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Saturday, July 09, 2005 

Love is...

This photo is titled, "The Original Adam and Eve" and it is included in a set of photos that I have mentioned here before called, "Love is..."

When I first mentioned the set it was quite new but it now includes over 250 of the most interesting photos that I have ever seen. Eventually there will thousands of photos in this set and it will be cool to watch it grow.

If you have not looked at this set in a while or never before take some time to give it shot. If you are down it will make you feel alive and excited. If you are happy it will make you even happier. If you are an emotional person it may just make you cry.

The set is simple and includes photographs of what people love. There are many of pets, a few of pregnant ladies, plenty of lovers kissing and just a day or so ago someone added photos of bacon. I will be adding a permanent link to this set in my pull down menu so we can all watch it grow together. If you feel ambitious join Flickr for free and add your own images to the set.

Have a great day today. Love someone today.

Click here to watch the show.

Love this pic!!!!

Love it.


Very Cute Pictures.

You always have the best photos...

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