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Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Let's Get It On!

Before I write anything else I want to thank Cece for providing the word "Moobs." Is there a better name for man boobs? I don't think so!

I also wanted to thank Jenny for writing this great tip: "When you´re hungry, think of a colour, and then pick a vegetable or fruit with that colour." This is a great idea. Thanks!

One more thing before we get started please click here and show another blogger some love. She is down in the dumps today.

Over 20 Comments yesterday! Many people needing encouragement! We are really moving now!

First, we need to break some more international copyright laws so we can have a soundtrack for this post. We need music that is going to make us focus. We need music that will motivate us to run a marathon!

» Click here for Jump Around by House of Pain!

Now we can get hoppin' folks! I hope everyone out there is working on their goals today. I plan on walking today and eating healthy. I may even try to use Meg's ab roller machine if I get brave. One step at a time right? We can do this!

Now, please check out the blogs of the following people and offer some encouragement if you have some time. This will get the ball rolling.

Chantel is working on a diet and excercise program with her daughter. You can do it ladies!
Bec wants to rip into her gym membership and come out 25 pounds lighter.
Em's husband is also working on man boob reduction. You can do it man! Down with the moobs!
Lindsay wants to give up her morning bagel with tons of cream cheese.
Lillie is working on a diet.
Becky's dad is trying to break his habit of drinking a six pack of beer every night.
JC is working on the 'body for life' diet.
Kiki is working on a hot summer bod. This one confuses me. The photo on her site is hot already!
Amanda is working on having a fun life full of new adventures!
Big Hev is working on becoming the nicest guy in the whole freakin' world by donating blood and offering wise advice!

And our biggest challenge is Indy Girl who wrote, "I personally would like to stop setting fire to stolen babies after I smoke the crack I bought with my pimping money." Actually she wants to stop drinking so much Mountain Dew. Thanks Indy Girl for making Meg and I laugh!

So encourage these folks when you can and keep writing any comments and tips that you may have! Smile today!

Thanks for the encouragement. And i won't even pout that you don't think the pic on my blog is hot. :)

And Indy Girl.... PUT DOWN THAT LIGHTER!!!!

Go Ruben! We know you can Do It!
Get up off your bum & move it!
Stay in yoga class,
it's a pain in the ass
but soon you'll be able to groove it.

weak, I know.
Thanks for the Linky love!

Mountain Dew is the only thing that stops the pyro-urges! But, still, I've only had one today... with nothing in flames. Things are optimistic. Let's go team!

OMG I missed out on that last post, it seems! LOL at IndyGirl!

Wow! I got credit for Moobs!
Let me see if I can go spread some cheer now...

Thanks for the mention Reubon, of-course I offered you some "cross-edification" today.

"Down with MOOBS"

yo, nice blog... thanks for visiting me...

btw - your blog just puts so much shit into perspective. good luck with everything...

i can't set goals. anytime i set a goal, it makes me want to break it. it's like my goal is to break any goals... and as quickly as possible :P

Thankyou :o)

Moobs is an awesome word. I'm going to shout and point at MOOBS aaallllll day tomorrow. That should be fun...

Oh, and what fruit is brown and chocolatey?? I'll have to ponder that one for a while...

Thanks for the comment!

ah, since boobs are now becoming gender-specific, we shall call the female version "goobs," for "girl-boobs."
usage: i can always tell when it's 'that time of the month' when my goobs feel like they're going to burst into flames. ouch.

thanks for visiting my blog, ruben - i love yours!

ok Rueben you work off your moobs and i'm trying to work off the 30 lbs meds piled on my ass, stomach, arms- well almost everywhere (thankfully my belly button appears in tact)

OK, the Moobs is funny!!

You have a very nice site here that provides smiles for a lot of folks - that's so great! I really appreciate your compliments on my site :)

You know, I gotta admit, Indy Girl made me laugh too...
Sorry I didn't talk with you over the weekend, we ended up in LA instead.
But, I'll be in SF this weekend, so let me know if you'll be around.
Hope you're doing well!

You can do it. Yoga is very hard I did about a 30 min work out before work one morning and I was sore for the entire shift I could hardly move . Now alot of us at work has started the wieght watchers diet I hope it works cause I am starving!!!!!!!

Thanks for the mention. That is soooo coool. I guess my advice for today would be to stay off the scale. It is so disheartening when you are following your diet and exercise plan and still not losing. I know though, that I am losing inches anyway (I hope) Hang in there and those moobs will be gone in no time, because you are male. If you were female, they would be gone in like three years.

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