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Monday, July 04, 2005 

The 4th

Well here we are...Since 1776 we have been free and many men and woman have died to protect that right. I spent yesterday in the hills of Northern California Antique shopping with Megan and her Mom and Dad and it was nice to see the American spirit alive and well in the town that we were in.

This morning we slept in only to wake up and find that Hector has escaped (we found him later after hanging up 15 fliers in the neighborhood) and that we had a Message from Matora on the answering machine. It is a special day to get a call from him because he is stationed in Iraq and to know that he is safe always warms our hearts. I would have loved to speak to him today. Maybe he will call later.

Enjoy today and have a beautiful time doing whatever that you are doing. I'll be consuming the requisite potato salad and something barbecued and watching the streets come alive with fireworks.

One more thing...I got invited to join a Flickr.com photo group yesterday called "Love is..." The link below will take you to a slideshow of the photos that people have submitted thus far. It is wonderful to see what people consider love to be. I have 16 of my photos in the show. Enjoy it and smile today! We are alive and free thanks to people like Matora.

Click here for show

hi ruben- found you via melodyann. your blog is an inspiration-i love it!

i had a wonderful july 4 and hope you did to.

I love the fourth of July. It reminds me that what we have is such a priveledge not to be taken for granted.

It's nice to see someone with such an inspirational blog such as yours. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us.

Oh, and Ginger sent me. :)

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