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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

The World is all F@#%ked Up

Ok I am hanging around today with Hector and I am trying to think of fun things to do to get out of the house. Then all of a sudden I get a brilliant idea and I look at Hector and say, "Well little friend, do you want to take a walk to the park?" He looked up at me with a really dumb look on his little dog face and I could just tell what he was thinking.

My plan was to get out a camera, head over to the park and watch kid's play. Ok you may be thinking what I thought people might think and if you are you should be ashamed.

Right as I was about to bust out the doggie gear I thought to myself that people might get the wrong idea about a single guy cruising the local park with a cute puppy.

It's not like I would use the dog as bait and say crazy shit like, "Sure you can pet my puppy and while you're at it do you want to come back to my place for some crack and whiskey?" I mean, who the hell am I? R-Kelly? Michael Jackson? I don't think so. I mean, don't get me wrong, a pet monkey would be cool but I clean up enough shit already with the chihuahua. And bananas...well they are not free!

My point is this...people nowadays are afraid of everything and everybody! In Mexico people let me take their pictures, pictures of their kids, pictures of their farm animals and one guy wanted me to take a "special" picture of him with his farm animal. That is a whole different post for a whole different type of site! :-) People were just so relaxed there.

I know there have been some crazy things happening lately in the world but things have gone too far. People are almost to the point where they might just start locking up their families and pray for the best. We will have a whole generation of freaks that can't deal with the public. We can just hope that they don't all get nose jobs and move into Peter Pan's house.

The saddest part of this whole day will be the hangover that I have in the morning. How the hell will I ever consume all this crack and whiskey alone? Maybe Hector can help me out! Damn this evil world!

Smile today :-)

it's so hard to find a balance between being safe and being crazy and missing out on the world.

people are scared to let people take their pictures because they're afraid someone will run off with their cameras. there's so much cruelty in the world...people just want to sheild their kids from it all.

but, there comes a point when you have to step out into the world. be as safe as you can, and enjoy the sunshine. good post!!

LOL @ you and your crack-dog, searching for hapless victims...watch out for po-po's.

People ARE paranoid! Sheesh...but can you blame them? This is a crazy time, crazy world we live in.

#1. Most people are gonna think a guy walking his dog is cruising for chicks

#2. Nowadays, if you point ANYTHING at people, they think you have some type of converted gun/diguised weapon/shoe bomb you are about to pull the trigger on.

Hey, how bout giving the cam to THEM and let them take YOUR and H's pic....?

Surely that wouldn't freak them out too bad....love the post :)

I think we can thank the media for that Ruben.

The world is offically a crappy place when you have to think that much about walking your dog.
Or taking some pictures.
People need to relax.
Yes, there are some freaks out there.
Maybe quite a few freaks.
But I like to think most people are decent if you give them a chance.
I say walk your dog Ruben.
Do what you want.
If people don't like it...
Fuck 'em!

I wouldn't really think much of it. A man walking his dog in the park. That is and should be a completely normal activity. A few pictures here and there shouldn't hurt anybody either. As of now, this is a free country and you have the freedom to walk your dog anywhere you please and if someone has a problem with that, then they can go lock themselves in their house.

i agree this world is a wreck! and everybody is becoming more and more paranoid. too bad....i love sitting in the park, ballfield, stadium and "people watch". i like to try out what they're thinking, feeling, happily married or are they with their "fling".

good luck trying to figure this one out....in the meantime, i like polly suggested, have them take your pic with H in the park.

I gave Halo Scan about 10 minutes.
My blog looked so sad with all those 0 comments tags, plus I like being able to go back and read the old comments.
I'll stick with good ole Blogger comments!

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