Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

From Cookies to Hombres

Click the photo above to see it larger.

This post will be brief because I really feel crappy tonight. I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with me this time but I have no energy at all. I have felt this way off and on for about a month and it is driving me nuts! I also have zero patience and I know Meg is getting frustrated with me.

I am really sorry honey! I will be ok again soon!

I want to run and do jumping jacks or something but I can hardly get the energy together to get off the couch and go pee. Meg would be really mad if I wet the couch! When I feel this way I just want to sit and be a lump.

To see the slideshow of this week's images click here. I appreciate all the wonderful photos and I will post a new theme on Friday. If anyone has a theme idea please let me know.

So that is it. The end. No mas. Stay tuned and I will post again as soon as I feel a bit more perky. Don't give up on me yet. Smile today! :-)

Monday, August 29, 2005 

People amaze me...

I am constantly amazed by the amount of love that I get from the blog community. There are people out there that I have never met who are praying for me and thinking about Megan and that really blows me away. I have received so many kind words and they are all very special gifts.

Today however I was incredibly touched by a gift that I received in the mail. All I ever get in the mail is junk mail and bills but today I received a pretty shiny blue envelope and all the return address said was "Cece."

I thought to myself..."I know that name!" That is the that woman in Texas with the really cute new hair cut! Was she offended by my words? Is this a package bomb?" Ok...that thought never did actually did cross my mind...that was just a lame attempt at humor!

When I opened the package I found all sorts of incredibly inspirational things from The Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan Del Valley National Shrine in San Juan, Texas. There were photographs like the one above and charms and these gifts really warmed my heart.

You see...I am fighting so hard right now. I am lucky enough to be able to share my words with my readers and now I have expanded into real life audiences and that is turning out to be very rewarding. People that know me from my past when I was a much different person would probably not believe that I am trying to be so positive. But I am. I have become so focused on my recovery and trying to help others and I love it!

I am coming to the point where I believe that I may have found my calling and I love it. Today I started school again and it was amazing how many people walked up to me and said, "I saw your speech last Friday. It moved me. You are an inspiration." Every single time that I hear that I want to cry. I want to win this battle and spend the rest of my life explaining to people that they can win their battles. Life is a hard deal but it's not impossible.

I wrote this post today to say thank you to Cece from the bottom of my heart and I will do that now...

I will treasure these wonderful gifts and keep them very close to me at all times. Thank you for encouraging me to fight this war! Thank you for sharing photographs of your beautiful family and for having such a huge heart! You are a very special person with the ability to touch others with your thoughtfulness. Thank you my friend. Thank you very much!

I would also like to send out positive thoughts to all the people that are dealing with the storms caused by Hurricane Katrina. I wish that I could volunteer to go there and help clean up or whatever. We just had a family friend move to New Orleans and we are hoping that he is safe today!

Click here to visit Cece's World! You will be addicted!

One more thing...I will post Flickr Friday images tomorrow. Please keep sending them in! I love the ones that I have received so far! Smile today everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2005 

The Speech/Flickr Friday

I did it! I got through the speech and I feel so great about it! Megan was in the audience as always and I even got a standing ovation! I just poured my heart out to the people in that auditorium and I hope that they took something away from there!

The best moment of the day came after the speech when I was approached by a woman when I was speaking on my cell phone to my Grandma. I flipped open my phone and my Grandma heard the woman tell me that she had read an article that I had written and that it had changed her life. She has a three year old autistic son and she said that reading about my battle made it easier for her to live through hers.

A note to my Grandma: I love you Grams! I am so glad that you heard that. That was a very special moment in my life and to share it with you made it so much sweeter!

Let's make Flickr Friday a real challenge this week! The theme is based on the great shot above submitted by the lovely Shannon of The Cassady Family in Seattle, WA USA.

In the photo there are three beautiful kiddos. Please send me photos that contain three items in them. It can be a photo of three kiddos if you want or it can be a photo of three horses, three flowers or three chocolate bars. How creative can you be? I will be in Lake Tahoe, CA this weekend with family and I will shoot submissions then.

Please send submissions to: ruben@eachdaycounts.com and please put Flickr Friday in the subject line. It would be great to have photos before Tuesday morning.

Thank you for all of your encouraging words. You all helped make my speech today come to life and you have made my life so much easier to deal with. You are with me at every doctors appointment and you will be with Megan and I when we get married.

Smile today folks! I am really, really happy today! Thank you all for making that possible!

Thursday, August 25, 2005 

Seriously now...

Warning: This is a long one. Grab some nachos and a drink and relax! :-)

It is after midnight here and I am doing alright. I should be sleeping but I just don't want to close my eyes. My endoscopy and colonoscopy were performed today and I tried to stay strong but I will share with that I was very, very scared. It is not the procedures that scare me. It is the possible results. There are not many people that I believe can see through the wall that I put up to hide the fear but there are a few.

Megan can see my fear. Her mother can see my fear. My mother can see my fear and my Grandma Rose could see my fear or even hear it in my voice if I was a million miles away from her.

For the first time all day I am alone right now just typing my heart into this machine and I am crying. I feel so relieved that it is over but at the same time I know that there is still an uphill battle to face. Directly in front of me there is a massive mountain that needs to be climbed. The damn thing is taller than Everest and I hope to God that I have the right gear to take me to the top.

But you know something...I made today count! I got new advice, new medicine and some news that I have never heard. So today may have been a little shaky but I have some shiny new tools to show for it and I will use them to help me climb the mountain!

Tomorrow will bring something new my way and I don't care if someone shows up at my house with a pile of dog crap. I'll just call Meg at work and say, "Honey did you order some crap?"

She will probably say something like, "No but don't throw it away! Maybe we can harden it in the sun and use it as a vase later. It will look much nicer with some flowers in it!" She is that sort of person! If we were in a flaming car crash and stuck in the car I would say, "We are finished! We are going to die here! She would say, "Come on now! We are warm and we are together. Just like every night at home in bed!"

So the medical news is...

  • I have developed an unusally large vein in my esophagus and according to Dr. Cheng (liver guru) we are lucky it did not rupture today with the insertion of the scope. I could have bled to death. Luckily he found it in time and has given me a low dosage blood pressure medicine to help battle it. Bleeding to death would be a bad deal.
  • The colitis and Crohn's disease seems to be under control for the moment. That is great news!
  • He took samples of my colon for a biopsy. That worries me. Cancer is not an option for my survival.
  • But the strangest thing is that my alkaline phosphate levels have doubled in the last three months and that is a very bad sign. They should range between 37-117 for a healthy person but mine are now at 451. That is pretty bad news. But at the same time, I am not turning yellow with jaundice and that is a blessing. Maybe my bile ducts are not clogged or in worse shape. More blood testing (evil needles) tomorrow should shed some light on this.
The best news is that my Oncologist will have CT scans, X-rays, today's test and biopsy results and several blood tests to look at to rule out cancer. Meg and I are 100% sure that I am cancer free. I mean we have a wedding to plan right? We have no time for cancer!

I am trying so hard here to stay strong guys! Thank you for reading this long post and for thinking about me through this rough time. You are all good people. Funny little angels all over the world with internet connections and golden hearts hell bent on soothing mine. God bless you all! Smile today! Smile everyday!

One more thing...I am having a problem with comments. After you type in the comment hit post just once and it should appear just once if you exit the comment box and reload the page.

Ginger, what is up with this blog genius? I know you can fix anything!!! :-) If not please have Bub come over with that new tractor and run something over!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 

All About the Baby

Here I am late again! Flickr Friday was awesome again as you can see. But I did keep one photo out of the collage for a reason.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has a new baby and they ask you to come over to see the baby because it is "simply the cutest baby ever?"

And of course you rush right over to see the little snookums only to find that that the little snookums has been replaced by an alien or strange animal that you ever never seen before.

But you look at the little cutsie wootsie and his/her parents and you do the only thing that you can possibly do.

You lie your ass off and all of a sudden all the words that you want to say become sugary sweet crap.

"Oh what a cute baby" really means, "Holy crap, is there something wrong with its head? Its freakin' huge! Is it swolen?"

"I have never seen such beautiful eyes on a baby" really means, "God was really angry with you people!"

"That baby really looks like he will grow up and be a genius" really means, "How can something so small look so stupid? It can't stop staring at the wall!"

My point is this: I received a Flickr Friday submission yesterday that made me believe that there are really honest people out there.

Lily sent me an email that declared that the best baby picture ever was attached. I knew at that moment that the baby would have beaty eyes, huge ears and a head either insanely enormous or too small to be on little shoulders.

I would be forced to email Lily and tell her that she had the most beautiful baby in world and I would have to lie and lie until I felt really guilty.

The thing is that Lily did send the best baby picture that has ever been taken! Anne Geddes has nothing on this shot! This kid is gorgeous! She will be an actress or supermodel or the world's prettiest surgeon or rocket scientist! Click here to see this baby! Have no fear! You will walk away with a clean conscious!

To see the entire slideshow of the submitted click here. Have a great day and smile!

Monday, August 22, 2005 

Monday - 11:15-11:44 AM

The above image is one that I just found on Flickr. As you can see, I am feeling nostalgic for San Francisco again.

It is rapidly approaching noon here and I have putzed away the last four hours avoiding the speech that I am suppossed to be writing. I can feel the speech right on the top of my little brain but no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to force it out of my finger tips!

The weekend was decent around here. Yesterday was lazy and the highlight of the day was falling asleep on Meg in the middle of the afternoon and eating delicious take and bake pizza from the neighborhood pizza place. You know...I hate living here in Modesto and I write that often but I was telling Meg that if we moved we would have to find another 'hood as cool as this one. That would be hard at any price.

Within walking distance from our litte casa are:

Three Starbuck's

The best Mexican food in the world.
A gourmet grocery.
A regular everyday grocery.
Two Quizno's.
A little boutique that I love.
Jamba Juice.
Delicious pizza.
An 18 screen movie theater.
An independent film theater.
A ceramics studio.
Incredible Chinese food.
A few art galleries.
Great antique shops.
Our bank.
Hector's groomer.
Meg's seamstress.
The neighborhood corner store.
My hair salon.

What else could we ask for? I should be asking myself that!

Anyway, we went to a party on Saturday night at our friend Matt's house and had a great time. The best thing about Matt is that he is an artist and that he surrounds himself with amazing talent. Sure it was just a party but at the same time it was so much more!

Matt, the next time you have a party you need to call it, "Inspirationpalooza!" Check out the photography of the following party guests! They should all be famous!


I am excited about taking some new photos this weekend. Stay tuned for the results.

Well, I should get busy now. Noon is about to come around and smack me right in the head! Also, Flickr Friday submissions are coming together nicely. Thank you and keep on sending them until tomorrow morning. I will post them in the afternoon.

Have a great day! Smile!

Friday, August 19, 2005 

That one special shot....

I am such a slacker! Here it is Flickr Friday and I am just posting. I have been pretty busy lately and when I'm not I seem to just fall alseep at strange times. The rest is good for me but it worries me a bit. My body is seriously lacking in motivation lately.

I have posted the above photo before but I still consider it to be my personal favorite. I like the way that I was able to fade the background and I like the angle but most of all I just love the subject. I want to get to this man's age and when I do I want to look as cool as he does!

That is my subject for this week. Show me that one shot that you are most proud of for one reason or another. Maybe it is the one that you swear should win every photo contest on Earth or maybe it is just a picture that makes you feel a certain way.

When I shot this, the man and I actually traded photos. He took one of me with his antique Polaroid and I had this one printed for him off my digital. It was two generations coming together for the same purpose and I thought that was a great moment in time.

So if I am around when I am about 70 come to Mexico City and check out my groovy threads and let me snap your pic. I won't be wealthy but I will be happy and alive and enjoying every second.

Please send your photos to me via email or just send me a link to them to:

I can't wait to see what you see. I really enjoy this Flickr Friday thing. You all take amazing shots and I appreciate very much that you play along.

Have a great weekend! Dance! Play! Sing! Smile!

Make each day count!

Thursday, August 18, 2005 

My Super Hero

For a while now Megan has been studying child development and I never really understood why. There is not much money to be made in the field and it requires a ton of training. I have told her that she should really focus on something more lucrative just in case I get sick and she has to take care of herself and Hector alone.

But today I had the pleasure of watching her in action and it really filled my heart with pure joy. It was like watching a fish swim or a penguin playing in the snow. She just fit in there so well and I was amazed. To the kids that she works with she takes on a whole new identity.

For the first time in three years I met the other Megan. I met "Teacher Megan." And I'll tell you what..this "Teacher Megan" lady really is amazing. The kids love her. Her colleagues love her. But most of all "Teacher Megan" was so happy and her eyes sparkled with a new kind of joy that I have never seen before. It was beautiful! I am so proud of her!

So I have to say this, "Baby angel, (thats what I call her) I don't care if you never make a dime. You need to be in a classroom. You need those children like I need you. We will make finances work out. You are amazing!"

The totally adorable little boy in the photo above thinks that he is Batman because he wears the costume. Megan never wears a cape (that may be kind of sexy though!) but she sure is Super Woman to me!" This whole love thing is pretty damn cool. I am so blessed!

Smile today folks! Love someone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 

The White Trash Fiesta

(Click image for larger view - Have fear!)
As promised here are the exciting pictures from our white trash adventure. As you can see by the photo in the lower right corner, Megan and I have perfected the fine art of white trash lovin'! We are so proud of ourselves! We are in the process right now of writing a how to book for kids! Madonna thought her books for children did well! Ha!

Our series which will be titled, "Raisin' up some proper youngins" is going to sell out all over the world! We will be famous! We will be rich! Spam and spray cheese all around! We can afford it baby! Watch your back Wizard Boy! You know who I'm talkin' about!

Anyway, the party was fun and really got me thinking about some things in a whole new perspective. For instance, I was at Home Depot today and I saw a truck with balls (nuts, scrotum) attached to it's hitch. Apparently the man driving wanted to people to know that his truck had balls. Why the hell would someone do such a thing? I am thinking about snapping up a pair for my Toyota Matrix! Ok...maybe not.

So that is it folks! We went and sat on hay bales, Megan drank, people puked, beer floated in the hot tub and we watched as people that we will probably never see again gorged themselves on Meg's Mac n Cheese with Weiners!

One more thing...This post would not be at all complete without the greatest white trash love song ever! Please take three minutes to listen to this Brad Paisley classic! It will do you good! Especially you guys out there. This one could save your relationship fellas! :-)

Click here for Ode De Toilet!

Click here to watch the white trash party slideshow while you listen!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 


These are the results from our last Flickr Friday! I was amazed as usual at all the wonderful shots. Thank you for showing me all of your wonderful colors!

To see the entire set click here. To see the slideshow click here.

I would like all of you to think about something here. I have been reading your blogs for a long time and every one of you has written about a dark time in your lives. Every one of you has written about something negative that has hurt you or about a situation that you just didn't think that you would get out of.

You all still see the beautiful colors that make every dark situation seem just a bit brighter! There is a reason that I collect all of these pictures and why I take so many of my own.

They make me feel alive.

I may never personally see a sunset in Hawaii or a long haired mexican goddess with flowing black hair modeling a colorful dress but some of you have seen those things and for that moment when that photo was taken you were happy. The world was great and freedom was yours.

I had a CT scan yesterday and I was so scared. The test itself does not hurt but being in that machine just reminds me of when they found all the problems last time and that is very difficult for me. Anyway, Megan had to work yesterday and go to school so I thought that I would be alone for the test.

Right as I was checking in I turned around and she was there. It was like a dream. My eyes welled up in tears and I took her hand. I am writing this because what I recall most from that moment was that she was wearing a very bright striped shirt and her eyes sparkled their brightest blue-green.

My point is that the best moments are the ones that you can look back at see again in full color. I'll never forget that brief second. She was there for me again and I appreciate her so much. This is all getting really hard on me but looking for the positive things in each situation makes it easier.

I hope that everyone out there is doing well. I'm going to pick up the white trash party pictures today and I will post some of them tomorrow. Take care and have a great day. Smile. Smile as much as you can!

Thanks again for all of the amazing photos!

Monday, August 15, 2005 

Dream big...

I am going to keep this post brief because I want you all to have the time to listen to the song that I am linking to. No matter your age, this song has a very special message. I will write about my weekend, medical appointment and post Flickr Friday pics tomorrow.

Grab your kids and ask them to listen to this. Life is valuable. Live it to to the fullest. Never stop dreaming!

Click here for "Dream Big" by Ryan Shupe and The Rubberband

Dream Big Lyrics:
When you cry, be sure to dry your eyes,
'Cause better days are sure to come.
And when you smile, be sure to smile wide,
And don't let them know that they have won.
And when you walk, walk with pride,
And don't show the hurt inside,
Because the pain will soon be gone.

And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
'Cause when you dream it might come true.
But when you dream, dream big.

And when you laugh, be sure to laugh out loud,
'Cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself,
And it will help you feel okay.
And when you pray, pray for strength to help to carry on,
But when the troubles come your way.

And when you dream, dream big,
As big as the ocean, blue.
'Cause when you dream it might come true.
But when you dream, dream big.

(Dream big.)
(Dream big.)

When you cry be sure to dry your eyes,
cause better days are sure to come.
And when you smile be sure to smile wide, and
don't let them know that they have one.
And when you laugh be sure to laugh out loud,
'Cause it will carry all your cares away.
And when you see, see the beauty all
around and in yourself, and it will help you feel okay.
And when you pray, pray for strength to
help to carry on when the troubles come your way.

Smile today :-)

Friday, August 12, 2005 

Your true colors....

It is Friday! Is it me or does it seem like the days are flying by faster and faster lately? It has been a month since I started Flickr Friday and it is putting along nicely so lets do it again!

This time will require an eye for colors. Please send one or more of your most colorful images. I could use a little brightness right now. Cheer me up! :-) Send photos or links to photos to ruben@eachdaycounts.com.

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend planned. I am going to a white trash theme party tonight with Megan and I have my John Deere t-shirt all wrinkled and ready to go. Now if I can only find my damn trucker cap! I am not sure what to expect from this party but I am sure that it will be fun. Anything to focus my mind off health crap is sure needed right now.

In other news I owe all my readers a HUGE thank you! I met with a couple of folks that I know today and I was given a speaking gig and a contract to sign! So I will be able to talk about my crazy life in front of about 400 people and share some of my photos. The theme of my speech will be, "Each Day Counts!"

This would not be at all possible without all of you and your beautiful comments! Thanks team! One more thing about the speech... Just in time for all the co-pays and doctors visits for my new round of testing...I will be paid $500.00 for my performance! This will help us out alot right now!

So that is where I am at today. I am still madly in love, still fighting the good fight and still keeping my head as high above the depression water line as possible. The sun is shining! Hector is playful! Meg is gorgeous! I am alive! Life could not get much better!

Smile today folks and have a great weekend!
Thank you so very much for being in my corner! You guys could all be pro cheerleaders! Think about Meg, Ginger, Ce Ce and Big Hev in sexy cheerleader costumes. Hmmm...Did I say Big Hev? Maybe I have some unresolved issues :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2005 

Just some words...

I am feeling creative today. One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could have a place to put some of the things that I enjoy writing. Let me see if I can come up with a story here...


There were just too many tears shed. Too many apologies. Too many words. There were just way too many fucking words and she didn't want to hear him speak anymore. All he ever said was that he loved her but she knew better. Maybe he used to love her. She may never know for sure.

There were times back so long ago when they would make love in the rain and get lost in vast cities. There was that one time in Mexico on the beach when he rescued her from robbers. For a moment he was her hero. Her savior. Her passion. She made that moment last as long as she could but the moment is over now and her bags are packed.

If he wakes she will be gone. It is all so cliche but she can't say goodbye because she has said it before and it never matters. He always makes her stay. She wants to write an angry letter and leave it to linger in his mind. She wants to write, "Fuck you for wasting my life! Fuck you for stealing my dreams! Fuck you for breaking my spirit!" But when her pen hits the paper she will only write, "Thank you for teaching me that I can be free. Thank you for teaching me to love. Thank you for showing me how to mend my own broken heart."

Tomorrow she will be a thousand miles away with a drink in her hand and a new sense of freedom. The sand will feel good between her toes and her head will be clear. There won't be email. There won't be telephones. He will never be able to find her.

She thinks of her new future and listens to the humming of the machines in the tidy white room. Everything smells so clean. Everything is so sterile. Her new life will start clean and sterile. That was the plan all along.

As she sets down the note a nurse comes in to change his sheets. She will never have to change his sheets at home again. She will never have to deal with him. She will be gone. If he ever returns from the coma he will be all alone. As she turns to leave the nurse asks when she will return. As she walks through the heavy wooden door she replies, "In my next life. I will be back in my next life."

That is all I have for now. I am so rusty. I need to just sit and write for hours like I used to. Take care today and stay in touch. Smile today! :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005 

My World is Upside Down

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post the results of Flickr Friday. I received lots of great pictures and they really helped me to smile a bit. I needed to smile. Thanks guys!

In regard to my health I am not doing so good. I met with a doctor today to go over my test results from last week and things look a little rough. My liver tests are much worse than last time and I have been scheduled to go in and have some more testing done. In other words, there will be a scope shoved into my ass while I am asleep. I am pretty excited about this! There is nothing like a good ass scoping! :-)

As you can tell I am trying to stay as positive as possible but to be honest I am pretty scared. I cried all the way home from my appointment this morning and I still feel pretty down even though I have had some time to spend with Meg and talk about things.

The part of the meeting with my doctor that is worrying me the most is the possibility that the cancer may be coming back. There is no way to know without all the right tests but as some of you know, if the cancer comes back I have to wait another five years from the date that it is put into remission to qualify to even be considered for a liver transplant. My liver will not last that long. That is a pure fact folks. Whether I like it or not my body is losing it's battle here.

So, my spleen is enlarged and even though a normal person can live without a spleen my doctor told me today that I need a spleen to help my liver function. So if my spleen is all cancerous I am stuck with it...sort of. What I mean is that I will have to decide whether I want it removed or not at some point.

I never wanted to get to the point where I need to decide whether I want quantity of life or quality of life but maybe I am at that point now. Maybe I have been there for a while and just did not want to see it. I am 30. I have Megan. We have wedding plans. What the hell is happening here?

So that is the deal for now. I will keep you all posted on my progress. For now I am going to just relax and enjoy myself. I will be listening to more music now. I will be taking more photos. I will be spending more time near the ocean because like I have said before, the ocean makes all my big ass problems seem so very small and that makes me feel a little better.

It is almost 8:30 here and I am so tired but I won't be able to sleep. I hope that all of you are happy tonight and that you are safe. Hug someone you love tonight because only they can get you through the hard times. Find a child if you don't have one and watch youth in motion. The little girl at the top of this post has no cares in the world. We should all live that way.

To see the rest of the Flickr Friday photos click here.
For the slideshow click here. The kids featured may get a kick out of the fact that they are on a slideshow!

Also, thanks Ginger for having the right words and Nancy for creating my Flickr Friday button. You all are so nice. You have no idea how much that you help me.

Smile today. Smile tomorrow. Smile everyday.


Friday, August 05, 2005 

Viva la sliding guy!!!

Hello bloggers! Today is the day...the day of the week that I have grown to enjoy the most!

Today is Flickr Friday!

This week will be sort of different because I actually received some entries last night before I posted the theme. Roberto from "Running the border. In more ways than one." will be our official guest theme guy this week! Roberto is Elvis from last week!

Roberto sent in the first three photos above and I loved them. I spent my morning scouring my pics to match up with his theme and it actually worked.

Here are the theme shots for this week:

1.) Have someone take a photo of you playing! This is an awesome idea! Do something crazy! Let your heart and mind sink back to the playground! Have fun but please, please don't get arrested like I did in the above photo! I don't have enough cash to bail you guys out but maybe Roberto does! This could all work out!

2.) For the second image, capture the innocence of youth! Roberto captured this chubbly little mariachi player and my image is of a little boy in Mexico City trying his hardest to manage his snack collection! Again, don't get arrested snapping this shot! You are not kidknappers people! Snap the photo where the kid stands! Do not move the kid! :-)

3.) Have you ever seen a really strange tree? I have two in my collection. The one I posted above looks as if it is made of plastic. Robert's tree cannot seem to figure out which way it wants to grow! Clearly, it is a man tree and there are sexy female trees on either side of it!

Can't you just hear that tree saying, "Oh baby those are some sexy needles and your is sap is just killing me!"

Wait a minute, am I the only one here that can hear trees speak? That is odd!

Please email me your photos or a link to them at ruben@eachdaycounts.com.

I will post images on Tuesday as usual. I will say one more time that there are no rules. Use new pics or old ones, dirty ones or clean ones, big ones or little ones. If you don't have time to get them all in just send one. If you have 20 that fit, send them all!

As for me, I am doing ok out here. Still no test results but I am going to rage head on into the weekend. I will be attending a record release party for my favorite band tonight in Sacramento (maybe I will see Ahnold!) and tomorrow I am going to a trade show in San Franciscio with the company that Meg works for.

Sunday and Monday will probably find me passed out on the couch! Have a kick ass weekend and have fun! Make someone happy! Smile! Play! Hug someone that looks lonely!

You guys are helping me live! Thank you so very much! And thanks again Roberto!

Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Real Beauty and Itchy Bums!

Ok...Ok... Work with me on this one! You may be thinking, "Ruben must be really sick. The poor guy has finally lost his marbles!" But that is not the case my friends! My marbles are firmly in place! I am lucid! My mind is clear.

Trying to figure out why on earth I have posted the above pic? Because that is real beauty. Well, the hairy thin man with the funny drawers is not really my type but the girl...

That girl has that crazy punk, nerdy chubby look going on and I like it. Most of all she is not afraid to say, "World, this is me in my big ass bikini in all of my chunky splendor!" I like confident women and I don't see many as confident as this girl. She was at The Pride Festival this year in San Francisco.

There is a reason that I am writing this...

Dove (famous for lotions, soaps and shampoo) has come up with a campaign that displays real women. There are no 85 pound Lindsay Lohans or 37 pound Nicole Ritchies! These are real women that were found at real places!

So, if you see a chubby Mexican guy in San Francisco drooling over a lifesize billboard of one of these Dove girls just tap me on the shoulder and say hello. It will be nice to finally meet you! :-)

Read more about the Dove ladies here.

Also...here is the important news of the world today:

A crazy guy made up a story about killing a hitchhiker and burying the body to make his wife leave him. Read the story here! This is hilarious!

Jessica Alba seems to be in need of some powder or ointment! She seems to have developed an itchy ass. See the proof here.

So have a good day out there! I am trying to keep my head up and deal with all of my insanity. I feel better today and I will stay positive. No test results yet.

Smile today! Tomorrow is Flickr Friday!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 

Memory Loss

I am not sure what the heck I did but I forgot to add these pictures to the Flickr Friday set. These were taken by Em and I feel really bad that I left them out. So Em, I am sorry. My mind has been lost!

While I am here I will update you guys on the health fiasco. The doctors now have my blood, urine and uh....well nevermind :-) They also have some fresh new x-rays to analyze and in exchange I get to take some new and exciting pills!

So that is the deal. I will let you know what else happens from here.

One more thing...Another Boy Scout was zapped to death by lightning today. Is it me or have the scouts done something wrong to piss off the gods of electricty? I just don't get it.

If you know a scout please get the little man to leave all his metal at home when he heads off to a scouting adventure. For the kids of this generation that includes all weapons and body jewelry including nipple rings. That also includes that goofy looking chain that kids attach to their pants and wallet so they look more like professional skaters, janitors, gang members and members of various punk bands.

In other news, Michael Jackson is moving the hell out of the U.S. and starting over in Bahrain, some guy in Iowa was busted for stealing hundreds of pairs of womens undies from a laundromat, and The University of Missouri is offering classes for teens on the fine art of making explosive devices. What is the world coming too?

One more thing... Tara Reid and Paris Hilton are trying very hard to be positive role models for our youth. Click here to see how they are doing! :-)

Have a great day folks! Smile!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

Elvis, Pink Poodles and Milton

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Well here I am still posting so I must be alive! That is a good thing I suppose. Anyway, today has been another crazy day but I got through it. I am still having a good deal of pain in my lower back, abdomen and liver side but I am still up and moving.

I had all sorts of tests done today so hopefully the mystery will be solved soon. Last year when I was having trouble I ended up having major surgery and living in a hospital for a couple of weeks. I am not really in the mood to do that again so I will be trying to avoid that option.

In good news, Flickr Friday, The sequel was a hit! Thanks alot everyone for once again letting us peak into your private lives! There were some incredible photos submitted and a few people that we should worry about.

We have a guy out there who wants more than anything to be Elvis and we have a woman out there who has somehow dyed her little French Poodle pink. Yep...I said she dyed it pink! Proof is above! :-)

From race fans (Rachael) to professional landscapers (Big Bub from Arkansas) there was a little bit of everything mixed in and I really enjoyed it. Seriously folks, I usually have a feeling when something is really, really wrong with me and I am feeling that now. Maybe this time I will be wrong. Your kind words and inspiration are getting me by here and I thank you very much for that. You guys are making my days better and offering me the hope that I need to win this war!

Smile today! I am trying my best to do the same.

Monday, August 01, 2005 

Little Swimmers

There is just something about the freedom and beauty of youth. I took these photos at a birthday party on Saturday for a nephew of ours. California this summer is about as hot as hell but children never seem to see that. It's the adults that complain about the heat. Maybe we should just lose our inhibitions and take the plunge like these little guys.

Besides just swimming that would probably be a very good way to approach life in general. Maybe I am trying to live that way a little with deciding to move forward with my marriage despite my health concerns. I don't ever want people to say that I never took enough chances. I don't want to be accused of missing out on life.

I have had a very hard weekend in regard to my health. I have been feeling pretty rough over the last couple of weeks but I think that it may be catching up with me. I thought I was getting better but feeling better seems to come in short spurts. I probably should have visited a doctor days ago but I have been avoiding that. I just get so depressed whenever I visit clinics and hospitals because they remind me that I am pretty damn sick.

Either way, I'm going to make the call now. I need to just ask for help and move forward as best I can. If I have to see the doctor today maybe it won't be so bad. It just hurts so much when they poke at my liver side looking for swelling and things. I will deal with it and let you all know what is happening. I just want to feel better. I don't care anymore what has to get me to that point. I am sick of hurting everyday.

One more thing...I have received some great photos for Flickr Friday and I can't wait to get them all posted. Hopefully I will be able to do it tomorrow. I'm sorry that this post is so depressing. I will cheer up soon! I promise! :-) I hope that everyone out there is safe and healthy. Smile today!

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