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Thursday, July 07, 2005 

The World

I am posting this photo today because I just needed to be able to have something positive to look at. I woke up this morning around 3 (just did not sleep well) and the first thing I did was grab my trusty PDA to read the news in bed.

So, I surf over to cnn.com and there are pictures of London and rumors of a terror attack. Since then nearly 40 people have been confirmed dead and there are almost 1,000 people hurt. What the hell is happening in the world?

There was a man on the news today that was explaining that terrorists simply feed on creating fear and mass paranoia. The whole world is scared today. London has one of the largest intelligence bureaus in the world and there are literally thousands of cameras all over London to catch criminal activity. I just don't understand how this went undetected but I am sure that the answer to the puzzle will reveal itself soon. Is it likely that this could happen in The United States again? I don't know if anyone knows for sure. That is the scary part.

Today London should be in our hearts and on our minds. I feel so sorry for the people that are mourning losses today. Imagine saying goodbye to a loved one expecting them back at the end of the day only to learn that you will never see that person again. Life is a crazy road. There is no telling when a detour will surface or where a pothole will be.

Off the topic...I am testing out new design ideas for the old blog and I would love some opinions. I was going for something stark and clean to better display my images. I fear that this design is just too plain. Or is it? You be the judge.

Also, please take the time to read a new blog that has just come to my attention. It is written by a woman in Texas named Calli and I believe that she is Megan's third cousin. Anyway, she is really excited about starting a blog and would love a few readers to stop by and say hello to her. Personally I need to thank Calli for all of the nice words that she wrote about me. I hope to meet her one day! Click here to read her words.

Smile today, love today and hold someone close today. Megan is at work and only a phone call away but I miss her today more than usual. I will hold her tight tonight.

Yeah, the news was pretty shocking although not altogether that unexpected. I grew up with the spectre of the IRA as I wrote about in my post today. I was hoping that somehow England could be spared that threat again, but it was inevitable that someone would see fit to seek retribution for blindly following Bush to war. It is very sad that people have died needlessly, but it is also a blessing that it was not so much worse.

Did you get the smile I sent you?

I love the top part of your site I think it's terrific!! But if you think the white backgound takes away from some things maybe you could just change that a little . I'ed keep the top, it's unique. By the way I found you thru Sweet &/Somber Fairy tale. I really enjoyed your posts.

I was shocked to wake to this news today too.
The picture is wonderful, made me smile. You both look so happy and beautiful. It's nice to see that. I came to you from another blog and I'm glad I did. Quite enjoying your experiences. I'll return. cheers, ;)

As always, you bring a smile to my face when things are tough. The world is a better place with you in it Ruben! Loveya!

I was actually struck by how cool your site is when I got here. I like the images and think a colored background would take away from the stuff on the top.

What happened in England is very sad and shocking indeed.

What happened yesterday in London, just turns my stomach. It's a reminder that we're never safe. :-(

Thank you for stopping by, reading my journal and offering your insightful kind advice. I really appreciated that. I read through your blog and I really like your writing style. I also loved the 100 things about you list. It was really open, real, honest and very interesting. I might do something like that some time too. Thanks again. P.S. beautiful photo

Great picture...found you by way of G at Sweet and Somber.

I literally hung my head when I heard the news. I work at a radio station, and we do a morning show 7 a to 9 a everyday. The first thing I heard when I went to work was "London Bombing".

I lived there in the early 90's, and the IRA bombed non-stop, but on a lesser scale. That was before the terrorist attacks...but the threat was still very real. They do have cams all over London, but the terrorists know it, too. I pray for them all...and the cowards that are spreading the horror? God have mercy on you.

Bless you, Reuben. You are an inspiration :)

You made a comment on my blog and I`m here to say thanks! The poem you read there is an original piece I`ve wrote. I like to write because it`s how I can tell the world how I`m feeling, so I always put a lot of true emotion in my writing, I`m glad you liked.
Your blog is a lot interesting. I`ve just read your post and I liked how you write, it has a nice flow, interesting way to show your opinions. I`m sure I`ll come back soon.
I also loved that post "100 things about me"... I think I`ll do something like that one day, it`s amazing ^^

Hi Ruben, Yes it is sad what happened to London. I hope everyone uses death if at most to look at their life more fondly and be reminded of how fragile and valuable it is. I'm happy you have someone you can hold tight. I like your blog :) and happy to visit again. Take care :)

thanks for the kind words at my site :)
love to you!!
i'll be reading :)

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