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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 


Anyone reading this blog for a while knows that I am a huge Willie Nelson fan. I believe that this 72 year old freedom loving, pot smoking tax evader is one of the greatest song writers of all time and he deserves a great deal of credit for meshing different types of music that others have just never had the courage to mesh together.

After 10 long years in the making Willie released his new album, "Countryman" today. The kicker is this...this is a reggae album. When I first heard about this project I thought Willie may have just been hittin' the old pipe a little too much and may have finally lost his mind but at the same time I thought that it may just be really, really great. He never does anything that is just too awful to listen to.

I am glad that I had an open mind about this album! It is full of lush reggae grooves that make you want to bust out the tye dye shirts (I am wearing one right now) and the soulful country lyrics that make every Willie song special. This is an album that should be treasured.

I know that I must be breaking some federal copyright laws here but maybe Willie will understand. If you have a high speed connection (or just some patience) click here to hear the song, "I guess I've Come to Live Here" from the album. This song makes me think about this picture of Megan. All I can say is, Megan, I guess I have come to live here in your eyes.

Open your mind today folks. Open your hearts. This album is amazing! Smile today!

One more thing...if you try to buy this album at Wal-Mart you will notice that the cover art is different from the photo above. They have chosen to replace the marijuana leaf with a palm tree. Spend the couple extra bucks and buy the one that Willie helped design. I really hate Wal-Mart sometimes. Who do those people think they are? This is America!

Hey, what gives? How's come I ain't on your blogroll no mo'? Dang it, Ruben, that SMARTS!!!


I just heard a few snippets of this album just a minute ago and it sounds great. I'll have to head out and get it. But definitely not at Wal-Mart.

Thanks, Rubes. I'll play nice now.

Sounds like a great album. I love reggae, so I will definetly buy it up. Yeah, I won't be buying my music from Wal-Mart! They always pull that crap! Who are they to redesign a CD cover? I love the marijuana leafs!

Sounds cool! I can't deal with Wal-Mart sometimes. Did you ever see the South Park where they end up destroying it? Hilarious.

Ruben, I'm headed to add you to my list of links...

You know, I read about the reggae album a few days ago, but wasn't sure if I should give it a listen or not.
Since you recommend it, I'll have to check it out.

And screw Wal-Mart!

LOL...I love Willie, too...

He is a hippy version of my dad...:)

I GOTTA check this out. Thanks for the info, I'm music FREAK.

....LOL.... I love it! You have a great blog :)

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