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Thursday, July 14, 2005 

Her Face Makes Me Feel Alive

I am not sure what the heck is wrong with me today but I feel really crappy. I have felt like this for a few days now and I have been trying to ignore the symptoms but I think I may need to contact my doctor soon. I have developed a bruise on my abdomen just outside of where my liver would be and I not sure how it got there. I don't recall getting hit by anything or running into anything.

Maybe it is the heat or maybe I need more rest but I would have to be unconscious to rest more than I have been. Either way, like the title of this post implies, I will spend as much time with Meg today as possible. She looks very pretty today and I could not resist taking a few pictures of her. When I feel like I do today I look at her and know that she will take care of me and that feels great. That makes me feel safe and alive and there is no better feeling than that.

I will call my doctor in the morning and let you all know what is happening. I have been trying so hard to be relaxed lately and have some fun but I will be honest here. When I feel this way it takes all the strength that I have not to just break down and cry. I just want to sleep and hope that the pain goes away a bit and that the bruises stop forming.

Smile today and have a great day. All we can all do is stay positive.

I hope you wake up feeling much better, but call your doctor anyway, just for reassurance.

I love the photos of Megan. I was going to say that you really have a way with the camera lens, but on second thought, I think it's all Megan! She's really lovely.

She's very lovely Ruben and you BOTH are lucky to have each other. I'm sure Megan feels that way too! I will fling a wish to the heavens for you, my friend.

ruben, you are in my thoughts. i wish you all the best. thanks for keeping us posted, and know there are many who care about you.

My prayers and thoughts are with you Ruben.
Those pics of Megan are absoulutely beautiful.
I hope you 2 have a great weekend, and I hope you feel better and get some rest.
Take care of yourself, or better yet, let Megan take care of you!

The picture that in the center is the best one. You can tell that the camera loves her. Very good pictures.

I know you wanna go-go-go...

But sometimes we just have to rest. So sit and look at your lovely sweetie, and give yourself a break. I'm sure it will do you good, I know it works for me.

I love the pics...so candid...I can see how she feels for you in every one :)

Sometimes the things that frighten you the most can turn out to be the biggest sources of strength.
- Iris Timberlake

Today I will let God help me handle every moment of my day.
- Timeless Wisdom

Ruben, she is so beautiful, and I can tell just from the pictures how much you love her and how much she loves you. Hurry to the doctor, so you can start to feel better. I'm thinking of you. (p.s. I'm back, so I can start a "normal" computer life again...)

she is gorgeous!!! she looks like she has the color of hair that others of us spend lots of $$$ trying to have, but are never quite successful!!

and thank you for the compliment about my blog title!!! I personally have a little internal chuckle whenever I think of it, but I wonder if anyone else really gets why I think it is funny... at least I know one person does!!!

you have a great blog-- I have enjoyed reading it.

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