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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

You will never guess who is feeling better! I'll give you a hint... He's chubby, Mexican and full of crap most of the time! Ok...ok you guessed it! My Uncle Joe is doing much better!

Seriously...I feel like I am getting back on my feet here and I want to sincerely thank you all for the wonderful words, kind thoughts and heartfelt prayers. Someone up there must be listening! Thanks guys!

So now what do we do? Shall we Flickr again? It is here! The best day of the week! The day where your creative juices should be trying to escape your bodies!

It is Flickr Friday!

The success of last week blew me away and it was quite the challenge. This time I'll make it really simple.

Please send 1-3 photos of things that you love to do! Ok let me clarify something right off the bat!

Farmers sending photos of their livestock will be sent away. Sorry guys...I have to draw the line somewhere! :-) Pictures of your significant others however are totally allowed. :-) If you want us to know that you get your freak on...show us your freak!

My examples are posted above. Click on any of them to see them larger. I love eating Tacos! I love taking interesting photos and I love reading. Simple. No big deal.

So break out the cams folks. Dig some batteries out of the old junk drawer. Clear a memory card. Have some fun with this one. I can't wait to see what you shoot! Be as creative as possible.

Email photos (the bigger, the better) to:

I will post results on Tuesday. You can slack off until late Monday evening!

One more thing...
Meg and I just got back from Target and I bought three new CD's that I will write about soon. Has anyone heard The Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack, The Cookbook by Missy Elliott or Getting Away with Murder by Papa Roach? If so, let me know what you thought. I think the new Missy will be my favorite. I have always had a crush on her! Wow...now you know way too much about me! Maybe I should also confess my crush on Queen Latifah. Now its all out there folks!

Smile today! Have a great weekend! Flickr away!

Queen Latifah is MINE! LOL.

Mmmmm let's see. Anyway, thank you!! :D

Gee Ruben, I'm gonna send you a picture of a cherry popsicle. Oh wait, was that what *I* love to do or what.... oh nevermind..... Glad you feel better babe. :)

Queen Latifah is so HOT! She is so sexy and that face...complete beauty!

I am happy to hear that you are doing better!

glad you're feeling better! haven't heard any of the CD's, but love papa roach's new stuff on the radio. love me some target...don't you just spend hours in there?? :)

Who couldn't feel good, it's FRIDAY!!! Happy WEEKEND ALL!! :-D

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you're better; knew you would be!!! Going to DC in a week to visit Lindsay, my daughter...gonna take some pics for your blog. I was thinking maybe we could get sexy with Abe Lincoln or something--what do you think?--too risque?--Nawwww!! lol Have a great weekend Ruben!!

I'm glad you're feling better.
Pictures of people getting their freak on- you know not what you ask dear Ruben.....
I have always thought Queen Latifah was gorgeous, the face is a photographers dream.
I haven't heard any of those but do a review for me.

Woo hooo another mission! Glad you're feeling better!

I heart Missy. Mucho. Glad you're feeling better.

You have beautiful photos! I can't wait to see what other people sumbit. What a great idea for a theme! :)

Hie Ruben, Just checking in to see what's new, Queen Latifah rocks, I love everything about her, but most of all her confidence, she's a good role model forall women. Dukes of Hazzard and Papa Roach I know, not familiar with Missy.

Great idea, I'm glad you're getting such a good response. I'll have to play along!

That statue is totally in love with you.


Buen suerte, Tio Jose!

I will do this over the weekend...keep in mind, I'm a bit of a wacko, jacko, so my pics "may" be, un, riskay......! jk...I'll behave! but it will be fun....and ps I LOVE MISSY!!! she rocks big time! GET YOUR FREAK ON! ;)

Sorry to hear or rather read about your health probelems..best of luck to you...and thank you for the kind words on my site:)
God Bless

u were on my blog at the exact same time that i was on yours! how much of a FREAK ON is that?! I LOVE IT! be well! ;)

Queen Latifah is so freakin' sexxxy! (yes, 3 x's...she's that hot!). I always had the big butch lesbian from "Set It Off" image of her till I watched Chicago...vavavavoom!

Let me know how the Missy cd is. I love her!!!
I'll try to participate in Flickr Friday if all goes well this weekend!!

Thanks for the visit!! Bew ell.

NJ from NJ

hi Ruben, I\m playing catch-up this summer, and thought I'd drop by.
those were lovely pictures!

greetings from belfast :)

you've some really nice photos there, ruben. well done, sir.


Glad ypu are feeling better!

I got all excited then thinking you were talking about an Aussie singer but then realised the aussie singer is Missy Higgins lol, her album "The Sound of White" is brilliant if you are looking for something different, really gutsy beautiful singing. Check here for her website Missy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I hope that you are feeling better. Take care and I will stick around and make sure I keep you in my thoughts.


Whooopieee!!! Another Flickr Friday. I'll have to think. Up until today I loved being on the computer, but the design fiasco has made me want to go FAR AWAY from the computer!! :)

I'm glad you sounded better today. Everyone one here loves ya!

Glad you are feeling better. I sent you my pics... I should read the directions next time LOL!

Have a good weeekend!

Thanks for checking out my little world. I'm loving the pictures and your blog and I'm sure I speak for lots of folks when I say you're in our prayers.

I just found you, from Rockstar Mommy's site. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope you don't mind if I link to you. I really like this place........

MWAH!!! Big kiss at ya...

I won't!!

Hey Ruben... those are great pictures! I will have to see what I can come up with. :o) Don't know anything about the CD'S sorry... but they sound good. Hope you have a great weekend. Definitely talk to you soon... BTW Super happy you are starting to feel better... Still prayin'...*big hugs*

The papa roach cd kicks ass slut!

I'll break the cam out next week...btw, thanks for the 'Widget' info! I now have one of my fave childhood games, a "Light Bright" woohooooo!

So glad you are better, love the pics!

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