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Friday, July 22, 2005 

Shall we photo now?

It's Friday and I have a new idea! I often see blogs that have a sort of routine to them and I wanted to try that now that I have a few dedicated and oh so loyal readers.

So my partners in crime...today shall be forever known as the very first...


If you have no idea what Flickr is or just don't have an account, have no fear! This will be simple. I just want as many people as possible to take six pictures over the weekend and send them to me via email or send me a link to them if they are saved in a service like Flickr or on the web somewhere else.

On Tuesday or Wednesday I will post a collage of some of the photos and provide a link where they can all be seen. This will help us all get to know one another!

So try to take as many of the following six photos as possible and have fun! Be creative! There are no rules here! Naked images get extra points but photos taken by R Kelly and Michael Jackson will not be tolerated and will be sent back :-)

1.) A picture of something old. Maybe from an antique store or car show or just make Grandma say cheese! Naked pictures of Grandma will also be sent back! Well, unless you have one of those really hot Grandmas like the lady on the Bowflex commercials :-)
2.) A picture of furniture. It can be yours or taken at a store or stolen even. I don't care.
3.) Something moving fast. Maybe at a car race or on a busy street. Grandma won't work for this one folks. She is way too slow!
4.) A statue. This one could be a challenge. Garden gnomes are perfect for this and will be accepted. I love those damn Travelocity commercials!
5.) The sky. Above you is a great place to start looking for this shot! :-)
6.) A picture of you in something. Coffins won't be accepted because they are just scary but a mirror reflection would be an idea.

I really hope to get some comments on this. Send photos (any size because Meg bought me super mega turbo race car speed pro DSL) to:
or just leave the link to the photo in a comment.

Have fun! Don't bother Grandma too much! Smile! Keep working on those goals! Indy Girl, put down the freakin' matches already!!!

Sounds awesome! I will be participating in this! By Monday, I should have the pictures and email you. Great idea! You always have the best concepts!!!

I'm so doing this!! GREAT idea, Ruben!!


Hey, I have the monkey butt outfit in a size 6-9 months! Will that fit?

Thanks for visiting. Your site is great.

great idea, I'm in!

OoOoooh count me in! Sounds like a lot of fun. :D
Thanks for stopping by my blog, you got me smiling by just saying hi. :D

That sounds like a superb idea.... I'm going to try and do this over the weekend!

i'll work on it for ya guy! just cuz i lurve your blog! ;)

this is sooo great. I'm in love with this idea

:O!! I've seen than you want to visit Spain someday! :D I'm from Catalonia, which's in Spain :). Anyway, this idea is so cool!! :) You'll receive my pics! ;)

Looks like you really have this thing up and running. Great Ruben!! If you want people to see what they don't want to look like take my pic of the wrestlers that out to scare anyone into dieting. lol

Duh - I neglected to bring the assignment with me when I was taking pictures, and I completely missed shooting the sky and a statue... but I did get pretty focused (no pun intended) on a particular piece of tree (which I could have sworn was on the roster) and I had the bejeebers scared out of me in an decrepit alley with decrepit buildings and a big, loud, mean-looking dog there, on the ROOF, to protect them.......

Maybe I can finish today - thanks for the incentive Ruben!!! :o)

I'll try to do it. I just bought a digital camera so it will be a great excuse to play with it.

Just browsing and reading and am curious if you are a person of faith and if so, does your faith include divine healing?

When is this thing due? I don't know if I'll be able to get it done but if not, I'm in next week!

I wish I had seen this sooner. I was in and out all weekend, mostly out.
I can't wait to see what people come up with. I may do the next one.
You will have your work cut out for you Ruben.

Ruben, thank you for visiting my site and saying nice things about my photos. I've sent you some pictures by email I hope they are of use

Can I enter in a few of the categories but not all? I only found this out today (Monday) but have a few pictures from the weekend that would fit.....

Shame on me for not checking this until after the weekend! This is such a great idea. Hopefully you'll repeat it and I will be prepared to participate.

Looking at some of these on Flickr, I can tell this will be an AWESOME project. YAy! Can't wait to see the final results.

Too bad I missed that friday!
Looks fun.

Great pic's btw

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