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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 

All About the Baby

Here I am late again! Flickr Friday was awesome again as you can see. But I did keep one photo out of the collage for a reason.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has a new baby and they ask you to come over to see the baby because it is "simply the cutest baby ever?"

And of course you rush right over to see the little snookums only to find that that the little snookums has been replaced by an alien or strange animal that you ever never seen before.

But you look at the little cutsie wootsie and his/her parents and you do the only thing that you can possibly do.

You lie your ass off and all of a sudden all the words that you want to say become sugary sweet crap.

"Oh what a cute baby" really means, "Holy crap, is there something wrong with its head? Its freakin' huge! Is it swolen?"

"I have never seen such beautiful eyes on a baby" really means, "God was really angry with you people!"

"That baby really looks like he will grow up and be a genius" really means, "How can something so small look so stupid? It can't stop staring at the wall!"

My point is this: I received a Flickr Friday submission yesterday that made me believe that there are really honest people out there.

Lily sent me an email that declared that the best baby picture ever was attached. I knew at that moment that the baby would have beaty eyes, huge ears and a head either insanely enormous or too small to be on little shoulders.

I would be forced to email Lily and tell her that she had the most beautiful baby in world and I would have to lie and lie until I felt really guilty.

The thing is that Lily did send the best baby picture that has ever been taken! Anne Geddes has nothing on this shot! This kid is gorgeous! She will be an actress or supermodel or the world's prettiest surgeon or rocket scientist! Click here to see this baby! Have no fear! You will walk away with a clean conscious!

To see the entire slideshow of the submitted click here. Have a great day and smile!

wow, that is a GREAT picture. I always asked people to tell me if my child was goofy because then I would have to spend a little more on his clothes so that he could at least be a sharp dresser. Of course I never had to worry about that- cutie that he is. hahahahaah Or at least that is what everyone said too!!!

So how does one participate in Flickr Friday? I have some pics from Las Vegas that I might like to share...


that picture of the baby was awesome!

The problem with people havings kids is that everyone thinks that their kid is the cutest and smartest kid out there and that's probably why there are so many "my kids are da bomb" blogs out there. Personally, I don't read them. Unless its your kid that crap is BORING! Hey, at least I'm honest, right?!! HA!

Hopefully this comment only posts once!

All of the pictures this week are great. I loved the "chocolate-teeth."

Oh Ruben, you made me cry.
I'm glad you liked it and you didn't have to lie...

For the record, I do think that kid is adorable.

Lily's kid is so CUTE! Another great week!

What a awesome picuture! Lilly and Ruben, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Ruben you're the best, this is a great Flickr Friday - cute kid for sure!!

Oh, man, I kept thinking "What the...how can Reuben be dissing this lady's kid like that right here in public???"

Thanks for the laugh! That is a very cute baby.

Can't resist sharing my other favorite baby picture that I found one day after following a comment left on one of my Buzznet galleries - makes me smile every time I look at it!


I absolutely Adore the baby picture!! I am so happy you posted it. The Flickr Friday pics turned out Wonderful as Always!

Cutest baby ever...no lie!

And it was really great to see my picture among the mix! I can hardly wait for next week's theme! :)

Thanks for letting me join the family, ya'll!

She's a beauty!

Great Flickr Friday - all the pictures were awesome! Ruben is right about the baby though, it is adorable. Of course, it's always cute when children are that happy!

All the ugly babies grow up to be supermodels! Don't you know anything?!

omg ruben !!! I laughed so hard at this post and then it hit me what if the person's who's baby you are talking about ever comes to this site then as I was reading further of course I seen the pic what a beautiful child great post.! haven't seen you on my site in a while how have you been doing?

hey there! great pics, as usual =) hey, i wanted to let you know i finished reading "A Heatbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers.. wasn't that the dude you met? FANTASTIC BOOK.

That is one beautiful picture. The baby is adorable, but something about the lighting makes it divine. Thanks for sharing.

That picture is by far the best baby picture I have ever seen!

Ruben, as always, spectacular flickr friday and WOAH on the other post...i needed 4 smokes to finish reading it....kidding, it was well worth the read my friend. i sent in a pic for your flickr friday of the farmacia in mexico, but u must not have received it.....sorry dude..dunno what happened...my mail said it sent successfully...just wanted u to know so u don't think i forget u. now how cud anyone forget such a cutie as u. cheers! have a great weekend!!! and be well!!!! ;)

FOR THE RECORD - I officially HATE my mother for posting me with Chocolate teeth!!! That's the most embarrassing moment and of course it's posted on the NET! My luck!!! Wow, baby pic was good... definitely out of the ordinary :o) i kinda like flicrfriday!!! You Go RUBEN!!

Hi Honey. I love reading your blog once in a while, you are such a great writer, and I hear you are speaking, too. Danged if your mouth hasn't finally earned it's keep! Really, now, I hope you know that even though we dont talk much, I am really proud of you and your accomplishments. I think of you often and I wish you good health and happiness always. I wont go on and on, but as to the baby picture..... I was soooooooo proud- you were my first nephew. I KNEW you were the cutest baby that was ever born. I took you to have your picture taken when you were just a few months old, and I must have showed that picture (under plastic on my binder)... to a million people. You had a red "artist's cap" on, you had the most beautiful skin and your grin was as cute as it is now. Everyone agreed you were the cutest baby ever. I was still in school and I became known as the girl that had the cute nephew. I took you to the "downtown mall" one time and let you climb the stairs up to one of those play areas. You were 2, you wouldn't come down when I told you to, and I was afraid to take my eyes off of you from below for fear you would fall through the rails. You kept running from me and you thought it was so funny. I finally got a lady to watch you from below so I could go up the stairs and get you. I was so relieved, and I never took you there again! If I remember right, because of your antics, we were gone too long and got in trouble with mama bear. Anyway, the point is, YES there are babies that are THAT cute. I don't know what got me carrying on, I guess theres some things I wanted you to know.... you were the one who started talking about cute babies! Be Well and I mean it!
I Love you. Aunt Kathy- AKA Aunt GOD. (You explain that one! )

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