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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Man Boobs

Today we start a project...
We are on a mission...
We will call this mission:


So here is the deal...
Yesterday I attended my first yoga class and I hated it. I was only there for an hour but that was enough to realize just how out of shape that I am. I thought yoga was all about breathing, stretching and focusing on a positive vibe. I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a truck. My neck is all jacked up, my back is in knots and my calves are all tense. What the hell?

It did not say anything in the course description about me being on all fours with my big ass up in the air and my arms shaking under all my weight. It did not say a damn thing about me sweating like a wild pig while cheerleaders looked at me like I was the kid from the special education class!

There is a point here. I need to lose some weight. With my medical conditions it is hard for me to lose weight but I have to be under 200 lbs. to qualify for a transplant.

This is where all of you nice people come in. I need some encouraging words here. I need cheerleaders. Maybe some of you will want to join me in this project and we can get better fit together.

The first thing we will need is a song. I am a nut...I need a song for everything. So here goes more international copyright law breaking:

» Click here for the theme from Rocky!

Now we have a little 'Eye of the Tiger' so we can begin. I'm not sure if I will continue with body torture 101 (yoga) but I do intend to find a scale to weigh my fat ass (there is a truck stop just up the road) and then go from there. I believe that I weigh about 220 or so so I will focus on 200. I would like to hit 175 so I can be high school sexy again but I don't have to go that far. I am already pretty damn sexy :-)

Random question: If Beyonce is 'Bootylicious' does that make me 'Buddahlicious?' :-)

So, leave a comment or email me and let me know if you want to join in on the fun! We can do this! If you don't want to lose weight come up with something else that you need a little help with. This is your shining moment! This is your golden opportunity!

Stop smoking, get rid of the crack habit, stop starting fires for no reason, stop stealing babies, stop being a pimp. Whatever it is...we will do it together!

One more thing, I came across a blogger yesterday that wrote about a kid projectile shitting in public! Now that is funny! If you need some milk to come out of your nose check out Lily's One Woman Circus! This is just crack the hell up funny! :-)

Smile today! We can do this!

I personally would like to stop setting fire to stolen babies after I smoke the crack I bought with my pimping money.

Hey, nice blog you've got here! I like this post's idea. Actually, I need to quit drinking pop. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. I'm so totally in.

Well R. my only suggestion is to keep going. Yoga is good you just have to give it some time. My daughter and I recently went on a diabetic diet and it's been helping both of us shed some pounds. I don't necessarily need to lose weight but I need to encourage my girl. I also started running, I think you read that post. I play a team sport at least once a week. In a month I start with a new kickball team. I don't ever drink pop and I shop on the outer aisle of the grocery store. Bakery, produce, meat dept. You'll find you get all you need there - (except for the booze aisle, that is super important). I'm hungover today and thought about quitting smoking but once I had some food in me the smoking no longer made me want to hurl - so me and the smokes are back onnnnnn!!!


Thanks for dropping by my place!! Sorry to hear about your illness. Would it be alright if I prayed for you? I hope so because I already did. I'll be back.

P.S. I'm in on helping you with the eye of the tiger thing. in the words of the inimitable Mills Lane (as opposed to Marving Gaye) " Let's get it on!!"

need to lose 25 lbs and hit the gym. I think it's time that I stop letting a little lupus stop me. You inspire me darlin'.

I don't need to lose weight, but I do need to exercise firm up and strenghen but I do a little of that with yard work . So how do you propose to pull this off with your readers. Do you have a plan??? Just curious for now.

from the immortal rob schneider - YOU CAN DO IT!

My husband's on the man boobie reduction program as well!

Hey my baby has "moobs" and I think they're great! I think he got them from his dad.

the key for me has been cutting out my morning bagel with mounds of cream cheese. what a ridiculously unhealthy habit!!! you CAN do this. and the yoga? yeah, i felt the same way you did when i first started going a few years ago. i'm out of the habit again, but i promise it gets better if you stay with it. hurts like hell for a couple weeks, but then you become stretch armstrong. works wonders for the bedroom :)

I like a little yoga, but it's definitely hard if you don't do it regularly. On my first class, the instructor said that new people should "rest in downward dog" if we're tired. REST in downward dog?! Downward dog is hard work, not rest!

I am trying to diet to. It is so hard to be consistant though.
That is my main problem.
Good luck!

I managed to loose about 20 lbs in amouth and a total of 60 lbs in a year. How? to begin with I had the will to do it and I switched my diet... (the trick is Herbalife or is it Shapeline today). Anyway I changed my metabolism, less carbs, low carbs, more protein, more vegetables and vitamins. Plus I started to drink water 2 big glasses to every meal (three times a day) and at least 4 more glasses during the day, it will help you get rid of unnecessary fat and other unwanted substances....

Eat what you feel like! When you´re hungry, think of a colour, and then pick a vegetable or fruit with that colour. Feel like having a hamburger, then have it! But ask for an extra burger meat and skip the fries... In the end your body will tell you what you need to eat....

About the yoga thing... stick to it... It´s the best! If you´re getting short of breath and sweaty try walking more... just walk.. in slowmotion if you have to, it will help....

But you don´t need to worry. You will loose weight, ´cause you have the will, mental strength and, most important, you have the courage to do it..... I´ll follow up to see your result and effort... and to keep you motivated...

Be cool!

my dad is quitting his 6 pack a night habit so i'll add him to the goal ridden list

I could never get into yoga..it's too slow and boring. I haven't tried Pilates yet, but I always thought it might be a better fit. I think there's slightly more movement involved. Have you tried it?

Good Luck!!

You, my friend… have broken a record! Yes. You have.

In the last eight months or so, since I’ve even learned what the hell a blog is… in all the blogs I’ve read… and all the comments I’ve left… all the posts I’ve created… all the comments I’ve received… and all the sites I’ve linked… YOU are a first. Yep. You are the first MALE of the species to have captured my attention…and held it! (Apart from my darling other half, of course!) I’ve since linked you over on my site… I created a whole bloody category for you as I couldn’t very well list you under ‘Order of the Cooter’… that would just be… well.. MEAN. And that… I am not.

I look forward to getting to know you through your posts… in the meanwhile… I’m so glad you found me.

And yah… how the hell DID you find me anyway?



I am with you, with the exception that I would like to keep my boobs, it is my stomach that I want to be rid of. :) I started the body for life exercise and diet plan on July 2. I am going strong at this point. There are only three or four exercises to do per day and you get to eat six times. I was like, I can do this one! It is easy and it really works if their before and after pics are any indication. I know it is working for me so far. I am going to post some before and afters when I am done. I will be here supporting you all the way.

It's funny because I'm on a Mission called...
Mission: Hot Summer Bod
The summers almost over and I have yet to acheive my hot summer bod. But the point is I'm going to keep trying, and you should keep at the yoga. If it hurts--it's usually working.

Meanwhile I would love some support for quitting smoking! I've been going at this for about two months now and always end up cheating or giving in.

But dear! Yoga helps u stay fit and great stress reliever.....

oh my gosh! good luck!!! you can do it. we have all been there, feeling totally like a fish out of water, and then the next day, feeling like you actually had been a fish out of water, trying to recuperate from all that flopping around on the dock. i, for one, never worked out as a adolescent for one reason or another, but in college i really got into it and now i have found all these outlets like dancing and yoga (like you) that have really become part of my life and things that i get so much joy and fun out of, and new friends, too! (i wrote about this on my blog). so, again, good luck, and you will definitely get so much out of the activity...go you!!

I know that you will make it because we all faith in you. We know that you won't give up no matter what. I wish you the best of luck.

Sorry, I have been a blog neglector lately. I just got caught up on your current posts and wanted to throw a great "Lifestyle change" your way. Have you considered the South Beach Diet? It is amazingly easy and you don't have to count calories or carbs, but for the first two weeks, you are not to consume any sugar or carbs. You might think, "what does that leave you with?". You get to eat lots of salads, fish, chicken, pork, lean meat, cheese, eggs, nuts and veggies. I managed to lose 9 pounds in 2 weeks on Phase 1. Phase 2 is even easier and you get to start eating whole wheat breads and pasta's. I highly recommend it and think it's at least worth a try. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them, you know where to find me. :-) Good Luck!

Hey ruben, thanks for stoping by my blog. I'm in on this! I recently started the gym and though I have yet to start a regular routine, I am feeling a little better than before I started. I'm hoping the obligation of paying for membership will be motivation to go work out. So far I've been going 3x a week at least.

Well I've already started (2 weeks officially into it) I have until September 30th to loose as much weight as possible and MAYBE win some FABULOUS prizes!!

I started this before and only lost 8lbs before joining this group of wonderful women in this challenge. I would refer her blog but I don't want ya'll knowing HOW MUCH I REALLY WEIGH .. cuz ya'll would freak (I don't look it at all!).

No really .. freak. :P

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