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Sunday, July 17, 2005 

Nose Rings and a Man Named Pookie

I am happy to live a very colorful life...

Yesterday Megan and I made another trip into San Francisco and had a great time. We have been there so many times now (we really should live there) but we have never been to The Mission District so we chose that as our destination.

As soon as we got off the subway at 24th and Mission I heard Mexican music, laughing kiddos, wailing sirens and screaching brakes and it was all painted onto the walls of the area in the form of amazing colorful art. For a minute I was back in Mexico City! What a great feeling!

So we walked all over The Mission and I even got a chance to practice my Spanish at a restaraunt that was so good that I thought that Meg might actually leave me for the burrito cook! I can see her now, Megan Rene Maria Fuentes in a little apron serving chips and salsa to the masses! Great image! :-)

Now this is a girl that generally eats like a bird but she really tore up a massive chicken burrito. I had carnitas tacos and although they came second to what my uncle David would make, they were pretty damn good. For 30 minutes or so we were knee deep in salsa, rice, chips and lime juice. Heaven I tell you...heaven!

If you ever have a chance to visit San Francisco you have to visit Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square but you should really get off the beaten tourist track and walk through The Mission, China Town, North Beach and The Marina District. Get lost in vast alleys covered in Grafitti and eat meals in places that don't look fit for human consumption...they always have the best food!

After our tour of little Mexico we attended a party for Pride Festival volunteers and had a great time. Out of 1,000 amazing volunteers, about 20 of us were given certificates of honor for outstanding service and to our surprise we were two of them! It was really cool to be recognized. We will definitely volunteer as long as we can.

About the man named Pookie and The Nose Ring...those were just a few of the great photos that we took on our little trip. The colors of the city infused together with the colors of pride and freedom and the colors of mexico all set to music and carried by an ocean breeze....what a beautiful day!

Click here to see a slideshow of all our most recent photos.

Smile today. Have an adventure.

Those pictures are amazing! It looks like y'all had a tremendously fun visit. Maybe one day I will get a little California culture in my blood! The meal sounds DELICIOUS too! MMMmmmm

Your blog is very inspirational, so much so I am going to link to it on mine.

I loved all the pictures. You definitly know how to capture the moments. Sounds like your trip went really well. You made me hungry thinking about the chips and salsa. Ha.

What a great post! I have never been to CA, but have always wanted to go. Mmmmm...I love Mexican food! Have a great day!

Hi I hope you don't mind I surfed in on exseno's blog. Very nice pics I love all of the vibrante colors.

Dude: Your blog setup is so freaking cool. I'm linking you on basis of the fact your blog looks pretty.

Hey, I left a comment yesturday and I must of forgotten to hit post, dah that's how my brain works sometimes. I love the pictures. Looks like you had a really great time. I've only been there once many yrs ago. unfortunetly I was with other people who didn't wan't to do anything. We went there to take someone to see a friend and that's all we did. boo hoo, The only thing that I can say about it is I really hate the driveing up tho's straight up & down hills. Other then that I think it would be a cool place to live. Well let's see if I have sense enough to post this one. tada

awesome pics.
I love San Francisco. I haven't been there for some time but I get a chance to go periodically due to my mothers business.

I have never seen such beautiful murals....stunning!

Thanks for sharing, you made my day :)

You have a beautiful blog! It's so colorful and fancy. How do I get a fancy blog? That is the question isn't it? I'm not technical enough. *pouting*
Thanks for visiting MY humble blog. I have been to "The City" several times over the years. Once, when I was about 15, my grandparents took us to the city every weekend for like a month. We did all the touristy things. Scince then, my sister who is 21, has moved there. I'm convinced it was because of all the time we spent there.
I love the theater district with all those old hotels.
I also love Fisherman's Warf (near the Exploratorium). Have you ever seen some of those houses in that area? Dang! How rich to you have to be to own one of those?

I am not known to be very optimistic but I love reading your blog. You really make me look at things a different way and appreciate every day. Great pictures and keep on living it up my friend.

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