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Monday, July 11, 2005 

Bubba and Earl

I know that Hurricane Dennis was serious and I shouldn't poke fun at the victims but this picture is hilarious!

I can just imagine what the guy with his hand up is saying...

"OK Earl I know I forgot somethin' but at least we was able to save these here cigs! I mean the lil' one and the old lady will be ok right? I got the truck to higher ground, managed to save all my Garth Brooks records and put the hound up in a shelter. But lord have mercy! What would I have done without Ziploc baggies to save these here cigs?"

Have a great day out there :-)

yes it's awful to make fun...but you're doing it tastefully, if that makes sense....comeo on now...cigs are important afterall...i kid. ;)


Noooooo....just kidding, R! LOL

Great pic...my brother does live near Pensacola, but that AIN'T him, heeheehee. You have to laugh at some point to keep from crying, besides the Marlboro are obviously a priority. Too funny!

LOLOL! That's very funny! I'll bet even Bubba and Earl would get a chuckle out of it. Too bad they didn't have a HUGE zip-lok back to put their computer in, so they could visit your blog!

I think it's funny that he put them in a ziplock just to make sure they wouldn't get wet. Hopefully he has a waterproof lighter too. Ha.

At least they have their priorties in order.

I saw the Redneck Games on the news last nite, and for some reason, this pic reminds me of that!!

Ruben...your commentary was HILARIOUS! I definitely think that's what Bubba & Earl were discussing.

Love your site!! :)

OMG, to funny for words.

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