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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

The envelope please...

-Click a photo above to see a larger image-
As you can tell from the photos above Flickr Friday was a total success! I couldn't believe that so many people flooded my email account with so many awesome photos. I believe that the best part of the whole project was that I am sitting here in California looking at photos from all over the world! I received pictures from Spain, Canada, Britain and other amazing places and I think that is really cool! The world is getting smaller everyday!

As promised, I have provided hosting for all the photos that have been submitted and they can be seen together by clicking here. There were over three dozen photos submitted altogther! Make sure that you see them all. They are great!

You can even view a slideshow of the images by clicking here.

I have no idea what I will do for next week or even if you guys will want another mission of mercy but I will come up with something.

Also, special thanks to Donna for not giving up the project after almost getting killed in an alley by a pack of snarling ravenous dogs while she was looking for "that perfect shot." And thanks to Megan, my dear fiance for letting me enjoy a near death experience when she made me stop the car and turn it off on a dark road in the middle of absolutely freaking nowhere so she could get the perfect shot of a California night sky and one lone star. Too bad she only got a picture of her elbow in the rear view mirror!!!! Honey, we could have died out there! But hey, we were together at least!

So that's it folks! We did it and the pictures were beautiful!

Thanks Tina, Gerard, CeCe, Mat, Megan, Donna, Ginger, Lily, Becky, Rachael, Jane and Mitzee for the great shots and for working with me on this. It was nice to see the world through your eyes! Feel free to direct people to the links to see the photos. They will be there forever!

I will write more about my weekend later when I have a bit more time. I'll leave you with a brief description for now...

It was a wild weekend of swimming, exploring, near death experience, dog ass, lovers and a gymnast that was just adorable!

Have a great day folks! If you have any suggestions or comments let me know. Smile.

I LOVED THEM ALL! Had so much fun doing this and what a success, I really enjoyed that slideshow....you all bloggers ROCK! cheers, Mitz ;)

Turbo dog was awesome! And the others were all pretty cool too :o)

In the words of Tinky-Winky....
Again again!!

wonderful! I wanted to play. I'm just always a day late. :)

Okay but that is really cool!
You rock.

I just viewed the slide show and those pictures were ALL so amazing. My favorite was The Wise Man. I just thought that was so cool. I got a little tear in my eye...

Great pictures! Flickr Friday was such a good idea.

I had a great time, and I loved seeing all the other photos. :) You're the best, Ruben!

Been reading your posts. Ruben, you are an inspiration. Each day really does count and should for all of us. Thanks!!

Congrats on the photos. I will definitely send one in soon.

Those photos were awesome! I saw this too late to play. Hope ya do it again! Great idea.

it looks SO GREAT!! i don't have a digital camera, so i wasn't able to play! :(

you're so creative...love this blog!!!

Ruben, the photos all look FANTASTIC!!!! You've done a great job organizing this whole thing, nice work - thank you again! :o)

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