pimping money." Actually she wants to stop drinking so much Mountain Dew. Thanks Indy Girl for making Meg and I laugh!

So encourage these folks when you can and keep writing any comments and tips that you may have! Smile today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Man Boobs

Today we start a project...
We are on a mission...
We will call this mission:


So here is the deal...
Yesterday I attended my first yoga class and I hated it. I was only there for an hour but that was enough to realize just how out of shape that I am. I thought yoga was all about breathing, stretching and focusing on a positive vibe. I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a truck. My neck is all jacked up, my back is in knots and my calves are all tense. What the hell?

It did not say anything in the course description about me being on all fours with my big ass up in the air and my arms shaking under all my weight. It did not say a damn thing about me sweating like a wild pig while cheerleaders looked at me like I was the kid from the special education class!

There is a point here. I need to lose some weight. With my medical conditions it is hard for me to lose weight but I have to be under 200 lbs. to qualify for a transplant.

This is where all of you nice people come in. I need some encouraging words here. I need cheerleaders. Maybe some of you will want to join me in this project and we can get better fit together.

The first thing we will need is a song. I am a nut...I need a song for everything. So here goes more international copyright law breaking:

» Click here for the theme from Rocky!

Now we have a little 'Eye of the Tiger' so we can begin. I'm not sure if I will continue with body torture 101 (yoga) but I do intend to find a scale to weigh my fat ass (there is a truck stop just up the road) and then go from there. I believe that I weigh about 220 or so so I will focus on 200. I would like to hit 175 so I can be high school sexy again but I don't have to go that far. I am already pretty damn sexy :-)

Random question: If Beyonce is 'Bootylicious' does that make me 'Buddahlicious?' :-)

So, leave a comment or email me and let me know if you want to join in on the fun! We can do this! If you don't want to lose weight come up with something else that you need a little help with. This is your shining moment! This is your golden opportunity!

Stop smoking, get rid of the crack habit, stop starting fires for no reason, stop stealing babies, stop being a pimp. Whatever it is...we will do it together!

One more thing, I came across a blogger yesterday that wrote about a kid projectile shitting in public! Now that is funny! If you need some milk to come out of your nose check out Lily's One Woman Circus! This is just crack the hell up funny! :-)

Smile today! We can do this!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today

On Sunday Megan and I went to see "Wedding Crashers" with her family and I must say that it could have been better. There were some great scenes but we could have saved the fam some some cash and went to the old video store for this one.

Anyway, regular readers know that I love music and there was a song in this movie that was really great. It is by a band called, Guster and these guys are really great. The song is called, "I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today" and it really made me think.

Now, I say 'each day counts' in just about everything I do and I try to stick to that. This song makes you realize how lucky you are today and that tomorrow will be amazing if it is anything like today. Really, think about that...

You may be having a really screwed up day but someone loves you, someone needs you, music is available and you have your health. Circumstances may change for tomorrow but you have a hell of a base to work with.

For example, tomorrow I will wake up and the beautiful plants that are featured above will be on my porch waiting for my attention. That makes me happy. Life is good.

So here I go again breaking international copyright laws...
» Click here for the song

As always, I will say that this works much better with a high speed connection. Also, if you like the song, buy a Guster album...good stuff!

And for those of us that like to analyze songs, here are the lyrics to read while grooving to the tune. Wait a darn minute... Did I just write, "grooving to the tune?" What the hell has happened to my ability to not sound old?

I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today
I'm awake, you're still sleeping
The sun will rise like yesterday
Everything that we are now
Is everything we can't let go
Or its gone forever, far away
I hope tomorrow is like today
Don't you go away tomorrow
I don't think I could handle that
You're probably dreaming that you're flying on
Then you start to fall
But then you rise
and shine forever
Don't go away
I hope tomorrow is like today

One more thing...a really nice lady named Sadie commented on my blog today but her link did not work to get back to her. If You are reading this Sadie and you still want to have a sexy, sleek, super sweet blog, click here. That will put you in touch with Ginger at Baby Jane Blogs. She is a great designer and she is my hero in times of emotional blog crisis! In other words, she saves my fat ass when I break shit! :-)

Smile today folks and just know that no matter how bad the day seems that there is someone out there thinking about you. If you can't think of anyone let me know and then I can think happy thoughts about you!

Sunday, July 17, 2005 

Nose Rings and a Man Named Pookie

I am happy to live a very colorful life...

Yesterday Megan and I made another trip into San Francisco and had a great time. We have been there so many times now (we really should live there) but we have never been to The Mission District so we chose that as our destination.

As soon as we got off the subway at 24th and Mission I heard Mexican music, laughing kiddos, wailing sirens and screaching brakes and it was all painted onto the walls of the area in the form of amazing colorful art. For a minute I was back in Mexico City! What a great feeling!

So we walked all over The Mission and I even got a chance to practice my Spanish at a restaraunt that was so good that I thought that Meg might actually leave me for the burrito cook! I can see her now, Megan Rene Maria Fuentes in a little apron serving chips and salsa to the masses! Great image! :-)

Now this is a girl that generally eats like a bird but she really tore up a massive chicken burrito. I had carnitas tacos and although they came second to what my uncle David would make, they were pretty damn good. For 30 minutes or so we were knee deep in salsa, rice, chips and lime juice. Heaven I tell you...heaven!

If you ever have a chance to visit San Francisco you have to visit Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square but you should really get off the beaten tourist track and walk through The Mission, China Town, North Beach and The Marina District. Get lost in vast alleys covered in Grafitti and eat meals in places that don't look fit for human consumption...they always have the best food!

After our tour of little Mexico we attended a party for Pride Festival volunteers and had a great time. Out of 1,000 amazing volunteers, about 20 of us were given certificates of honor for outstanding service and to our surprise we were two of them! It was really cool to be recognized. We will definitely volunteer as long as we can.

About the man named Pookie and The Nose Ring...those were just a few of the great photos that we took on our little trip. The colors of the city infused together with the colors of pride and freedom and the colors of mexico all set to music and carried by an ocean breeze....what a beautiful day!

Click here to see a slideshow of all our most recent photos.

Smile today. Have an adventure.

Friday, July 15, 2005 

Rotten Ass

Have you ever smelled something so rank that you swear that you may have forever damaged your sense of smell? Instantly you start thinking that you won't ever smell fresh baked cookies again or the sweet cologne of your lover. You will never smell the baby powder scent of a baby. You will forever be robbed of your ability to appreciate the scent of a rose or the exciting scent of a new car. That happened to me today. I think I am ruined. My nose is broken! Whatever will I do?

Let me give you some background on me. I go through periods where I swear that I am obsessive compulsive. I try to focus way to much on making things right and I dwell on things that really bother me way too much. My sense of smell is a big problem for me and it has driven Meg nuts since we got together.

You see, I seem to be able to smell things that other people can't smell. Maybe it is my wacked out crazy ass mind playing tricks on me. I have no idea what my problem is. But whatever it is it makes scents very strong to me whether they really exist or not. In some cases that is good. But in some cases that is just really, really bad.

For instance, when Megan splashes on "Dior me...Dior me not" perfume the scent comes alive to me and we usually end up know! :-) But when I am near a baby and the little bugger takes a massive crap or when Hector decides to pass gas, it about knocks me the hell out. The thing that bugs Meg the most is when I say that certain things smell like rotten ass. Now, I have no idea what rotten ass smells like but it can't be good.

The conversation usually goes something like this, "Damn Megan what is that horrible stench? It smells like rotten ass!" Meg will respond by looking incredibly irritated and saying something like, "I don't smell a damn thing honey." What the hell is your problem?" It drives her crazy.

So, today I decide to clean out my funny little Toyota that has been sitting in the sun all week in 100 degree + temperature because I have not felt up to going anywhere. As soon as I opened the door I damn near fainted. My head got all woozy and those two words came screaming into my head like a train wreck! Rotten ass!!!! Rotten ass!!!! Rotten ass!!!! So standing alone on my quiet street I ask my car, "What the hell is that awful smell?" The car never responds. Not a big surprise.

It turns out that we had left not one but two containers of Hector's dog food in there the last time we had him with a sitter. This is not dry dog food. This is wet, nasty, brown, shit-looking dog food that we are not sure that he even likes. Anyway, both containers had come open somehow (damn you Ziploc) and permeated the car with a funk that was almost the death of me. The good news is that I don't think that I have any nose hair left. The bad news is that I have to either start the car on fire or sell it.

Selling it may be hard because California has strict disclosure laws. So, if you are on the web or grab a paper here in central, California, look for an ad that reads:

2003 metallic blue Toyota Matrix.
Very low miles. Gently used.
Sirius Satellite Radio, A/C, Automatic.

Capacity for 5 adults. Huge cargo area.
Smells like rotten ass. Call for more details.

Nobody will buy this car. I need matches. Matches and gasoline!

Thank you all for the nice comments about yesterdays post. I am feeling a little better. My lame sense of humor is coming back. I left a message with my doctor. I will keep you all informed. Smile today!

Thursday, July 14, 2005 

Her Face Makes Me Feel Alive

I am not sure what the heck is wrong with me today but I feel really crappy. I have felt like this for a few days now and I have been trying to ignore the symptoms but I think I may need to contact my doctor soon. I have developed a bruise on my abdomen just outside of where my liver would be and I not sure how it got there. I don't recall getting hit by anything or running into anything.

Maybe it is the heat or maybe I need more rest but I would have to be unconscious to rest more than I have been. Either way, like the title of this post implies, I will spend as much time with Meg today as possible. She looks very pretty today and I could not resist taking a few pictures of her. When I feel like I do today I look at her and know that she will take care of me and that feels great. That makes me feel safe and alive and there is no better feeling than that.

I will call my doctor in the morning and let you all know what is happening. I have been trying so hard to be relaxed lately and have some fun but I will be honest here. When I feel this way it takes all the strength that I have not to just break down and cry. I just want to sleep and hope that the pain goes away a bit and that the bruises stop forming.

Smile today and have a great day. All we can all do is stay positive.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

The World is all F@#%ked Up

Ok I am hanging around today with Hector and I am trying to think of fun things to do to get out of the house. Then all of a sudden I get a brilliant idea and I look at Hector and say, "Well little friend, do you want to take a walk to the park?" He looked up at me with a really dumb look on his little dog face and I could just tell what he was thinking.

My plan was to get out a camera, head over to the park and watch kid's play. Ok you may be thinking what I thought people might think and if you are you should be ashamed.

Right as I was about to bust out the doggie gear I thought to myself that people might get the wrong idea about a single guy cruising the local park with a cute puppy.

It's not like I would use the dog as bait and say crazy shit like, "Sure you can pet my puppy and while you're at it do you want to come back to my place for some crack and whiskey?" I mean, who the hell am I? R-Kelly? Michael Jackson? I don't think so. I mean, don't get me wrong, a pet monkey would be cool but I clean up enough shit already with the chihuahua. And bananas...well they are not free!

My point is this...people nowadays are afraid of everything and everybody! In Mexico people let me take their pictures, pictures of their kids, pictures of their farm animals and one guy wanted me to take a "special" picture of him with his farm animal. That is a whole different post for a whole different type of site! :-) People were just so relaxed there.

I know there have been some crazy things happening lately in the world but things have gone too far. People are almost to the point where they might just start locking up their families and pray for the best. We will have a whole generation of freaks that can't deal with the public. We can just hope that they don't all get nose jobs and move into Peter Pan's house.

The saddest part of this whole day will be the hangover that I have in the morning. How the hell will I ever consume all this crack and whiskey alone? Maybe Hector can help me out! Damn this evil world!

Smile today :-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 


Anyone reading this blog for a while knows that I am a huge Willie Nelson fan. I believe that this 72 year old freedom loving, pot smoking tax evader is one of the greatest song writers of all time and he deserves a great deal of credit for meshing different types of music that others have just never had the courage to mesh together.

After 10 long years in the making Willie released his new album, "Countryman" today. The kicker is this...this is a reggae album. When I first heard about this project I thought Willie may have just been hittin' the old pipe a little too much and may have finally lost his mind but at the same time I thought that it may just be really, really great. He never does anything that is just too awful to listen to.

I am glad that I had an open mind about this album! It is full of lush reggae grooves that make you want to bust out the tye dye shirts (I am wearing one right now) and the soulful country lyrics that make every Willie song special. This is an album that should be treasured.

I know that I must be breaking some federal copyright laws here but maybe Willie will understand. If you have a high speed connection (or just some patience) click here to hear the song, "I guess I've Come to Live Here" from the album. This song makes me think about this picture of Megan. All I can say is, Megan, I guess I have come to live here in your eyes.

Open your mind today folks. Open your hearts. This album is amazing! Smile today!

One more thing...if you try to buy this album at Wal-Mart you will notice that the cover art is different from the photo above. They have chosen to replace the marijuana leaf with a palm tree. Spend the couple extra bucks and buy the one that Willie helped design. I really hate Wal-Mart sometimes. Who do those people think they are? This is America!

Monday, July 11, 2005 

Bubba and Earl

I know that Hurricane Dennis was serious and I shouldn't poke fun at the victims but this picture is hilarious!

I can just imagine what the guy with his hand up is saying...

"OK Earl I know I forgot somethin' but at least we was able to save these here cigs! I mean the lil' one and the old lady will be ok right? I got the truck to higher ground, managed to save all my Garth Brooks records and put the hound up in a shelter. But lord have mercy! What would I have done without Ziploc baggies to save these here cigs?"

Have a great day out there :-)

Saturday, July 09, 2005 

Love is...

This photo is titled, "The Original Adam and Eve" and it is included in a set of photos that I have mentioned here before called, "Love is..."

When I first mentioned the set it was quite new but it now includes over 250 of the most interesting photos that I have ever seen. Eventually there will thousands of photos in this set and it will be cool to watch it grow.

If you have not looked at this set in a while or never before take some time to give it shot. If you are down it will make you feel alive and excited. If you are happy it will make you even happier. If you are an emotional person it may just make you cry.

The set is simple and includes photographs of what people love. There are many of pets, a few of pregnant ladies, plenty of lovers kissing and just a day or so ago someone added photos of bacon. I will be adding a permanent link to this set in my pull down menu so we can all watch it grow together. If you feel ambitious join Flickr for free and add your own images to the set.

Have a great day today. Love someone today.

Click here to watch the show.

Friday, July 08, 2005 

Russian Troops

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback yesterday about the new blog look. I have been playing with it a bit more and I think I will stick with it for a while and see what happens. I especially want to thank Ginger at Baby Jane Blog Designs for helping me with all the coding issues that I have had. Before Ginger came along I thought HTML was just short for hate mail! Ok...maybe I was not that dumb but close...pretty darn close.

The main point of this whole change was to make my photos stand out better. I hope that is working. I took the above photo in a gift shop near here and I thought that it came out pretty nice. I got some funny emails to me via Flickr because I titled the photo, "Russian Troops." I really did not mean to offend anyone.

I hope that everyone out there is safe and happy today. I read that Atlanta got pretty banged up by storms and that Cuba got beat down with 150 MPH winds from Hurricane Dennis. After last year when Florida got pounded I would have sold my belongings, packed up Meg and the Chihuahua and moved the hell out of there. But some people stayed for the love of their communities and that is respectable. I hope everyone there is safe this season. The forecasts are predicting massive storms. people are going to need big ass umbrellas!

Smile today through the wind and rain. Smile today no matter what!

One more thing...I changed the link in the drop down area so that instead of seeing one photo of me you can see around 50! Now you can see the Wild Mexican in a variety of different habitats! Have fear! I hope that I don't cause mass blindness. This is a warning!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 

The World

I am posting this photo today because I just needed to be able to have something positive to look at. I woke up this morning around 3 (just did not sleep well) and the first thing I did was grab my trusty PDA to read the news in bed.

So, I surf over to and there are pictures of London and rumors of a terror attack. Since then nearly 40 people have been confirmed dead and there are almost 1,000 people hurt. What the hell is happening in the world?

There was a man on the news today that was explaining that terrorists simply feed on creating fear and mass paranoia. The whole world is scared today. London has one of the largest intelligence bureaus in the world and there are literally thousands of cameras all over London to catch criminal activity. I just don't understand how this went undetected but I am sure that the answer to the puzzle will reveal itself soon. Is it likely that this could happen in The United States again? I don't know if anyone knows for sure. That is the scary part.

Today London should be in our hearts and on our minds. I feel so sorry for the people that are mourning losses today. Imagine saying goodbye to a loved one expecting them back at the end of the day only to learn that you will never see that person again. Life is a crazy road. There is no telling when a detour will surface or where a pothole will be.

Off the topic...I am testing out new design ideas for the old blog and I would love some opinions. I was going for something stark and clean to better display my images. I fear that this design is just too plain. Or is it? You be the judge.

Also, please take the time to read a new blog that has just come to my attention. It is written by a woman in Texas named Calli and I believe that she is Megan's third cousin. Anyway, she is really excited about starting a blog and would love a few readers to stop by and say hello to her. Personally I need to thank Calli for all of the nice words that she wrote about me. I hope to meet her one day! Click here to read her words.

Smile today, love today and hold someone close today. Megan is at work and only a phone call away but I miss her today more than usual. I will hold her tight tonight.

Monday, July 04, 2005 

The 4th

Well here we are...Since 1776 we have been free and many men and woman have died to protect that right. I spent yesterday in the hills of Northern California Antique shopping with Megan and her Mom and Dad and it was nice to see the American spirit alive and well in the town that we were in.

This morning we slept in only to wake up and find that Hector has escaped (we found him later after hanging up 15 fliers in the neighborhood) and that we had a Message from Matora on the answering machine. It is a special day to get a call from him because he is stationed in Iraq and to know that he is safe always warms our hearts. I would have loved to speak to him today. Maybe he will call later.

Enjoy today and have a beautiful time doing whatever that you are doing. I'll be consuming the requisite potato salad and something barbecued and watching the streets come alive with fireworks.

One more thing...I got invited to join a photo group yesterday called "Love is..." The link below will take you to a slideshow of the photos that people have submitted thus far. It is wonderful to see what people consider love to be. I have 16 of my photos in the show. Enjoy it and smile today! We are alive and free thanks to people like Matora.

Click here for show

Friday, July 01, 2005 

The Tooth I am at the local corner store today buying an energy drink because I am on a mission to mow the front lawn irregardless of the billion dregree temperature that is baking our little city and I see this woman get out of her car. Now...I live in a decent neighborhood. It's not like Neverland Ranch or anything super groovy like that but the people here are usually nice and fairly decent.

So, the woman getting out her car looks at me and smiles and I notice that she has maybe one tooth. Her skirt is all torn up and it is clear that she has had I don't know...70 or 80 kids and she has never once bought one of them new fangled contraptions that some women refer to simply as a bra. To be brutally honest here she looks like an accident victim and it must have been one hell of an accident.

As I am about to enter the store the woman calls out to me and says, "Hey boy do you like what you see? I am available for parties!" I have no snappy comeback but I cannot help to think just about what kind of party this sexy passion goddess may be available for.

Maybe I could invite her over for a Tupperware party or one of those cheesy candle parties. Maybe she could be "Bucky the cracked out clown" at the next childrens party that I have to go to. So anyway, the lady enters the store and you will never guess what she buys. Ok...if you said cigarettes, beer and lottery win! Ok, so that was an easy guess.

What is it with people like this that have to be so obvious about the things that they do. It would have been one thing if she would have walked in and bought a newspaper or a Slurpee or something but I just knew from looking at her that she would buy exactly what she bought. I don't mean to judge a book by it's cover here or anything like that but this was just an odd situation that got me thinking.

If you want to book this braless, toothless sex goddess for your next party let me know and I will see if I can get you a discount. This could easily be the girl of your dreams. You know that there is some guy out there in the world looking for someone just like this to love forever. Hell, if someone would be nuts enough to love me...this crazy ass lady really has a great chance!

Smile matter how many teeth you have!!!

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